How to meet VIP in Milan// Come incontrare Belen o Corona a Milano?

Uploaded by LucyAndTwinsVoyage on 20.05.2012

Hi guys! how many time have you dreamed about meeting your favorite star?
in this video we will explain how meet them, eat, dance and have fun with.
Let's start talking about Happy Hour
is a cheap way to have a drink in cool place and meet celebrities!
one of the coolest place is Radetzky at the end of "Corso Como" in Milan
is a cardinal meeting place for guys, where the people..
just after work, they go there to have a Happy Hour's drink
there's who is still wearing his tie, or suits as in office or work in general, and there's also casual people ;)
the price range is not bad: 8-9 euro for the drink and some snacks
You must know that is not only a place to meet business man or career women :) but also..
for soccer players, italian stars and soubrette as...
Belen Rodriguez, Nina Senicar, Fabrizio Corona..
ouch.. I hope he won't catch me for revealing this! :OoOOo
and also internationals as Jared Leto
Don't be scared if you don't find a seat, take your drink..
and go outside, there's a very cute square! ;) infact everybody
prefers to stay outside to chat and meet people easily
The best suggestion that i can give you is to go in the
chinese bar just in front of Radetzky and take there your drink
that is obviously cost less ;)
If you are clever, you grab your drink there and
and go to enjoy the atmosphere of these Italian Square full of life! :))))))))
you might really meet your so wanted celebrity! ;)
We suggest you also the happy hour at "Frank"
the drink with some snacks cost around 7-8 euro
you might find plenty of italian soubrettes, tronisti..
better if you chose to take a table outside because the music is really high inside.
"Where is the other twins?" XD
If you are looking for something really exclusive.. go to
Diana Majestic Hotel's Bar
even though cost 15 euro, obviously is a bit more than the others..
you can't go wrong because the buffet is really rich and the cocktails are refined...
there's an inside and an outside, my favorite one
is, during spring or summer, the amazing garden with italian fountains where is so relaxing stay there! :)))))))
here you will find politicians, Fashion Designers and internationals celebrities! ;)
If you love Japanise lounge you can't miss Nobu Armani's Restaurant
it is located exactly in the main building and flag-ship store
or super building of Giorgio Armani in "Via Manzoni"
you could drink cocktail with such strange name
for three hours until 21.30 intact after
the restaurant get full of people for dinner
and also you will see arrive your star!
so if you don't wanna spend that much.. just take a drink at the bar ;)
instead we sow some dishes to economize ;)
as 18 pieces of shushi= 33 euro
if you are not tired.. get down at the ground floor to the Armani Privè Club!
Close to the massive ancient door in Corso Sempione
you will find Jazz Cafè
they start with happy hour, than the dinner.. and you can
keep going dancing also till 2 a.m
is not as a 360 degrees restaurant, but the food is good
we usually take the 43 euro menù
that concern three appetizer, a main course and desserts :)
what I love of these place is that i can spent my evening there
without going to late! ;)
look there's really handsome barman!!!! :oOoOOOoo
if your looking for celebrities, there's a "catwalk" of soubrette
soccers players ecc.. look! :O
in the green of "Sempione park" there's Just Cavalli
Ir's a really fashion club, infact fallows R. Cavalli's style
for the happy hour is about 10-12 euro
instead for the dinner is around 80-100 euro per person
is one of the favorite clubs of international and italians VIP
and often there are exclusive events regarding fashion and media.
The most luxury happy hour is at Bulgari Hotel Lounge
take your drink for 20 euro, but believe me.. the location
is stunning! :OOOO
the interior design is like a Japanese luxury lounge and
my opinion, the garden is one of the most charming in Milan
than you can lay down on these comfortable design seat and enjoy your time :)
here you will find, politicians, entire football team (hihihihhi), and international celebrities
if you would like to stay for dinner also, the price range is
a bit high! Talking about 80-90 euro per person
the food is delicious! but personally a bit "minimal" :(
just to have a fast look on club and disco
I'd like to suggest you the coolest night in Milano ;)
Another place where look for celebrities is Just Cavalli Club
you can go there mostly all night of the week
because there's always some cool events,
thursday and saturday are the well frequented night!
On sunday Milan doesn't rest! go to Toqueville and after to Hollywood Club ;)
On Tuesday there's "Fidelio" night that is super creazzy!
on Wednesday you can't miss Armani Privè night
Once a month, on sunday, there's Chandelier Motel Night
the club organize incredible coreography with dancers and live performance..
the music is amazing and the show is breathtaking!
Some choreography remind me the Moulin Rouge! A lots of famous artist from everywhere comes here to perform :)
If you really won't spent no one euro.. We've got a
perfectly fitted idea to meet your favorite star! ;)
Go for a walk in "via Montenapoleone" and "via Spiga"
it's full of celebrities' Ferrari parked, and you will see
international and italian stars having shopping
under theirs black sunglasses.. watch out! ;)