Global Causality Coalition (Episode 3)

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[song plays] The man I work for had one of the biggest companies in New York City
He didn't own his own company; the white man owned it so they owned him.
Nobody owns me though!
[firearm cocks] [gunshot] (female voice) The gangster is not defined.
(male voice) The gangster is not defined by how low your jeans fall by your waist. But, more how your jeans stand up to its expectations. (Never forgetting where we came from.)
(faint voice) The gangster. (female) The gangster. (Deep Male Voice) The gangster
(Applause) I'd like to that you all for tuning into another episode
of the Global
Causality Coalition.
if you're new to the show I would like to just let you that
what we intend to do here is just
get a multitude of opinions on certain
circumstances that people are subject to
and just to get
a look into the human psyche
and eventually, maybe, we could do something with this information. Hopefully we can
change the overall opinion on certain things.
It's a grand idea but it is definitely the objective here. So, with that said. We've interviewed a number of people this week!
And, I hope you enjoy the show. Stay tuned!
Yes, I think the world needs to have that general balance at the current time. As long as there are human beings that are
greedy for shiny objects like jewelry and gold and fucking shiny rocks.
And, as long as their is people that feel like they need to have power their is always going to be profit. You have to have that balance.
In order for people to feel like they are achieving something, their has to be someone "lower" then them to feel like they've achieved something.
So as long as you have poverty, you have that balance in the economic situation. Just the whole world is like that.
Poverty is not created by God. Like kevin said "free-will." Humans create poverty. Human create what is rich and what is poor. Not God.
In Gods eyes everybody is equal. You have money? Money don't mean a thing to God. Money is nothing.
hKnow what i'm saying? So, that's how it goes. It's like... that is a human thing.
Poverty, disease
--well I can't say disease is a human thing but humans is the cause of spreading disease. You know what i'm saying?
That is what I feel i think like poverty, government, issues, uh.. hunger all that shit is human. Human beings cause that, not God.
Bottom line is: this world needs poverty to live. Thats that.
Like you said "free will". We have free will we decide what goes on. He just put us here, we decide what happens.
First of all: they took it from a producer and made it a consumer. Wrongest move you could make because we've always been a producer. Thats what happen to your job market, thats what happen to your job market. Thats why unemployment is a high rate and that was Bush with the N.A.F.T.A deal.
The N.A.F.T.A deal was to say that the commodities coming into the world will cost "twice as much to make and twice as much to have" and thats not true.
And then what do you do? You get a whole bunch of garbage over here that ain't worth nothing. Now people are going back to the original idea: They throwing out the stuff that was made by foreigners. And coming back to the idea: "we want U.S.A to produce it."
Well, you should've never left it that way anyhow. causes that would have sured up your infrastructure with employment. The debt wouldn't be behind cause, if people is working you can expect the debt to be under control but when people ain't working how you gonna control the debt? You can't. Cause they're not participating!
"We need to get more jobs" well how are you going to do it? You got to cut that consumer a-loose and start producing right here. Japan did it in the reverse way: You only suppose to have 10,000 Toyotas here. Thats all you could bring in the country because it was being imported.
The lobby told them "if you put the company here you ain't got no ceiling pipe" Yeah, those kinda ideas might be good for Japan but what about the individual that live here? Yeah, there're getting jobs but only a certain amount a people getting jobs in certain sectors.
Its notÉ you can't say "everybody working on a carline." Sometimes you got to look at it for what it is: they think for themselves, what they want, what they family need and what their family wants. They ain't care nothing about nobody else. Just like your president Bush.
He went and did all that stuff and everything and dumps it to Obama. And now "he" wants a grade-A after he done wreaked it. Its impossible. And this man is only in there for four years; so weather he make it right or notÉ and if he don't make it right " Oh he was the baddest president there ever was" and it's not true.
It's just that the people that he's line up with that is suppose to help him make good, sound ideas, to the table is bickering; Talking about "well no we're not going to do this! We're not going to release the money over here the money here to do this! No because thats gonna run us into this!"
A lot of Naysayers. And these are senators, and politics and congressmans.
I think he's a good president considering what he inherited.
[song plays]
[Song: On My Level by Wiz Khalifa]
Of course. It is necessary. You have to have rich nigga's and you have to have poor nigga's.
Thats how society works. Everybody can't be rich. What so special about you?
That's true. If everybody was rich where would the world be?
It means we have no value of nothing. (nothing...nothing)
everybody would be buying shit, Everyone would try to over power a certain.. you understand where I'm coming from? everybody can't be rich you got to be poor. You got to build. Thats how the world is.
So it okay to have poor people?
Im not saying... (we're not saying its okay!) Because you make what your life is. We have have the choice to make the choice or do whatever we gotta do.
Some people thats poor because they have no choice. Some people thats poor because they made the choice and they don't care. Some people thats poor because they like to be that way. Its the truth! Its comfort. Some people like " Yo listen, I like to live on the street, i'm used to it." its just the way they want to live. It could be that?
The people I feel bad for is the people if you watch those paid programs when they ask for donations for people in Africa. They have no choice.
But why ask for donations? If you on T.V. and you got good cameras. Why don't you donate shit É and try to help them.
Why you looking for us, the people thats suffering, on T.V. to go and donate whatever they donate. What are we going to benefit from it?
We're going to look at it like..You know? (They get taxes) Exactly, they already getting taxes from us. What are going to get from it? At least they're going to get credit.
Look at Oprah, all of them thats donating shit.
Ther're being fucking announced. Like yo "Oprah donated $30,000 to Africa or South America!" You understand where I'm coming from? It's being announced.
If i donate my little $5. ther're gonna be like "Evroy Vinny Morrison donated $5 to Kittie Castles playground. Your going to be like "what? who is this nigga. $5? Thats all he got?" You understand where I'm coming from right?
(My nigga everything count.)
Son, my nigga. We're not going to benefit from it. People thats donating higher money are the people that are going to be annoyed and going to be notice, we're not going to be noticed. I'm not donating shit.
Well thank you for tuning into another episode of the Global Causality Coalition. I appreciate you watching. I appreciate your feedback. The tons of people that have been working with me
and they all believe in the one universal goal that we are working towards. which is: world peace and world equality.
Once again thank you and until next weeks episode: Keep thinking! (Peace)
[song plays]