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Come back here, whether you like it or not!
Very good, Francisco!
That was very nice, man. Thank you so much!
Excellent audition, very good! He was very good, right? Really cool.
So let’s go. I’m excited. Next!
Good afternoon. I’m Paulo.
– You are… I'm sorry. – I’m auditioning for Saci.
What do you mean?
I’m auditioning for the role of Saci-Perere for the theatre.
Why, is there any problem?
I think so, right?
What’s the matter?
It’s because, actually Saci is…
Don’t you wanna audition for Viscount of Sabugosa?
Actually I can only do the Saci part.
I’ve prepared myself to do it, I got the voice, the physique.
You don’t have the looks, right?
How should Saci look like?
– You’re tall, right? – Sorry, can’t Saci be tall?
No, it’s just that you look older too, right?
Look, I don't understand, what’s the real matter?
Is it because I’m gay? Is it because I’m on drugs, I have a drug addiction?
Is it because I like crap, I like having crap all over my face?
Hey, dude, I didn’t even know about these details…
“Details”? “Details”?
Characteristics. They’re not on your resume.
So, how should I start? Can I audition? How does it work?
Do you know Saci-Perere’s story?
Yeah, I know Saci-Perere’s story. It’s Brazilian folklore, right?
Well. So tell it. Tell me Saci’s story, what’s it about?
– Saci is a boy that… – Saci… boy…
Boy… Well, Saci-Perere, Saci-Perere wears a beanie.
Saci-Perere doesn’t have one of his legs. Right?
Which I think, that in this case, is not a problem for you, right?
Everybody here has both legs.
Isn’t it a problem if the actors have both legs, isn’t?
No, it isn’t.
– Is deficiency a problem for you, sir? – No, no, no.
Is my mechanic arm a problem for you, sir?
Oh, you have a mechanic arm.
No. But I could have, right? And I could be working with dignity.
Okay. So listen, Paulo, you can do Saci, Aunt Anastacia, Mrs. Benta, Rabico…
You have two minutes to do whatever you want.
Where are you?
You are wrong, Pedrinho!
You are wrong!
Come back whether you like it… or not!
Wow, huh?
That’s how I roll.
Paulo, so we’ll keep in touch. We have your number.
I get it. Prejudice, huh? I got the Monteiro Lobato thing.
Hi. Didn't they give you Saci’s costume?
I’m auditioning for Pedrinho, right?
Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado
Just let me find the right voice.
Saci! I got it, right? Saci! Pedrinho!
Saci! You are wrong! You are wrong, I’m not coming!
Come back here, here! Come back here!
Pedrinho, come back whether you like it…or not!