Win at Poker Using Card Counting Techniques : Counting Cards Strategies for Poker Players

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.10.2007

I am Joe Marshall with Expert and today we are going to learn how to win
at poker. With most forms of poker, it is almost entirely impossible to get a good sense
of what cards somebody is holding just by counting them because most of the cards on
the table you cannot see. If you are playing a community game where there are five community
cards up on the table like in seven card stud or Texas Hold 'Em, you could see what’s
there on the table. You can remember what has already been previously played in conjunction
with the odds and probabilities of people making a full house or four of a kind and
use these things all in conjunction to get a good idea, good sense of what is happening
and what people are going to be holding. But as far as actually knowing exactly what each
person is holding, card counting and poker are kind of the rougher of the take. If you
want to learn to count cards, it is best learn blackjack because that game actually has a
memory unlike poker.