Healthy Raw Fruit & Vegetable Juices : Importance of Using Organic Foods to Make Juices

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hello, everyone this is Matt Fluer and Denise Bennett, my partner and we are the proud facilitators
of Light and Love Cafe. We are here on behalf of Expert Village. So, as I was saying this
is a young Thai Coconut and if you’re not familiar or haven't seen these at your local
food store, you may want to consider whole food, vegetarian type organic food place to
purchase your fruits and vegetables. We choose to shop at a local store. Anyways they do
specialize in organic fruits and vegetables and that is what we try to stay focused on
is the organic because we do not like the pesticides and chemicals that are associated
with many of the commercial fruits and vegetables in our lives today. The organic fruits and
vegetables do have many more nutrients that are vitally able to support the body whereas
most of the fruits and vegetables that are commercially grown are stripped of these and
altered and added with these chemicals that are so harsh for the body. Here is this beautiful
coconut water that comes straight out of a young Thai Coconut.