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Episode 12
My name is Jong-Ku Yoo
I'm Joon-Il Jeong
Mr. Chairman wanted to see your guys himself
but he's in New York now
He'll be back after his visits to London and Budapest
so you'll be able to see him in around 2 weeks
Let's take a seat
I think you should learn
what kind of person our boss is
We call our Mr. Chairman, a boss
In future,
you guys should call him that too
Boss is fond of people like you and me
the Asians
In his past,
he's been living in Hong Kong and Vietnam
Even though he's American
he has profound knowledge on
Asian culture
or Orient military arts
He saw your kicks
and he was amazed by it
It's probably the reason
that he got interested in you
But there are dozens
who do the similar moves like I do
Isn't there another reason for this?
To tell the truth
I don't understand why he's asked scum like me
to join his group
What do we supposed to do for him?
You'll learn them later on
In this world,
there are many wealthy people that you'd probably haven't even dreamt about
with great mansion like this,
they own a yacht worth million dollars
And they have an auction in that yacht
paying for a wine worth few thousand dollars
Our boss is one of them
So how do they become so rich?
again, you'll learn about it later on
First, I'll get a tutor for you to learn English
You must learn English first
and buy yourselves some clothes
Take this and use it for the necessity
From the moment that you've agreed on my suggestions
you are
our boss's men
my words
You asleep?
think of this in a simple way
We came to America
to live whatever we could
Arrive to Ameria and...
So let's just
play in the big pool
and live like hero for a change
You know, this
could be our chance to live our life
and undo all the horrible things in the past
To tell the truth, I do get scared
but I get excited too
It's like
having hidden card and bluff
Then you really had Ace on your hand
It's that kind of feeling
That thing they call
American dream
Why don't we try that too?
You heard him, right?
A wine worth few thousand dollars
Some get drunk drinking those
in a few million dollars worth yacht
There's no law
for us to get drunk in cheap Tequila everyday?
If this is our destiny,
we wouldn't be able to get pass it by desiring it
The problem is
for all of my life
that destiny has
tumbled me every time I had a chance
I went to jail in the age of 19 and served for 7 years
I finally get to meet a person that I've been desiring for 7 years?
I can't see her anymore
That was my life. Until now, no exceptions
But this time
I feel the same thing It feels as though I'm being bogged down
It feels very grimy
I know how you're feeling
But we can't do anything about it now
When Joon-Il Jeong said that
you are our boss's men
it gave me goose bumps
Is that a threat?
Threat of telling us
if we refuse, he'll just kill us
Man, I don't know
I don't want to think in complex way
Let's just live whatever it comes
Repeat what I say
I am going out
to walk a road
I'm going out to walk on the road
No! No! It's not load
It's Road
No! Road
- Load - Load
No! Road
No! Road
No! Load
Sorry, sorry
There's no difference in our way of pronouncing that
Why is she so mad?
No! Road!
- No! Load! - Load
I know I'm making uninvited visit
But I really have something to say to you
I have tried to understand you
The reason that you went to Sea World is because
of that cruel relationship between my father and yours
so you had no other choice than that
if I were in your shoes,
I'd have done the same thing
But you are
a real cowardly person
We're, in any case, must compete no matter what
You'll see
I'll bring 10
not only 1
How would he ask me to marry him
if he's around?
He said that he would earn a lot of money
and built this house
near the convent that I grew up
He asked me
if I was interested in living with him,
if he provided a room for me there
I thought
In-Ha would bury
all of his dark pasts
and keep his words
that he would really build a house
and ask me to live with him
at the place
I really believed that
It's Doo-Won, Yun
How did it go?
All of the organizations that does smuggling
are very much formed in spotless organization
And since both of them are illegal sojourners,
it seems it'll be difficult to find them
For now
we may only guess that
they went into America by going through the Mexican border
Thank you
The expenses of hotel and return air ticket are all free
and if client wishes to play golf, we can always arrange it to do so
Yes, please give us a call when you make up your mind
Soo-Yeon Min, telephone
Soo-Yeon Min speaking
Ok, I personally go to the airport and pick up myself
I'll see you there then
Miss Soo-Yeon, Min
Can I see you for a second?
