Installing MAC OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 on VMware / Windows 8 x64 + links

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Hello guys! How are you??! I'm Ricardo,
and I will giving an instruction about how to install
MAC OSX Lion Mountain 10.8, using a virtual machine inside your Windows
For this we will need the files and the Vmware Workstation. that I will provide in the video description
Remembering you have to enable Intel Virtualization in the BIOS of your physical machine.
Then you will extract the Unlocker, you downloaded
Look for the folder
these are the three files that you will run as administrator.
The "Install" and the "Unlocker", they will apply the patches for VVMWare Workstation
to run the MAC in VMWare. You cant do'with oracle .....(virtual box) virtual machine
The VMWare links are on the video description, OK? okay. Let's start our virtual machine here. I had already created one, but I'll delete it and start from scratch.
creates a new >>. New Virtual Machine >> Typical >> Next
Here you select the .ISO image, which is what is the 10.8.iso file you downloaded in Torrent
This image is untouched Here will show that the system detected MAC
just select the version is already here to 10.8
Next, next...Here you select the virtual disk capacity
I want 50GB...
You can keep default option (Split virtual disk in multiple files)
in settings, you can leave 2GB memory.
As my processoris a i7 I'll put here 4 processors with 2 cores per core
Active Intel virtualization Config. (If your processor is Intel). Close the window
Now our virtual machine is starting
Appears apple screen and load files
When the Welcome screen appear, you must select your language
Here I'll use Portuguese. Press Next ...
Will open the "Utilities OS X
Go to "Disk Utility"
Now, you select the disk that we've created earlier
this, 50 GB
go to "partition"
Select the partition layout >> 1 >> Name the partition
Here I'll put Hackintosh Ricardo. Apply
click partition .. created. OK.
You can close this window.
Now back in the utility
and you go on "Reinstall OS X"
and will start the installation. Press continue and agree to the terms of the contract ...
Select your created partition HD And press install.
It is a lengthy process.
I'm accelerating here, to make a short video
In this part Will start the installation of OS X 10.8 Lion Mountain x64
is very probably this may take more than 20 min.
You must have patience
On the next reboot`we will see the initial configurations
Here you select the layout of your keyboard
mine is American
if have "Ç" on your keyboard is brazilian
Here you can transfer information from another Mac
in this case we do not want
also has location services,
Apple ID. I will creater
If you don't want, don't create yours,
Accept the terms of the contract, Agree.
You can create your ID.
Here the system informs you that an update is available
configure iCloud, What is the Apple cloud backup service
And here Use iCloud to get this MAC
Ours is hacked so will don't work. Put here your full name and account name and system password
your MAC almost ready
will start the desktop after you select your time zone
Now you have your Mac OS X installed
and all resources of a MacBook Air
or normal, you have here too.
if you install on your physical machine,
not on the virtual
may need some kexts
What are like drivers for Windows
I'll post a link to a MAC OS X forum where you can find solutions to problems, if YOU have.
Thank you FOR WATCH!
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