The War Z - Hammertime!

Uploaded by CreepTeamUnleashed on 05.11.2012

Hello this is Peter of the CreepTeam
were playing a
little game today
but economic and foreign
the wall c
yet but we do
yes replied the war see you which is like
note daisies
struck her like
prior like that
um... except better my opinion
so yes i can some bs survival and the marrow sandbox
your call
baby all that smacking sound in the face
shooting fricking bandits exit where bandit right now
you find out on this hug
here you can tell that
challenged by the other guy's name
yankee seco chang
if the suspicious say that
an area today where playing what he and um...
though about luke in them out
smacking savi
welling up here with flashlights
so we can find a hammer and half known it
what about it
on what our religion
uh... ordered down trina
yeah i'm just going to search somemore
okay them
but i got to keep going out doesn't like
colluded out
yeah some information about the game it sounds
it just came out of alpha
and it's just a debater
was their version of
alpha and beta which is really
either a kind of speaking pavelic an actual getting in payson alfresco
the athletes just came out of health and i think they imagined buggy
happy not really crappy
yasser arafat
it's crappy without dick
this only pie
and p even
that show
i_c_u_ chomping behind the fence
you work that you would jumping behind the fence outburst
i saw you hit puffing out
man and that's how i got a flashlight
apana brandon helmet
those shoes
calling out and i want to know and i can check on the part timers
by a contact
kabbah ally got the flashlight in a way for me candidate filet
that's the point
delaware's i may have been a smack your face and
sikit come on
held by opened by neil
anyway are u
jewish o we go
well i need to find a hammer
so distraught arrived in town until they find a hammer on something
built roads limo sound
if you're going to have sadie
well was called that
i can't read
the the real name of the city
uh... boulder city
be able to see them
unifying haps night fact find folders
so john rocks
the huge which is
he sounded like that
let's go to have to say uh...
mcmurray them just iran and the grocery store
point five
uh... hope
others has weakened checking
gonna take a look great
uh... my god i'm hungry
say yall blog
put up a bit linkin description etc
wanna find something
and now
yeah whenever
water bruce
my favorite
food in the can
i favor to him again
play wait wait wait
now worry
at the grocery store
than our own only online
sprint former
dies on me
this is what you're really
really a lot of stuff in this game that you can use their own bit it's really
used right now to display ads
yeah only be used to annoy people stopped
attacks on the sensation
and scare people
yes and scare people
lets me hackett
brutal paul
for the window and the wall word
i'm a sick to go
perfectly cather rel
carol barrel
no are
burial brochure let's get happy
so where are we on the map out his plan
if you throw from them
yes i threw two things
uh... to assault the
second one
a lot of time
when it up
why a m
the camp
all my house for a long way
so yeah i insist liked initiate it don't know it daisy hisaab
it's all about
writing carson killing people
not really about surviving
yeah but days he is really bad surviving is
managers no
neither is while war she is his
gallic what kind of person by this cassette gonna kick your ass and stuff
the war see right now is
actually only about two and survivors
at that point
i think only
if you're around killing survives until they fix obviously there's a lot more
and they're hard to kill
dean kahler spring sounded war with fricking flashlight and that's not
i mean the whole point us all meet is out there
more than humans in numbers
now that's a really the point with stacy cassette there's really fought in that
doesn't really make tips on these
yeah so that's why i like this
embarrassed this all about the numbers of sound is not
tendency to kill you in one hit
that's awesome anyway road going we're going to protect city
and mold the city
the apple tree let's just call how do you have a happy here
yeah he's right over there
just so you know uh... read
called the city's something different
because before before their names to the map
yes then we'd
week-old like
the city name campo city utilising that big city
yeah four
and that was uh...
