Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Los Angeles (Part 3/3)

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EDDIE HUANG: I like the sound of this motor, man.
LARGO: Yeah, it runs real good.
EDDIE HUANG: So you live in East LA?
EDDIE HUANG: What's that known for?
EDDIE HUANG: Low riders and gangs?
I like that.
Real easy living.
EDDIE HUANG: Where we headed now?

BENNY: Low riding's my life.
I've been in it since I was 10 years old-- since 1982 I've
been a member.
BENNY: We have our meetings once a month, so we try to
come out here, grill, bring the families, and see what's
cracking, what's up.
EDDIE HUANG: You know, the thing is that growing up in
America, you follow hip hop, you watch movies, you always
see low riders.
But I never got to ride in one going down the freeway in LA
doing my thing.
Now I get why people are into low riders, because you get in
and you feel like you're a kid again.
You remember riding in the back of your parents' Lincoln,
like that just big sofa couch.
BENNY: Yeah, exactly.
EDDIE HUANG: It's fresh, man.
BENNY: First, it's a art form, bro.
You know, everyone has their own style.
And this is us.
We grew up with it.
This is our lifestyle, bro.

PETER: In the '30s, '40s, '50s, they had what were
called cigarette dispensers.
You would put your cigarette in here, and as you're
driving, you would actually open it and it would light
your cigarette and you smoke it while you're driving.
EDDIE HUANG: These cars are like time machines.
You get in, these dudes are bumping tunes from
the '60s and '70s.
It's beautiful to see.
REDWOOD: What up, man?
Big Redwood chilling right here.
Hot ass day, Southern California.
Chilling with my brother, Techniques Car Club, you know
what I mean?
It's what we do on Sundays, man.
We bring the family out, have a couple beers, everybody's
cool, cook up some good meat for the kids.
You know what I mean?
It's all love, man.
We can't just have anybody in here.
No hooligans.
And there was a long time when there was the whole era of the
car club wars.
REDWOOD: Unfortunately, there's still that stigmatism
that's left over.
And they associate low riding with gang banging and all this
other stuff.
But we're all just working guys, dude.
We ain't just a bunch of knuckleheads out here, man.

What did you marinate the short ribs in?
REDWOOD: There's a little bit of lemon, there's some
cilantro, there's some secret stuff going right there.
EDDIE HUANG: Secret stuff?
You want to break me off with some of the secrets?
REDWOOD: That's the secret!
Oh, some Bud?
Some Bud Light?
You know what I mean?
EDDIE HUANG: Cilantro, paprika.
REDWOOD: Turmeric.
EDDIE HUANG: You got a little turmeric.
REDWOOD: Garlic powder.
EDDIE HUANG: Yeah, onion salt.
REDWOOD: Granulated onion.
REDWOOD: You can't flavor the meat too much, because the
meat is the flavor, right?
EDDIE HUANG: Yep, exactly.
REDWOOD: You know that, right?
You need to tell me some of your secrets.
EDDIE HUANG: What I do with the short rib to tenderize it,
beer will tenderize it, anything carbonated.
I like to use a Dr. Pepper or cherry cola,
tenderize it overnight.
REDWOOD: Cherry cola!
EDDIE HUANG: Definitely, definitely.

[INAUDIBLE] grab me a little space.
No, you know I'm Chinese, man.
I just eat rice.
EDDIE HUANG: The short rib?
It was just hanging out there.
We'll share some of it.
Give him a piece, please.
EDDIE HUANG: I got tons of it.
I got tons of it.

EDDIE HUANG: No, I love it.
I like this!
Yo, so I want to ask you this.
It's definitely not to be sensational or whatever.
But he was telling me about the car club wars.
How did that happen?
PETER: It was a sad time in low riding.
If you disrespected another club, they're gonna get you.
They're going to catch you on the boulevard, pull you out of
your car, and beat you down right there, and
jack up your car.
Bumper jacks, crow bars, whatever they had.
Back then, the guy riding shotgun had a shotgun.
PETER: I said, the person sitting in the passenger seat
now is my kid.
I said, and that's a little girl or a little boy.
And I don't need nobody shooting at me or doing
something to me because of old beefs.
Since then, everybody's got respect for everybody.
You see low rider--
EDDIE HUANG: Well, people learned the respect from the
war, most likely.
PETER: You had to.
EDDIE HUANG: 'Cause you want to avoid that.
PETER: We fought for that respect.
We fought for that.
But one day you gotta grow up.

A lot of people don't talk about it.
It's a black eye in low riding.
You know what I mean?
We had to go through that to get where we're at.
But we've done it now.
It's in the past.
And our kids will be able to do this the rest of their
lives with no problems.

Things ain't always what they seem.
You see low riders affiliated with gangs.
And that shit definitely happened, but that shit
doesn't tell the whole story.
This is something that people really live since birth.
They're not trying either.
They're not like people going to vintage stores trying to
adopt another era.
This lifestyle has pervaded them, and
they've hung onto it.
And for me to come here and be taken in for a day, it's life
changing shit.
From East LA to Persian LA, to here, this is just people
living, man.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Watch for the real, all right?
Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang.
We out.
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