I'm sorry about the last time at the Sea World Hotel
It's just that Sea World Hotel has
scouted our casino executives, many of them
So I was bit excited
I was expecting you to be there
with him so
The reason that I was with Jung-Won that day was
my mistake
I had too many drinks the day before and
anyway, there's nothing going on between Jung-Won and me
Well, you might think that
but Jung-Won is different
I'm pretty sure
he's interested in you
At least Jung-Won was like that when I saw you guys together
My gut feeling tells me so
What happened?
You were right
Casino authority that only has 8 in total nation wide
is about to expand up to 13
since government policy of
focusing Jeju Island as the international tourist complex
The later authorities
are likely to be centralized at express hotels in Jeju Hotel
Do-Hwan Choi secures
quota of newly authorized casino
industry listing is to be changed
Why do you think that the government is allowing
so many allowances to casino despite of all the restricted policies up to now?
I'm assuming its because of the political funds
I presume
depending on how much one gives
will influence who gets the authority
Find out in details
who Do-Hwan Choi is lobbying
Yes, sir
Jeju Island
in near future
will gain
4-5 casino authorities
I hear that receiving one casino authority
is more difficult than picking out a sesame seed in sand
How is that possible?
They say its to make
Jeju Island
a international tourist city
But the reality is different
Does that involve political funds?
I'm currently discussing
with Senator Cho to
secure newly authorized casino quota
This is my golden chance
of winning over Seung-Don Suh
Mr. Chairman
Sang-Du is here to see you
What does he want?
I think he's here to apologize
his behavior, last time
I guess he doesn't know me
at all
I have no desire to see him
You should leave He doesn't wish to see you
So he's throwing me away
because he's had all the use out of me?
It was you who turned him down
It was your greed that turned your relationship
between Mr. Chairman around What do you have to say more?
If he throws me away now,
it won't do any good to Mr. Chairman either
Fine, suit yourself
But I must warn you
you are the first person
to be alive even after turning your back to him
Let's go
Are you really going to end it here?
You'll need them some day
It's worth having contact with them
What are you thinking so deeply about?
Do you want some drink?
2 original coffee, thank you
How are the kids?
Duk-Gu Yang had chicken pox
giving huge shook up at the nursery school
Chicken pox?
Are the other kids ok?
They're fine now, so don't worry
Sister Margaret from America
called in the other day
You have a chance of going to America
and study
Sister Margaret has done some searching
and found a school
that offer scholarship for you to study there
Did you wanted to see me?
This is yours
Boss will be going to a casino today
You're to come along with him
You mean I should guard him?
There won't be so much guarding to do
Just think of it as
accompanying him
Hey, this is so cool
Let me see
How do I look? I'm like Chow Yuen-fat
You know,
I saw that movie where Chow Yuen-fat is on, dozen times
I never dreamt that I could do the same, playing with a gun
I hear you're going to casino with the boss
Man, it should've been me going
We haven't seen her for so long
She'll be very curious what had happened to us
If you see her
No, no
I'll visit her myself
Next time
Do you know her?
Yes, sir
Take a break
I'm fine, sir
What happened?
I worried because you guys disappeared on me
Are you body guarding Falcone?
Good for you
I trust Jong-Ku is doing well?
You guys are like heroes
Doing body guarding a wealthy man, like Falcone
I can't believe I tried cheating on this kind of people
So you don't live in that apartment anymore?
For now,
yeah, I think so
I gotta get back to work
Can I come
if I miss that Kimchi pot stew?
What are you talking about, so suddenly?
Going abroad to study?
I knew this American Sister
when I was in nursery school
And she has found me an opportunity to do so
You've come this far
and suddenly you want to study?
Everybody at casino
believe and approve of you
Just quitting like this
is too valuable
I need you as well
Can you rethink this over?
I'm sorry
I didn't make this decision for the sake of it
I want to study when I have an opportunity
It's Jung-Won Choi
Oh, you came
Please, sit
I guess you were surprised the last time
Were you OK with Jin-Hee
after that?
I'm pretty sure
he's interested in you
At least Jung-Won was like that when I saw you guys together
My gut feeling tells me so
I had something to tell you
so I wanted to see you again
Don't wait for him
I thought this over being on In-Ha's shoes
I don't think
In-Ha would want you to suffer
waiting for him
You're right
no longer wait for In-Ha
just decided to put him in deep into my mind
and live like that
If I do, I'll be able to on some day
I've quit
Jungmun Casino
you're taking
my offer?
going to America to study
A long time friend of mine,
Sister has recommended me to do so
That's wonderful
Well, but even if Sister has offered you to study
How are you going to earn all the living expenses?