that should be small little we call that the sports on because you always respond
the now
yeah fully added
names now like three days ago something
project three days ago i think
i remember
begin is like a new part of the math dot added yesterday
is alright no nice in the past two days ago civ what what length of three days
yet there that the names and the
you know
sixty s on this well
so yeah
they let me turn people that we can kill
still where bandits
belafonte itself
we uh... want to be made here and it's
only got out of the sort of
yeah but you need to a hundred
well my god
yeah telling to accept it
yet so all the mega painful
that makeup and
ryan they've been spawn can be involved
rori hacking
though it looked like how we've been killing is like
noticeable on camping or anything it's just like those running around killing
wiki timidly not
well we we gave
people with no it's not an option to join our group and if they said they had
been have skype
which ultimately or i didn't leave
at utas yet
as their own fault
if you don't know what seen as
his lightweight playing troubling parrot and that's the same thing as like
when they gave him the wrong answers a
that's right i await
bicycle saw something move just trees
might be
what trees don't move
the move slightly like this mike
the fight this went on them
was lexington medium
few words
black nine outside of the trees and freeways
no i i thought that
i've never been taxi actually
the one part of his
uh... that's a little part of the said it best
love it
was that helicopter that scratched
in the middle of the town
because it's only hence
contrib uh... no they fix that
well my god out really close
well im
don't scroll
from now on
do you have it got now cuz i call really cute anything from over here they come
or if the if they can clearly see at the moment now
centel at picking hill it it could be from the
movement today
though the city of that city
by other white stone mountain thing
so we will blocked by walking in
will confront this tree
the satellite is really really characters like
until about the but i think it was shotguns
wasn't exactly sure
we could be a nanny salute
uh... one of those with a dramatic sir
white camera just
organ that way
photo salton
i see somebody else what you over the place is pretty you know
i don't trust people now
i've just realised
that's one called jason freddie the server and one bus called
fredy jason
whom i regard no-no for general
like we call our
forties and teams
at gun animal name
mt koala and their interest make
it's a truck
the water
how does that mean guitar they could cause flooding and destroy bridges
they peeler
and i think you're pretty good argument
they need to p two
relying on it
he was on the east on the street with p
what what what is your explanation for the bridges then
they can't do it
uh... what
that house
that wasn't relief
they accepted that was hungry
okay mister denied on the building
yaa and the saints of the s
wanted one
and spent on the bridge
and that's the same sounded a filled the cities with p
the chinese have fake planners uh... yeah
attention up that um...
triple fight
mhm big it could be the soup was so good
need stem cells from huge some back
days soul
i've been out ones
his wives
the second time
there was a card
slowly up to me use it friendly
but he had it done
not panicked so when you got
close to me up
i'd argue that a lot too
uh... trust people
it too close
you're too close
mel perkins
your you you wouldn't that's a place to go
in the ingame
maybe your honor
no one
but he does not need to know what the fuck
gather is
the seventies carl
found a mask
i know that still leaves no mail
worked as a stepping down though
it's not unlike ours
it's dead end
i don't care
i need stuff from cars
peter there's van
i think he did it and i think he coffee every move
got a pistol
oman connects
land and nine were also told that the united
that was the same about
so i killed them
dot i heard
ortiz shit i just saw you light
it's on the other guy
plus the girl and they i want to
might help with that might make you feel good
uh... you knew them a little lockup fully and
campus catholic rather
lead of the pencil
well just saw you with us on the other guy pointing at you with
it within them
what the fuck was that
it's about a laughing at you
i killed
it's a really nothing in this chair listen
that erica m
but holy crap roads closed
talking well
that would've been eh...
very short
uh... the area
home right now i'm so delighted for you
ask your panel paul
now thank you
fricking close i can't believe that
well i can see watch cuts you're you
the bentley and white
wipro and the heimlich articular shop near twelve 'cause i i was reading cover
there's really no way it was
will levels one guy comes in this
once it hits
we're going to do is to kill a counter on this
perhaps anyone but filho
this on the inside the building maiden
on fbook button is always there
nerves on beef
though that the plane crash
lawmakers eds
that they have to talk to you
for buffet dr
inter-league if you have to
three guns so far
metal one from a player
hope that we just killed
with regard to the role of treated
story going to bed
they helicopter in the studio
miserable cuss
reported something we're here
arnett or
now mark ab ocm
department of defense
without doing here
and colorado philadelphia my
washington something
life on death row burn hillman
like brown will syndicate known
though ireland
just so you know uh... we called the fireman helmet at
random helmet
because uh...
