Assorted gems, 48회 EP48 #06

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Where’s your honeymoon?

Where’s Jade?
Seems she’s sick.
Hi, mother.
Younggook, Jade is sick.
From fatigue?
I think so.
No wonder. You’ve sit up late to write, and you’ve taken care of Mom and Goodsoon.
Did you have dinner?
I don’t have any appetite.
You still need to eat.
You want me to get you some rice in water and kimchi?
One sec. Let me wash my hands first.
Don’t you need to go to see a doctor?
They would inject a patient to abate a fever.
We better let her fever catch her fever.
But she looks so painful.
I’m ok.
She brings fruits.
Try this.
Don’t be sick, my Jade.
You too, mother.
Now, please welcome the groom, Byonghoon Yoo.
Here comes the groom!
He’s entering with light steps to greet his bride.
Now, let’s welcome the most beautiful and intelligent bride.
Here comes the bride!
Bride and Groom, bow to each other.
What are you gonna do with my sister’s face?
Take the responsibility!
How could you disfigure her face?
You messed up her fac contour and she can barely chew with steep chin.
What are you gonna do about it!
It’s my dad, not me!
You wretch!
You did it.
You wretch, how dare you put the blame on me!
So ungrateful! You better remember who did the extreme make-over on your ugly face!
Honey, please calm down.
Yes, he’s right. This is her high school yearbook picture.
This is her original mug!
Oh no!
Darn it!
Jerk, you such a low imbecile!
Look, you should answer for the malpractice! Right?
What are you gonna do?
How ungrateful she is!
She’s the ugliest woman I’ve ever worked on!
So his wedding got spoiled again?
What an unlucky man.
I think Kyle was right that there’s no such destiny but...
every one of us is making our own fate.
This is not the first time. Oh boy….
How was his reaction?
He fainted when I was walking out.
He collapsed?
Hi, Mother, it’s me.
Hi, Younggook. Are you off today?
Well, Jade is sick.
No wonder she’s sick. She’s worked so hard to finish another drama.
She can’t eat anything.
Can I stop by you to pick up some kimchi?
She wants to eat spicy noodle with your kimchi.
I can give but if she’s sick, I don’t think she can make noodles.
I can make it for her.
I don’t think you can.
Bring her here. She could get better after having what her body wants to take in.
Honey, she asked if you can come. She’ll make spicy noodle for you. Can you go?
Yes, she can.
Put on her a jacket and just bring her here.
Is she sick?
Yes. She can’t eat anything, and she’s only eager to have my spicy noodle….
Wait, isn’t it a sign of pregnancy?
I got a strong hunch.
It can’t be better then.
She would know if she’s pregnant.
She wouldn’t know if it’s a first child.
I didn’t know I was pregnant with Jade until 4th month.
Are they coming now?
Oh, gods of heaven and earth….
Carry her on your back.
Wanna ride on my back?
Boy, she wouldn’t say yes in front of me.
I’ll excuse you guys. Just take care.
Get on me.
I’ve never felt this bad before.
Come on.
I’ll go change my clothes. I’ll be back