Lightning to 30pin on ios 6.1 from

Uploaded by clickshipau on 07.11.2012

hi, everyone. this is nima from im just doing an update
video on our lightning to 30 pin adapter
so as you can see
this is the adapter we have been shipping out, the one we have in stock
just plug a normal
30 pin
iphone 4 cable into it
so first im going to show you charging
plugging it into my
wife's iphone
and if i bring this close here, you will be able to see
just trying to focus on this part
its charging, you can see that up the top here
and if i go into settings
general, about
you can see the version number here is the latest six point one beta four
which is the newest
beta release of 6.1 you can get in the apple developers area.
im going to show you
data transfer
and syncing also works just fine
with this cable
now both the adapter
and the cable are 3rd party
there's nothing
apple related to this besides the phone we are using
im going to leave the
phone connected and in the frame
so the people of that and say that i'm using a
genuine cable
my screen you can see the phone has already popped up
this is a
67meg video file
it is straight onto the
desktop. so thats data transfer
bang there it is.
in itunes (just hiding number for privacy)

and you can see
focus on it.
the iphone has being picked up
we can see here
software version is running 6.1
and if i had just pick up camera a little bit
if you look up here
ill press the sync button
you'll be able to see that it syncs just fine as well
so that's it
syncing, charging and data transfer.
with the lightning to 30pin adapter
with a 3rd party
iphone 4 cable
working just fine on ios 6.1b4
thank you