MSU Student Tour

Uploaded by montanastateu on 14.09.2012

As a freshman at MSU, campus seemed like a really big place.
One day I was walking through the center campus and I got to Montana Hall
and this is a place where everyone really converges
and they're coming from all these different buildings, all these different
And Im seeing all these people that I know
and suddenly I feel like I'm in this tight-knit community
and MSU's really this inclusive place and I really wish I would have realized
that sooner. How at home I felt, how comfortable at MSU I was.
As an incoming freshman to MSU the buildings seemed like just buildings.
Four years later they mean so much more.
I didn't know how many classes had been taught in them,
how many friendships that formed in the hallways, or any of the accomplishments of
past students.
And while I don't know what your stories will be,
I do know that these buildings will play a significant role.
I think one of the cool things on our campus is that MSU makes
resources readily available to students.
For example I'm a film student, I can go to the Visual Communications
Building, use a fully outfitted professional studio twenty
four-hours-a-day, seven days a week, and those type of unlimited resources were
something I never expected.
It really doesn't matter where you are on campus, you could be in the library
studying for an Econ final, or
like me hanging out at the duck pond talking about opera with a couple of friends.
There's a positive energy on this campus and I feel it every day when I walk around.
It's studying at the Renee Library until 2am during finals week.
It's going to the Hosaeus fitness center to blow off some steam in between classes.
I don't know if it was one particular moment,
there are so many stories that make up my experience here on campus.
It's that feeling of when you
first step on campus.
There's so many places around campus where I can relax and get away from the stresses of college.
Like the Lay Lounge, or Studio 1080, and the Rec Center.
I think it's really awesome that MSU recognizes the students need this kind of balance.
I think its how we as students invest ourselves in the campus.
Its the five days a week I spend editing films in the VCB.
Or its how the SUB is open twenty four hours during finals week. Here,
it's all about the students schedule.
It's the state or the art facilities like Gaines Hall,
and many other halls.
It's so many things.
These are monumental years of your life, no matter
how you look at it and
this campus has done a lot for me.
All the students are here for the same reasons,
But this campus allows us to develop our own unique story's.
Once you're a student here
you just get it.