Autolla Nepaliin - Suunnitelma

Uploaded by AutollaNepaliin on 03.07.2012

Hi, my name is Juho and my dream is to drive to Nepal for a good cause.
My friends also had dreams, and we decided to combine them into one plan.
The plan is to drive through the big cities of Russia
endless plains of Kazakhstan and mountain ranges of Kyrgyzstan
from China to the Karakoram highway in Pakistan and from there all the way through Northern India to Nepal.
In Nepal we will buy 5000 pieces of handmade jewellery at a womens' shelter, we'll drive the same route back to Finland and will sell the jewellery there.
All the proceeds from the jewellery sales will go to the poor in Nepal.
During the journey we will continuously update our blog, Facebook and Twitter account with photos, video and text
What do you think?
This is a big challenge and we need your help.
The more visibility this project gains, the more good it will do.
By sharing this with your friends and everyone you know, you can participate.
Follow us on our blog, in Facebook and Twitter.
The more followers we get, the more companies will be willing to contribute.
By following this journey and sharing information about it you will help the poorest people in Asia!