Maui the subject of reo Maori film

Uploaded by tekareremaorinews on 19.06.2012

Tribes from around the country are uniting to create a feature film
about the ancestor Maui.
It's an ambitious project, the filmmakers say,
but the best in the industry are jumping on board.
Top Maori actor Cliff Curtis flew in from LA
for the first meeting in Wellington.
It is the first time anywhere
in the world that indigenous tribes
have united to make a feature film -
a benchmark for filmmaking internationally.
Producer Maramena Roderick and Creative Director Peter Berger.
Eight iwi, eight directors and eight scriptwriters
will present eight stories of Maui,
woven into one reo Maori feature film.
The project is the initiative of Te Paepae Ataata.
They're working closely with the NZ Film Commission to secure funding.
Maui, the feature film, is now being written,
with filming scheduled to begin in the spring of 2013.
Ngahuia Wade, Te Karere.