Turn Your Photos into Your Own Custom Wall Mural

Uploaded by signgrafx on 28.01.2011

Many up and coming interior decorators around the world are becoming fascinated with a product
that SignGrafx has been producing for many years commercially. The photographic wall
mural. Creating custom wall murals has been revolutionized by the advent of the digital
camera, wide format high tech printing equipment, and traffic resistant inks. In today's fashion
forward home and office decor, photo wall murals have earned their rightful place of
honor. You too can take advantage of this phenomenon. The key to the whole process is
your digital camera.
Now that you've decided to embark on one of the most rewarding decor projects there is,
you need to get that special photo for that custom wall mural that's going to go in your
home or office. You might already have the photograph sitting on your computer waiting
for the opportunity to shine and if so, that's terrific. If not, your wall mural has a few
other options. You can either purchase the image, or take the photo yourself.
Sometimes purchasing the image is an economical choice, and there are many ways to go about
it. Often you can get images cheaply through college students or amateur photographers
that you might know. Otherwise there are many stock photography websites out there that
you could browse for the perfect image. Or you can take the photo yourself.
This method can be rewarding and challenging all at the same time, but it will definitely
be one that is more personal to you! Of course you will need to take the best photo possible
for this project but it can turn an every-day afternoon into a really exciting search with
the specific mission of taking the perfect photograph for your own custom printed wall
mural that will be displayed in your home or office.
Don't be afraid to think outside the box. An ordinary dairy farms, the sweet smelling
apple orchards, the nearby city parks, to even an abandoned building can all be potential
gold mines for amazing photography. You can certainly beauty in the ordinary and the not-so-ordinary
corners around your home if you just keep your eyes open and on the lookout for something
great. Having a little prior knowledge about your camera will also help you to make the
most memorable images possible. So you might want to adjust your camera's photo taking
settings such as the flash, exposure, or the color balance and you can see some amazingly
unique results that can certainly surprise and definitely delight.
One aspect that has definitely been revolutionized in the age of the digital camera is the fact
that you can virtually take as many photos as you like. Our house photographer has enough
memory cards to take over 4000 photos a day! This fact allows you to play around with settings,
angles, and moods and not have to worry about the price of film development. For example,
photos of textures such as tree bark, leaves, roots and rocks can be particularly appealing
to some and might look really great in a custom wall mural. I take photos of anything and
everything that catches my eye visually. It's certainly possible that you delete thousands
of photos, but the one you keep for your custom wall mural will truly be a gem.
Remember, you will want the most fitting photo for your custom printed mural, so get to work
and don't be shy about hitting the shutter button! Once you've picked the images you
want for your custom wall mural you can submit your project to us. Our canvas is easy to
install, and is completely removable. Our wall murals will last for years and have been
previously used in high traffic retail environments such as fast food restaurants, movie theaters,
and grocery stores, so you can count on our product being made to last.
Remember, you are the photographer and the designer for this custom wall mural, so be
sure to take a photo that you're going to cherish and you can be assured that we will
produce your mural to your specifications and you can install this product yourself!
You will love the look of the custom murals you have personally created for your favorite
room or office. If you're ready to discuss your project with us, call us at 1-800-392-9860
or visit us online at www.signgrafx.com and we can get you started down the road of wall
mural heaven!