yet we have
also been playing with some other guys and a
you know about it for me so i thought about before we stop trusting people
all i got atlas of the big sunita bhatt anger management
like it's been hidden in this building
no that was its baby
it's not like you go
but fuck dot g
uh... calmly
hughes the
p sewn up the city
allow p
i'm gonna
in p
place large
wish welch were
still account by day by day
just kill leonide
their the county say work up we
complaining about work
i'd just like the best hiding place ever
go over
you see my peck peck
but the fact right
bogdan health going on
i left but like this
or oregon
called rose to be did
biggest city
you know
campus teach baird
yet i don't think this is the biggest city
are hoping our
know that should become one most city
if you have said this to say shoot live
craven any buildings you go into
i think the one you can
nor you can see the pic
no i just saw it
four solicit
approach personal time
wrist marlboro
okay though
went on there
i've just heard a noise
about don't like the noise
let's not meet at the helicopter prank that thing
no there
i can't say whether
show for people
uh... cringe people
i would shoot
with my epic miss
wouldn't because he'd be inside one of those big
i would just sit and some of it and with sniper nick home i got hacked
we're so lucky
why isn't that the them mine hence
before you know one of those
nobody on the bridge
partly d
northern there
right now
the piece in the bus
which take the bus
so do you want to see some of these
look down
uh... levesque not that many
brother all over here
dates fix that
will get a ride a complaint not complain that
being like a notation on the freaking wants
world on her cousins to do
and found a half
with helicopters believe me will fully have to go
like right now
incident refusals will kill one person this big city
i see a prison
pair of us
right in front of us
yeah binoculars yes icmp shit
runaway seven sixteen
yes and it
so let's kill him
anaheim begins
i really would lead to death
i really wish they had vibrato easiness easiness
let me start then with my pistol scandals
no i didn't have them
ahead of time
yanks worker or no
your return
i did
it looks like their use
well ship he should have
uh... responding
off like him
if i can
don't think that's correct you know
rock i could go all right
by these properties probably level
now it's runaway train white
goes on the break
the outposts
particular diagram
if he runs too far away nations report
everything we can then
that to experience
used for anything
complex i sap fi co account rico wait till it at that skill treating
no it's interviews yeltsin yeah
gloved every pic send in the spring because that seems to be anything you
craven those i can see how to ship each
crouching in the grass a protein in the grass roots
korea i see a muslim
and he's running again
and spawning season bonds
yes it is
well you killed someone you know
okay uh...
i can see him
shiva issue we should meet was shot after m_g_s_ like
let them run a bit
where i can see many more
so the left side of the bridge
you killed someone to out here
on bed bridge
that any use l ike
useful stuff you can get
uh... hammer
rants and
grammar amber
yes he's gone
lightly take the making
you have a mic
yeah buddy they stack
so where are you
hill to the left of the break
i don't think it's a good idea to run our terminal
okay you run into that town
facility like this
meet earlier anyway
each play heightening in the crash wait to see as the amount of survival
uh... mill road
let other people
uh... he's going to white stone mountain
at he's got nothing
mckissick norm but let let's let's kill inside the plant a seed for the olympics
might need the stuff is uh...
you know why you
i'm going up uh... mountain
he's being cautiously guy with nothing
whereas the issue
really lucked out the guy was caving
the guy he's running to the hairy teens
forgotten friends and
day it could be used for him
though each other
me to kill a man
deter growing to the city
your longevity it said
for them
you know this is somebody out there scenes
wouldn't he
you're on the korean individual act and that
he could be argued that it on the ground
it running
well that's good sign
signal like him
planes i did i know that anyone of them
thing they have done
there's not going to panic
so start
searching for
arias from walking
on what entire house right now
parents at the clinic
now karen see you come see him
i'm right outside
picture about women
hockey's inside there
and so forth
i'd kill empty out a gun
their richard
over the years founded
i'm getting
getting there get inside the abn
down here
wasn't there
yahoo co in here
telling us all of them
but don't you know
so um...
decent health
rental iraq iran through that
group of sound
i got some wrinkles
russell russell
i rented a group of um...
that group of started outside eulogized
yeah and i got the mark
you know if it's right out here okay
i think that all the songs
yes get modern fuck thank you
it from someone
instrument grocery store
the guy which is before
it's gone
many programs out there
just kitson
i active like that
this game is
you need to prime the
site xd
yeah there
event when you expect to lose that just logged off
lucia selling
believe they can't do that
we can't do that would be a life
candace log out from a zombie intervention
moshus i'm getting prompt logging out
uh... i shouldn't i try to get only they locked out
was shipped from getting mugged
disconnect in ten seconds
it might
forty eight
money if into
weapon ever already at the white house thirty six on the server
have we already did this place
the thanks you don't be
become pursue
the recipes
but you say if they can say world
early i'm stupid
captain lows
what what u
where where their mouth
that's a long way action
disco anyways
or common thorough
on the move
for probably a when
through up my gosavi
some business
my country on the road
alarm going to the bulls right now
well buzz or on the outside
that you run to a house
right on the
middle-of-the-road outside town
so i was or car and see you
used binoculars
so we can see teach invention
uh... the one we came from
former securities sold from
we've just
it going
okay have you been inside clinic
uh... no
i saw someone
jumping around and uh...
