KP|| Cinderfello (A Cinderella Adaptation)

Uploaded by KrOniCProductions100 on 15.01.2012

It was a hot summer day
in the land of Far Far Away.
Once upon a time, there was a middle class family.
They had a boy named Cinderfello.
He was a mistreated peasant that lived with his step-mother, Shakira
and his two step-siblings, Juanito and Rosalinda.

This is Shakira, Cinderfello's stepmother.
She is a famous singer of Far Far Away.
This is Cinderfello's step-sister, Rosalinda.
She loves to talk on the phone and text.

This is Juanito, Cinderfello's step-brother
He loves to eat and prefers to play video games.
Also, he wakes up very late.
The Stepmother looks in the mirror a lot. Ay. I do not like her.
Cinderfello! Go clean my room and do my laundry!
I cleaned it yesterday!
And make me food!
I made you food an hour ago. Why should I be your servant?
It's hot! I don't want to do anything.
It's because we are better than you. Now stop complaining and go do the laundry. It won't clean itself.
I always have to do it. It's not fair!
Cinderfello wishes everyday to be like her step-siblings, to not have to work hard.
All girls dream of having that celebrity look with false eyelashes.
Everyone wants full, long, and voluminous eyelashes.
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Hi! Hello
You are cordially invited to attend the royal family’s ball tomorrow night, at 7:00.
The king will be looking for the next suitor for his daughter, Lola. Thank you and good night.
Great! Thank You!
The Next Day
Stand up.
Pee-uuu! You need to take a shower!
I already took a shower and I don’t need help!
Go help your brother get ready for the ball.
When am I going to get ready? I’m sick and tired of helping him!
Why would you need to get ready? Don’t even think about going to the ball.
Why not?
Because you are fat and a nobody! Haha. Why would she be interested in you?
Ready for a road trip?
Ummm. I am but my teeth aren't.
One moment, I have the perfect solution!
Here put on a Crest 2 Hour Whitening Strip
and before you know it, you will have a sparkling white smile!
Thanks! Let's go!
Look at this outfit that I got at the department store for one hundred dollars.
Well I got this outfit, this outfit, and this outfit, for one hundred dollars at Burlington!
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Hello! I am here to set you free and transform you to go to the ball,
but the magic will only last until midnight.
How do I look?
You look very handsome! Now go! Remember, the magic will only last 'till midnight.
Here is princess Lola.
Are you sick and tired of the difficulty of getting a phone signal?
Can you hear me now?
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Let's Go!
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Come visit us today and remember...
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Let the festivities begin.
Hello Princess. This is my brother.
Hello Princess. Nice to meet you!
It is very cold here. Why can't you put the hot air?
Yes, I'll see the air right now.
Hello Princess
Would you like to dance?
Of course.
It is 11:55 and Cinderfello remembers what his godmother told him and looks at his iPod.
The princess gets angry with Cinderfello and smacks the iPod away.
Cinderfello runs away. The princess calls after him, "wait!" and takes his iPod.
Surprise someone you love!
This is for you!
Oh thank you so much!
Show someone you care with beautiful jewelry from Jared's!
I think you need more fiber in your diet!
Well, what kind of an example are you setting while eating a candy bar?
Try it Pablo!
But fiber makes me...sad.
You know you love it.
I do.
Fiber One.... a delicious way to get your daily fiber.
Hello. How are you?
I cant stand it anymore!
What happened?
Umm. I don't know.
Sick of driving people away? Dirty mouth?
Clean it up with new soap flavored Orbit!
Hello Lola.
It has real layers of Soap!
Yes, that’s right. Real Layers of soap!
Clean up your act today with new Orbit!
There are health risks that come along with chewing gum.
These include: choking, gagging, barfing, heart attack, stroke, and possibly death.
Orbit will not be liable for any affects of chewing this gum.
It was a windy summer day.
Cinderfello is back to his normal self.
The princess arrives at Cinderfello's home and says she is looking for the boy from the ball.
She was captivated by his dancing and has his iPod.
Put in the password.
Do you know it?
Yes, Yes! It's mine, but I do not remember the password.
You remember nothing!
After Juanito, the Princess saw Cinderfello
Hello Princess!
Is this yours?
I knew you were my prince.
Cinderfello and Princess Lola lived happily ever after.
The End