110824 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 24.08.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for August 24th
2011 Gold is currently trading at 1746.80
Silver is at 39.67 The Silver to Gold Ratio is 44.03
Oil is at 85.32 and the US Dollar is at 74.05
Europe Is Facing Stagnation As Its Growth Engine Stalls
The eurozone's manufacturing sector is shrinking for the first time since 2009.
Confidence among the region's services firms is falling at the fastest pace
since the height of the financial crisis in October 2008.
These and other mounting evidence of stagnation will put more pressure on the European Central
Bank to reverse its two interest rate hikes this year to tackle high inflation.
France Cuts Growth Targets, Unveils Austerity Plan
France has not managed to balance its budget in three decades
and the country now expects to grow only 1.75 percent this year.
With this, the government unveiled the 11 billion euro package of spending cuts
and tax increases. So, the question is, when will the guillotines
be brought out?
Federal Deficit Will Hit $1.3 Trillion
Nobody panic, but the Congressional Budget Office has announced
that the federal deficit will hit 1.3 trillion dollars this year.
In addition, over the next decade, it is projected that the federal government
will rack up nearly 6 trillion in deficits. The question is, will this federal government,
at the rate they are spending, be around in a decade.
Did the Fed Buy the Market to Stop the Collapse?
Even though the market was oversold, was there really any good economic reason for the markets
to rally? Is it possible that the Fed purchased stock
index futures contracts to calm the markets in times of distress,
as noted by Robert Heller in 1989 after he just quit his post as a Fed governor?
If so, this means the Fed is truely desparate and it will not be long before the market
really tanks.
Biden Endorses 'One Child' Policy
Biden, who has two brothers and one sister, gave his thumbs up on to Beijing's policy
of sustainable growth through forced population control.
So the question is, knowing that Biden had 4 children -
but one was killed in a car accident with his first wife,
and leading by example, Which two of his children is he willing to sacrifice?
Lead on McDuff!
Sucker-ing California
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, using the Endangered Species Act,
doubled the size of the habitat for a small algae-eating fish,
known as the Santa Ana Sucker, without no explanation.
This has caused havic with the water supply.
12 California agencies are sueing the agency for overstepping its bounds.
Like Bruce Willis said in Diehard... Welcome to the party Pal!
Finally, Please prepare now for the developing economic
and social unrest. Good Day