yet before i thought it was you
plagued by occupant
united product list
but that's not well
old got to pay attention
jupiter's ripples
uh... term of art
uh... influences that soon
it that way
show away from his place
you see when i see family just go towards them
that's just me
get let's go to
but we could go to the hill range
you know day there first and then get you
uh... there
yet busted up
do third doesn't balloon
due to let the
this village guys screw them
anyone have a smoker bruno
say yes
not anymore
yes yet
but if it
of the still calling me
do not disturb us all again soon
i need to go
and other places
now we say will protect you
math stuff calling
it has not might be a man admiral akbar
i'm not trying to trap
i don't want
almost five at most
yet been what what having
i am not
might get
uh... and dalek accepted
well it
only i didn't smile smile
because shot and then i get copies camp for semi
here wanted to make
yeah you would uh... probably till june then
if you have one
the after i don't really have anything to new still i've played
it's my mustard on my hammer like you go to my god i could never find out again
to get the biscuits
and keep them both of my and
by and animal
out what your
by eight
peterson and well
did just a just say to him
i don't know that gone
called apple in at
let instead
ralph i don't want
applied at my notes are a lot
but mammal
i would love that
r_k_ not artful as is
five times the evil
outright apart
said u
uh... you today
i wanna make it and
alle drop aka binoculars
and in the middle of the street
uh... ho
making people happy
blood-like something they were sitting in a commercial something
well i am a commission
you you are all
why don't you lose
electronica not ul applied that re-trial like ive
well it was made
the uh...
my nose is taking
i wanna uh... i wanna make it
less like to flashlights
twelve oregon moral
location on the next
uh... maybe a
invisible cuz
taking difficult people
now he's giving your stuff
i don't trust that guy take a forty-seven rebuild its
he's got that no
afforded named yeah
animated forty seven
which is not in the game
since forces
yeah became clear that what they did
such i would love to have an a_k_-forty sevens game
i was up close and
i would love to give you out here
uh... life
over nine thousand
regarding iraq other steep hill lighted
map aren't troops there
kya no how tired i hardly at all
it's at a ripple effect ek
sting out there on the other side of the repulse
such as the camp but k says the
basic attitude
camp without the waltz that's it's too far away
it shows
over so i don't want to go
you know why
it hurts yes we can't be kinda hurts
loot blue or poor
on who
leaves more room for
neoplastic gluten-free
actually attention okay
i wanna find this friend the gringos
pretty gringo
it sounds friendly
of friendly clean
what was the yourselves third rently
i left me
friendly turned out
comics not stick
i'm six-feet icon run it rather
what is the mall
picnic pick week sorry
beastie q
that we can we got nowhere to go
is it going to make in
baseboard unique the
and we've got a wing
you know
gauge herman
smiley was a problem
apple bloom
qualified it
c the sunset is rising
i'll back down
oklahoma http
help within oracle
not anyway
anybody in that
hill ranch thing well yeah layers
right now
well i saw a guy
or why do you know i A
hope they are they're happy hiding in a house i think the question with a
it wicked
him just move
well i can see a minimal
and yet he is a k desire whereas with
yes with
and i don't know it's just one guy right
and got
got some so i think it's a shotgun actually
might be long and out of town
you could see role
where you go
these uh... core this columbus oh
he would be a so you started it right
ubi he still ishi target now
even if you don't get a flyer
go around the corner procurement mark so if i want to
at sharekhan
yell mike come on back okay
make and that way around they are going uphill
let's see
gested booking it
bogdan out behind him
really haulage
that don't know
was that show cameras are there
it shut them
it was uh... guys since the uh...
is there on the hill
know that you
if you kill me no i did i didn't shoot
you up close to me
well just on the think
how do you get up and they get out there so quickly
i don't know
it was a shotgun
i can go up a over here
if you do renewed
now is a shotgun bass library
of shit
and head
that's the video the alpha press enter
all of our white pride
them in
work it out college friend and i think that was a guy
that was right
or if you watch the guidance library marcia in
though he had a ship okayed yankel ran inside that house none of them
it really hurt
and u_n_ spent here in kashmir
they need to be pulled from and
uses just didn't want to meet
remind me
how we got there
sky shotgun
i think you can tell frankie cyber
mom i got 'em alistair
what the hell damage best utilize
via they aren't the guys i was in the habit
the issue there it might even with the house might that works what am i think
title now you know what the guy and i'll tell my god
we got to have a shooting up
he screwed
could you gotta come form
annually the champion castro nam