Learning Experience

Uploaded by uwmnews on 05.07.2011

I definitely feel like Im a student at UW-Milwaukee. I dont feel like Im in a separate system.
I feel like Im part of it.
I feel like Im learning more online than I learned in on-campus classrooms. Its more
about grasping the concept than memorizing facts because they cant really test you on
that because you take your tests online and you can have your book there. So, its really
about knowing the ideas and the concepts.
I wouldnt say its boring at all. I still feel that its a personalized lecture. I dont feel
like Im just reading out of a textbook; I feel like theres a teacher saying these words.
You definitely feel like youre part of the community. You dont feel like youre just off
in cyber space.
You really actually get more of a connection with students online. As part of your grade,
since you arent in class, you have to make up for that with discussion boards because
you arent talking face to face, so you kind of start learning the personalities of different
students and their opinions. In one of my classes theres actually someone where we responded
to each other each week because we always had different opinions. But, it was always
friendly and we kind of went off each other. You really build relationships with the students
even though you never usually meet them.