120306 - U.S. Govt Targeting Americans

Uploaded by HyperReport on 06.03.2012

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for March 6th,
Here are the prices for various items; such as, gold, silver, and oil for today.
For Bailout Nations, New EU Treaty is High Price to Pay
From outside monitors to allowing foreign bureaucrats to approve budget plans,
the new EU treaty will be grosome for those nations in the EU that are in finanical trouble.
In addition, these bureaucrats would have acces to all government
and banking data, can order bank stress tests, and adjust government spending.
In short, remove sovereignty from EU States.
Obama, Netanyahu Give No Sign of Narrowing Gap on Iran
The offical story is that Obama appealed to Netanyaho
to give santions more time before military action with Iran; however,
considering the love between the two, Netanyaho, most likely gave him the perverbial bird.
Boom-Era Property Speculators to Get Foreclosure Aid
Obama will extend mortgage assistance, with tax payer dollars,
to those investors who bought multiple homes before the housing bubble imploded.
Yes, those buy and flip investors, who may have lost at the housing casino now
get paid off with your tax dollars. About 700,000 slumloard... err...
landlords will be eligible under the revisions.
Pump Prices Rise Again; Oil Prices Waver
Oil is about $107 and gas prices at the pump are increasing almost a penny every day.
The reason is that investors are concerned about supply disruption as Obama,
and the Main Stream Media, continue to pound the war drums.
Looks like Obama got his wish for higher oil prices;
however, the media will try to ensure he does not get blamed.
Shakeout Before Major Move in Gold And Silver Prices
With gold and silver prices in a zig-zag pattern, some may be question whether this is a good
idea for an investment. Remember, none of the underlying fundamentals
of massive printing have changed. In fact, they have gotten worse.
At some point in the near future, the true nature of these commodities will come out.
With that, keep stacking and be patient.
Turning the Tables on Big Brother
The Collusion add-on is an official Mozilla product
that will allow users to 'pull back the curtain' on web advertising firms and other
third parties that track people's online movements. In short, want to know who is snooping on
you, then check-out the collusion add-on.
The question is... is it too good to be true?
U.S. Administration Defends Killing Americans
The Obama cobol is actually trying to justify the murder of Americans overseas who are are
plotting attacks against the U.S.. Holder said that Americans who join Al Qaeda,
whom U.S. forces worked with in Lybia, should be targeted.
Does this mean that Holder will be targeting our own military personal because they were
ordered to work with Lybian rebels, that were members of Al Qaida?
Also, another question, what stops the killings from the killing overseas not being killing
stateside courtesy of the National Defense Authorization Act?
15 Potentially Massive Threats To The U.S. Economy Over The Next 12 Months
Here are a few... 1. War
2. Disorderly Greek default 3. Gas prices
4. Student loan bubble 5. Derivatives Crisis
Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day