The Neighborhood Carpenter How-To: Create a Bookshelf using Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 29.03.2012

Oh, hi there
Hey I just got in and I'm starting my day
And I don't really have too much going on
but you never know what will come up

Hey Chad are you here?
Oh yeah, hey Mike come on in
Good to see you
yeah. i was driving by this morning and I saw your light on and i wanted to see if you
help me with this project, are you busy?
no I was actually just talked with some friends of mine
So what's going on? I just bought a bookself today at a garage sale and wanted
to see if you could help me bring it back to life in my home office see what kind of
suggestions you had
sure your timing couldn't be more perfect, I'm in between projects and I
just cleaned the place up so
let's go get it and bring it on in. Great, it's outside in my truck. Excellent!
Oh yeah I see what you mean
Its pretty plain looks like it's just some old plywood and it's never been
Yeah Chad it's got some damage to it, it's got some chipping on the edges here.
And it's got some dent in the plywood
Do you think if I stain it, it will help hide these defects? You know, probably not.
If you were to sand and paint it you might be able to hide the gouges but
if i remember right, don't you have some nice oak furniture in your office? Yeah
that's why I bought it but now taking a closer look at this and I'm having some
You know what tell you what why don't you leave it with me and I'll see what I can do
Oh thank you I appreciate you doing that
Well I've been busy for a while trying to come up with designs for that bookcase
but I think I have one that Mike's going to like
now I know Mike has some arts and crafts style furniture in his office
So I've come up with the design that will represent that look
i'm going to begin by placing some oak strips on the sides
I'm then going to place some doors beneath that fixed self
i'm gonna an arch at the bottom and i'm gonna finish it off with some crown
molding at the top
now this is going to be any easier upgrade then you might think
come along with me and let's get started
well i've got the sides done and i'm now ready to start on the front
i'm going to begin with my bottom rail
Now I've cut an arch in his bottom rail and i did that with the band saw but you could just
as easily do it with the jigsaw
now you'll notice on the sides that the back style is thicker than the front
the reason for this is
when I had the face frame
the two thicknesses together will equal the same
the top rails actually wider than the others and actually will extend past the
top of our bookcase
the reason for this is to account for the taller crown molding
crown molding can be tricky to deal with
however once you understand the basics is
fairly easy
with a little bit of practice
now the first step before you cut your crown molding is to turn it upside down
then place the molding on the miter saw at an angle with the back edge resting
against both the fence and the bed
the top edge of the crown molding is flush with the bottom of the saw
and the bottom edge of the molding is flush with the back fence of the saw
now adjust the miter saw to forty five degrees
and make your cut
it's as simple as that
When doing crown molding it's important to make sure that your corner stay
nice and tight.
to add some extra strength to my crown molding i'm gonna and blue blocks behind
the back
now i took a few minutes to cut some oak plywood and I've edge banded the sides
these are going to be the doors for what will be beneath that fixed shelf
these doors are quick and easy to make
and after this is just a matter of setting my hinges and my pulls
By adding these magnets
it will ensure that these doors stay closed when they're shut
well i'm almost finished
but because i applied all these styles and rims with nails well now i have a bunch
of nail holes to fill
That's why I'm using Elmer's wood filler and what's nice about Elmer's wood filler is it's stainable
so when i'm done you'll hardly even notice where those nail heads were
after this is just some light sanding apply the stain and the finish
well what do you think? what a difference huh?
i tell you what let's give my neighbor Mike a call and see what he thinks
hey mike it's chad yeah i got your bookcase done
Why don't you come by and check it out
Wow is this even the same bookcase? it looks great Chad! Hey I'm glad you like it
and I'm glad you had a chance to hang out with us today, come back next time
see what's going on
in our neighborhood
come on Mike let me help you get this in the truck
Thanks! This is going to look great in my office