Military Cadence Calls : Setting Pace with Military Cadence

Uploaded by expertvillage on 06.02.2008

CHRISTOPHER HOWELL: Hi, my name is Christopher Howell with Expert Village and today, we're
going to talk about military cadences. Left right on left. Left, right. Right, left. Now,
with a military cadence, basically, all it is, is like a pacesetter so everyone knows
where you're at and what kind of track you're going to be at and they can kinda keep even
with you 'cause a cadence is basically a count. Left, left, right. Right, left. So, you can
kinda keep up with the running--will you be able to run at the same pace as somebody else
knowing how fast they run or how fast you're going to run. Left right on left. Left, right.
Right, left. And that--what the pace does kind of there, it helps you to set an actual
pace so you can breathe and regulate your breathing. Left right on left. Left, right.
Well, basically cadence is nothing but keeping pace. Left, right. Right on left.