Melaleuca Vitality Coldwater Omega-3

Uploaded by Melaleuca on 28.04.2010

With all the attention being given to Omega-3 lately. it's no wonder
so many people are trying to get more of this critical nutrient in their diet
after all
omega-3 has been linked to better cardiovascular health
brain health
including mood and mental acuity. Eye health including vision and stamina
and improving overall health and well-being
So, the real question is
what is the best way to get the get the research recommended amount of DHA
EPA Omega-3?
well to get at least six hundred sixty milligrams of DHA and two hundred
seventy milligrams of EPA
you could eat eighty four ounces of tapia
thirty six ounces of eel
18 raw oysters
or a mere twenty seven ounces of octopus
twelve ounces of catfish
ten sardines
Yes, to get the recommended amount of omega threes all you'd have to swallow
too little capsules
introducing all new vitality coldwater omega-three
a natural supplement from the trusted source for nutritional products
new vitality coldwater omega-three you gives you the critical omega-3 you need
from 100%
pure coldwater fish
in the right balance
two to one DHA to EPA
and at the right dose.
a fall nine hundred thirty milligrams
to support optimal health
no tartar sauce required all new vitality coldwater omega-three
only from Melaleuca