How to Paint a Mural : Painting Rocks in a Mural

Uploaded by expertvillage on 25.09.2008

Okay, the next thing that I'm going to work on are these rocks in the foreground which
are going to be a mixture of three or four different colors. I'm going to use the same
purple I had up on the mountains, which I'll put over here. And I'm going to use a little
bit of the brown which is the color of the tiger. I'm going to use some white. It's quite loose. I'm mixing the white and
the purple and the brown together. And I'm just going to very, very quickly and very
roughly just start to create a rock. As I want the darker areas I'm going to pull in
the black into the brown. And really I'm just going by feel on this. What feels right? I
can't really explain this. I'm playing with this until I create what to me feels like
a rock.