The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Uploaded by captionedvideo on 11.04.2009

For a number of years, the negro passengers
on the City bus lines of Montgomery,
have been humiliated,
and faced threats on this bus line.
Just the other day, one of the
fine citizens of our community,
Mrs. Rosa Parks,
was arrested because she refused
to give up her seat for a white passenger.
Mrs. Rosa Parks was arrested
and taken down to jail,
taken from the bus,
just because she refused to give up her seat.
At present, we are in the midst of a protest,
negro citizens of Montgomery,
representing some 44 percent of the population.
90 percent at least of the regular negro
bus passengers are staying off the buses,
and we plan to continue until something is done.
Although many have been arrested,
we continue --
listen to me.
We continue to have a protest.
For none of our actions have been found illegal.
(Crowd noises.)
The carpool and all we have done
in this struggle continues.
(Crowd roars.)