I'm willing to do anything
How about me lending some to you
Promising that you'll come back
and work for me?
I want to do this all by myself
Is there anything that I can help you with?
No, just giving me this much interest
is enough. Thank you
I waited long time for this
Very good job
Thank you
Good work, all of you
You've asked how our boss
became so rich?
That article
You guys have traded Do you know how much that's worth?
It's worth at least 3 million dollars
If the auction goes well
5 million
or 6 million. It's worth that much
It wasn't no ordinary necklace
It's a treasure
In boss's safe, there are many treasures like that
Rembrandt painting that's worth few 10 million dollars per piece
National treasure porcelain of China
necklace of French Queens
Boss is an auctioneer doing
collecting and auctioning that kind of treasures
He gathers
small groups of wealthy people
and auction those
That's how he became
this rich
So it's that easy to become wealthy
All the rich men in the world
have their reason for it
An article that's worth $10,000
among grave robbers of China
turns into few million dollars worth treasure
If it gets passed on to our boss
That is
the ability
You're drinking now?
This is the peek hour
All of my customers naming me are all gone
I don't think I can do this anymore
It's obvious, isn't it?
What's obvious?
Look at all the young ones
They go around in the streets
giving out leaflets
When time comes,
They write to their customers gathering information
And that guy, Yong-Pal is even wearing funny clothes
playing bugle to attract people
But what are you?
Everyone else is working their ass off
And what are you?
You go home, and sleep
until you come in to work
Then you stay in this waiting room
joking around with the girls
Who would want you to be their waiter?
Let me have some as well
Huh? You, you went into the room just before
Why are you out so soon?
Did you get turned down again?
Take it all in
Either yours or my life is nothing more than this drink
Having to earn money in this field
with that face is no piece of cake
should leave this place
You, Brown Bear
really like me?
Then try and buy me a drink
Listen to me very carefully
- OK - OK
That night at the Seongbook-Dong house,
there were 5 people who gambled
the dead Myung-Jin Han
and his employee trickster
Madam Jeong
In-Ha, Kim Jong-Ku, Yoo
That Madam Jeong was arrested with the chief of house
where In-Ha Kim and Jong-Ku Yoo,
the strongest culprits are missing
and trickster Jae-Soo Noh is also under run
Hey, Man-Soo
Yes, sir
You know Jae-Soo Noh, right?
I've seen him couple of times
when I worked in the house
Search him
How am I suppose to find him when even the police has gave up?
Just search him
The one on the left is Do-Chi
and the right is Jja-Gu
You don't know what Jja-Gu is?
It's like an axe
That you use it to cut out a tree
Both of them work for
the boss of Soo-Seong, Sang-Du
They were under cautious move
Then when they heard
The investigation of Myung-Jin Han was dissoluted
They walk around freely
Remember Soo-Seongs were looking for
In-Ha and Jong-Ku when that incident arose?
I heard it
Sang-Du telling Dae-Soo Yim
to get rid of In-Ha
what you're saying is that
In-Ha and Jong-Ku went there because of you?
In-Ha, that stupid bastard
went there because he
knew Dae-Soo was threatening me
Shit that bastard
Hey, Tae-Joon
There's no need to be all distressed
When In-Ha is dead he ain't coming back
Sang-Du killed Myung-Jin Han?
I don't think so
but we've got to find out
It's OK
Car is clear. Open the gate
Next item is the necklace once
worn by the Queen of the French King Louie the 16th, Marie-Antoinette
Starting price is the 3 million dollars
Do I see a 3 million dollars?
3 million dollars
Do I see a 3.1?
Do I see a 3.2?
Do I see a 3.3?
3.3 for the fine lady
Do I see a 3.4?
3.4 for the gentleman
Do I see a 3.5?
3.5, sir
Do I see a 3.6?
Thank you, mam
Do I see a 3.7?
3.7, sir
Do we have 3.8?
Isn't that Michael Jang?
How do you know him?
