Thermage in the Twin Cities

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Today on the Dr. Oz show. We’re about to put the ultimate end on the aging for every
decade and live up to your fabulous 40’s. Welcome to your 40’s, your confident and
assured, but still pulled in all directions. Job, kids, aging parents all need you more
then ever before! Leaving you, with no time for yourself. Your usual work-our routine
isn’t cutting it anymore and the pounds are piling on. And as the connective tissue
in your face breaks down, your face begins to resemble a roadmap. Wrinkles line your
forehead, eyes, and around your mouth. Brown age spots begin dotting your skin. And that
dreaded turkey waddle starts forming beneath your chin. The last straw… those unsightly
underarm fat wings caused by your body losing its natural elasticity. Turning back the hands
of time take on a new urgency.
A lot of folks are getting the necks and arms and I’m nervous for ya, but don’t be!
Dr. Doris Day is a dermatologist visiting with us/, she’s in her fourty’s. She’s
going to teach us how to avoid all of these things. You say at the start that fourty year
old are missing out on a wonderful way to keep their skin going. That’s true, you
know your segment showed it so beautifully that woman in their forties, were really busy.
We often have young children, growing families, full careers. We really do it all! But we
don’t make time for ourselves. So one great and easy way to get a beautiful glow, is sex!
And if your single, don’t worry… you don’t always need the guy. It works? Yeah! Its really
not a myth that its great for your skin. So it’s a conversation that I sometimes have
to have with my patients that they need to take care of themselves on every level. Everything
shows in your skin. I never knew that! Its true! Yet, one more reason! Lets find out
how much forty-something woman know about their skin. Elise and Jeanette are both joining
us, they are both in their forties. And they are here to play “anti-aging fact or fiction”.
Here’s how it works. I’m going to read a statement and you have to hold your signs
and tell me if what I said is fact or fiction. Number three question: Losing weight can cause
sagging skin. Audience, what do you think? They all say fact, and their right! Yes, unfortunately
this time they are right. I wish I could say it was otherwise, but it true. That weight
gain and loss over time ends up being more loss and when you add to it people who smoke
or drink or have had excess sun exposure; it starts to show in your forties. But the
good news is, there is something you can do about it! And it is, something you should
consider! Its something you should consider, this is Thermage. This is the hand piece.
Its actually a whole device which we didn’t bring because it’s a little heavy. But Thermage,
this is the tip. Its radio frequency that helps with tissue tightening. Its great for
the face, but also areas off the face as well. When we showed for cellulite, it can help
improve that as well. But this is a great no downtime, minimally painful. Really more
of a discomfort then anything procedure and you see some of the results right away and
some of it over time and it does last. So this is a great non-invasive, non-surgical
way to get great tissue tightening in a very natural way. How many treatments? Its typically
one treatment for the face, maybe two or three for the body. Why do you ask? Are you considering
it? Uh, sure! I’ll try anything once. Well, you won the contest. I did. Yes, and I have
a surprise for you! Dr. Day is giving you a free evaluation in case you need Thermage.
And if you need it, then she’ll do it with you! Thank you! Is that fair? Yes! You have
encyclopedic insights! Its good when you have someone that is actually fourty to give you
advise for forty year olds. Because you have researched this for both personal and for
your business. I live it every day. And I believe in aging successfully. I don’t think
that aging is a bad thing. But I think aging gracefully means when you age successfully
you eat well, you take care of yourself, you enjoy life. And then you take what comes.
I don’t want you to forget that in your forties that I want you to avoid sleep depravation
I want you to buy hydroquinone and I want you to consider Thermage. And give a very
special thank you to Dr. Day. Thank you! When we come back, the anti aging guide continues
for your fifties, next!