DIY HID Xenon Install: Honda Accord 1990-2007

Uploaded by XenonSupply on 26.01.2010

Hi, Phil with Your source for everything HID.
Today we're installing HID lights on a 2004 Honda Accord.
Let's pop the hood and get started.
Here are the tools you'll need to do the installation.
You'll need some painters tape
a 10mm socket
socket wrench
the 8 zip ties included in the kit
and wire strippers
if you do not have the extended socket
you can still use a regular 10mm monkey wrench
you also need the XenonSupply standard kit it comes with two ballasts
it comes with two bulbs
and the wiring harnesses
along with some wiring brackets
with any car installation you need to remove the negative terminal on the battery before starting work
use a 10mm socket loosen the black terminal
and what I like to do is
take some painters tape
cover it
so it doesn't connect
while you're working on the vehicle
now for the 2004 Honda Accord you actually have to remove this entire
battery to get access to the headlight housing underneath
you will need to remove these two screws they're 10mm
the reason why we're using the extended socket arm
so that we can get access
on top of the screw
the positive terminal also has to be loosened and removed
as well as removed from this clip here
on the side of the housing
let's go ahead and do that
make sure to grab on to these rods
before you loosen the screw
as they do have a tendency to fall down into the engine compartment
last terminal
okay you can now
this battery actually has a handle
just lift the battery up
set it somewhere safe
to remove your stock halogen bulb on the driver's side
you need to press on the white connectore and pull down
once the connector has been removed
you can take the bulb
turn it toward the inside of the engine compartment
and slowly release there you go
to remove the passenger side bulb
same process as the drivers side, press down on the white connector
pull down and the connector should release
now the bulb is going to turn toward the outside of the car frame
and you should be able to pull it out and there's the bulb
to mount the ballast in the engine compartment you need to first assemble the mounting
go ahead and place the long piece underneath
click this side in
and use the supplied nut and bolt
to secure it firmly
this will use a small philips head screwdriver
there you go
the driver's side ballast has been mounted on this wiring harness leading toward the
radiator with two zip ties one here and one behind this plastic piece
to remove the plastic piece there should be two bolts that
you can pull back
and pop out
as you can see the zip tie is right here
now that the mounting of the ballast is complete
we can take the new HID light
and install it in place of the halogen bulbs
this one is going to be turning
towards the chassis
on this side
now that we have the bulb
in place we can go ahead
and connect all the wires back together
this is your stock harness that connects the new
HID harness
make sure the black and the black line up and the red and the red line up
now that that's connected the largest of the two wires here
goes to the ballast
and these smaller male female AMP connectors
as you see we've gone ahead and mounted the passenger side ballast to the wiring harness
running along the chassis in front of the radiator there are two zip ties we've used here
one in the back one in the front here
give it a good jiggle it's pretty firm, not going anywhere
now that the ballast has been mounted we can go ahead and install the new HIDs
now because we had to turn toward the outside of the chassis to remove the old
we will be inserting the new one at a slight angle with the ground wire
facing down and to your left
when you insert it you are going to want to turn it
back towards the engine to lock it in place
we've cleaned up the wiring back on the car put the battery back on
replaced the battery hold on
tightened down our terminals
let's go ahead and
check out these lights