I saw him once in Korea
He's a millionaire owing hotels in Las Vegas
His Korean name is Myeong-Guk Jang
and he's very intimate with our boss
The woman next to him is Lie
She's Michael's girl
and is a professional gambler
With winner title in Poker World series
Today, we're gonna talk little bit about Hotel management
If you want to keep your business growing in the hotel
If you wanted the guests to come back to the same hotel
then you gotta make sure that you provide quality service
Without quality service, forget it, your hotel is gonna go down
You want to make sure your guests coming back your hotel
So, what we need is efficiency Without efficiency, you cannot do anything
I'm sorry, my class ended little bit late
Oh, quit it, it's ok. Go and get changed
Alright, take it easy
Hi, Sarah
Are you still looking for a part time job?
There's an annoucement looking for an Asian student
Thanks, Sarah
That was so sweet of you
You're welcome, girl, bye
Come in
Can I help you?
I came because I saw the ad on the bulletin board in the dorm
Please, have a seat
No, I'm fine
I'm Lisa
My name is Soo-Yeon, Min
What nationality are you?
I'm a Korean
And do you speak any other languages? Besides English, of course
I speak Japanese
I major in Asian Arts History
I'm working on my doctor's degree
and I need somebody to help
with a research and the translation
Do you think you can do that?
If you'll give me the job, I'd be glad to
I can pay you 300$ a week and
a little extra if the work is excellent
What do you think?
Yes, that's fine
Who is she?
She's the only daughter of boss
It's good
Better than I expected
I need to work on this more at home tonight
Can you come? Help out?
Yeah, sure
Who are they?
People who came for the auction
The auctions nowadays are on the high run
because of those Japanese people
They buy in everything
including arts and crafts
Gogh painting was successfully bid in
The highest figure ever
in the history of auction
And that was a work of Japanese, too
What is the opening bet?
Well, the similar article at Sotheby's sold it for 5 million
I think we should at 3.5
Yes, sir
Hi, Daddy
This is Soo-Yeon
She's helping me with my paper
And this is my father
- Nice to meet you - Nice to meet you too
What's the matter?
I think we have a problem
The translator got into an accident so he can't come today
What language do you need it translated for?
Let us now begin today's session
The first article for today is Chinese porcelain
of the palace
This article is considered to have
greater artistic value
than that from the Sotheby auction
Initial auction price will start from 3 million 5 thousand dollars
Initial auction price will start from 3 million 5 thousand dollars
Do I see 3.5?
3 million 5 thousand dollars
Sir, Do I see 3.6?
3 million 6 thousand dollars
Thank you, mam
Do I see 3.7?
3 million 7 thousand dollars
Do I see 3.8?
3 million 8 thousand dollars
I see 3.8, Thank you, sir
Do I see 3.9?
3 million 9 thousand dollars
3.9 in the front
Do I see 4 million?
4 million dollars
I want to thank you for your assistance, today
Without your help, we wouldn't have long shot
Along with you the auction has been a success
I'm sorry
but I need to go back to the dorm
Is something the matter?
I just don't feel good
Are you sick?
I can get you a doctor
I'll be fine
After I go back to the dorm, I can get some rest
When you said you love me
Is it true?
Is it really true?
Please leave
Have nothing to say
Please open this door
Please leave
Have forgotten about you
If you stay out there like that
My friends at the dorm will misunderstand this
I don't want to get any idea
because of someone that I have no relation to
Just go
I have something to say to you
You left without a word
And now you have something to say?
I was left alone
and had to fight the loneliness
And why are you doing this to me again?
I don't want to
see you ever again
I didn't want to let you into
my lousy life
I thought doing that
was the best for you
I thought doing that
was to show you my love
That is the most foolish thing I've ever heard
What do you think the love is?
What do you think the love is?
Hi, Soo-Yeon
Hi, Sarah
Need a hand?
No, it's alright
How are you feeling?
I'm fine
It's your boy friend that comes to the dorm everyday, right?
I don't know what he's got going on but
he seems to be very romantic
Hey, we're taking a trip this weekend at Catalina,
Peg and I, do you want to come along?
I need to summarize the material I got from the library today
I'd better get going
Don't do this to me
Coming in as it pleases
and going as it pleases
If that's love
I'm not going to do that ever again
It hurts me so much
If that's what love is all about
I can't do it anymore