The Body Shop presents Super Nut (short)

Uploaded by thebodyshop on 07.02.2012

The Amazon Rainforest
one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth
Its trees and plants are essential to the health of our planet
But the rainforest faces many threats,
including illegal logging and gold mining.
What can be done to stop this?
What’s that?
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No! It’s a...
...Brazil nut?!
How can a tiny Brazil nut help save the rainforest?
By buying Brazil nut products,
we can ensure that the Brazil nut tree,
and the forest it lives in,
is worth more standing
than if it is cut down and sold for timber.
Why do people want Brazil nuts?
The oil in the nut is perfect for use in
soaps, shampoos, conditioners
and skin creams.
Their minerals and vitamins
help to maintain a healthy nervous system.
Is that why they’re so good to eat?
Brazil nut trees are found in the Amazon,
Amazon, and can only produce nuts in undisturbed,
natural rainforest due to the complex ecosystem they need to thrive in.
The trees can live for 500 years or more
And in that time
a single tree can produce a lot of Brazil nuts!
Candela work with over 280 Brazil nut gatherers
to process and export the nuts and the oil to international markets.
By working with organisations like Candela,
The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade programme supports the environment and livelihoods
of people like the Peruvian nut gatherers.
By buying Brazil nut oil for the last 20 years,
The Body Shop and its customers
have helped to protect thousands of acres of rainforest
And every time you buy Brazil nuts
or products containing Brazil nut oil,
you’re doing your bit to help protect the rainforest
giving us all a happier, healthier planet.