Hello Kitty Cupcake: Fimo Modellieranleitung - Tutorial [HD/deutsch] (EN-Sub)

Uploaded by DAoCFrEak on 03.10.2012

You want to create a beautiful hello kitty cupcake with cream? I will show you how
to do it!
Take your fimo colours, enamel, tools like a knife and toothpick and of course
water for the cream-effect.
Start with the hello kitty face. Take white fimo and cut some cat ears in it.
I take black fimo for the whisker and yellow for the nose. Coast your fimo very
thin and cut off some flitches.
Take a toothpick for the filigree jobs.
Now you have to modelling the dough.
After that I create the cream. Take a glass of water and draggle your fimo. Your fimo
is getting softer and the consistency will change.
Press the cream to the dough, with the toothpick you can crabbing it. Take the
hello kitty face and pull it on your cupcake. Now it is time for the oven.