Lock On FC2 Gunzo on Akado server

Uploaded by lockonhr on 22.11.2010

lockonhr.com Croatian Lock On / DCS / IL-2 support presents...
=CRO= Baba Looey MiG-29A
=CVSF= Solar F-15C and Su-27
and =CVSF= Besmrtni MiG-29S (on opposite side)
Solar falls in G-lock during missile evasion manouvering.
Besmrtni takes low, and round approach.
He is getting close to our base.
Tries to jump Solar on take off from behind (kinky).
Instead, he is jumped by our air defense.
To much jumping can make you eject.
He tries again, this time head-on.
Solar makes smart manouvers.
Too much ejecting can make you fall.
Solar against unknown opponent.
Baba Looey passing bellow opponent.
Baba Looey is watching Solar chasing the opponent.
He places few shots head on, from opposite turn.
Then he spots Besmrtni, flying low over the countryside.
Too much ejecting can become frustrating.
Solar against another unknown opponent in Su-27.
Solar blasts one Su-27, but gets punctured by ontoher one.
So he goes for revenge.
Escorted by Besmrtni, now on our side.
Opposing Su-27 enters Besmrtni's six o'clock while Solar tries to intervene.
Still twisting and turning around each other...
Baba Looey is too far to provide help.
He sneaks below opponent.
video by =CRO= Baba Looey
music: Atheist Rap, Origa/Shanti, James
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