What are recycled, aftermarket, and OEM replacement auto parts?

Uploaded by carpartcom on 14.01.2013

When you need a replacement part, you have options! Replacement parts can be purchased
as recycled parts, OEM, or aftermarket. But what are the differences?
Recycled parts, also known as “green” parts, come from vehicles that are no longer
roadworthy. Automotive recyclers purchase these vehicles and recycle almost every part
of them. Parts that can’t be used anymore are recycled as scrap metal, but parts that
are still perfectly good can be purchased by individuals and repair shops.
Recycled parts can cost as little as half as much as new OEM parts, and recycling auto
parts uses far less energy than manufacturing new parts, so it’s easy on your wallet and
our planet. You can find recycled parts near you by searching on Car-Part.com to find a
local business that has the part you need.
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts are built new by the same company
that built the original vehicle. New OEM parts are available at local car dealerships, but
most recycled parts are actually OEM parts as well, because they were installed by the
manufacturer while building the original vehicle.
Aftermarket parts are the kind of parts that you most commonly find at new auto parts and
accessories chain stores. Aftermarket parts are new parts that were not made by the vehicle’s
original manufacturer. So, for example, while that fender may fit your Toyota, it wasn’t
made by Toyota. It was made by one of hundreds of aftermarket manufacturers. This huge number
of manufacturers can make it complicated to select aftermarket parts on your own, because
they can vary in fit and quality.
Remember, a great way to find quality parts that fit your budget and your car is by searching
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