Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body Presentation 2013 Dakar Rally in Japan

Uploaded by jun38clive on 27.12.2012

When I attack it,When I protect a car, I understand the timing of the rally and want to win the production category.
And I try get good result in general order by "Production-car" It is everybody want to know that thing?
I do my best driving!
Fesh fesh..... It is very important how to clear for the next Dakar rally.
It gets closer to victory if I can have advantage here.
I won the last pharaone rally. It is victory approximately two years.
No.1 is the best. I should be particular it.
Of course even Dakar rally I try aims at the first!
And even general I wants to aim at a high rank. With it my motivation, I fight in next Dakar.
I will lift a trophy highly written as No1. In Santiago, Chile.
No,I just do it!