Recipe - Chilli & Cabbage Fritters Recipe With English Subtitles

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What are you going to cook for us? Chilli & Cabbage Fritters
Ingredients required to make Chilli & Cabbage Fritters
Cabbage, Carrot, Onions, Green Chilli, Ginger, Carom Seeds, Coriander Leaves, Oats, Corn Flour, Maida Flour, Rice Flour, Gram Flour, Salt & Oil
Grate some cabbage and carrots and take it in a bowl
Add some chopped onions, ginger, salt for taste, coriander, carom seeds
Add a quarter cup of oats
Add a quarter cup of corn flour, maida flour, rice flour & gram flour
Add a little water and mix
Mix it well so as to use it like a dough
Press the dough in your palms in an oval shape
Slit open the green chilli, remove the seeds, stuff it with carom seeds and wrap the dough around the chillies
Take a deep pan and heat some oil for deep frying
Start frying the dough wrapped chillies
Remove them once they've got a nice golden brown color
They smell very delicious