Short, cute love story - don't miss it :)

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Exterior, Alleyway, Night
A man runs into the darkness between two buildings
Gasping for life
An unknown evil hot on his heels
His vision blurs
The sweet taste of freedom disappears
The camera explodes with a volley of crash zooms
Suddenly his legs buckle
He slams against the wall
and slides down to the dirt
With his last ounce of strength
He calls out a name ...oh a name!
...he calls out...
Oh!, he calls out...
Fuck!, fuck!
...sounds good!
what happens next?
Sorry! I think I'm giving up on this one...
I can't even remember what the idea was in the first place...
Its all fallen apart now. It seems to happen to me a lot, I never really got as far as putting stuff out there
I don't know how people do it
Did you ever see those films where it says written by so-and-so
...and directed by so-and-so and produced by so-and-so and its all the same person?
That really fucks me off
I mean there's people out there trying to do just one of those things and then along
comes some silver-spoon-sucking moron prancing around town like some FUCKING...
...sorry; writer's block!
(whispered) I must be mad!...
Thats too bad! I'm a writer too!
Maybe we should put our heads together?
I'm Sam by-the-way
Nice to meet you! I'm Neil
Perhaps I should tell you some of my ideas for a change...
I never seem to get them past the front door either...
...maybe it's better that way
It's an autobiography I'm writing...
It starts from my very first memory
...and I suppose it will only finish when I'm gone
but I hope people will read it
It will make a change at least...
Its a story about nobody
people like us
No fame...
No fortune...
No scandal or infamy...
...but maybe then they'll see that
really we were the important one's after all
maybe i'm just being big headed
...even I can't find the other chapter's interesting
...but this chapter...
...our chapter...
it's the greatest one so far...
...and I'm so glad to be writing it
Not bad! ...what happens next?
I don't know... tell me
Perhaps we should meet?
Build on that idea of yours...
Perhaps we should!
Meet me at Crow Street at 8...
Exterior, Alleyway, Night
A man staggers into the darkness
Gasping for life
Evil on his heels
Freedom disappears
His legs buckle, he...
he slams against the wall...
slides down to the dirt...he...he is alone
Interior, Apartment, Night
Neil is writing a letter; an apology
to a girl he never met but didn't have the guts to do so anyway
He struggles to explain himself, other than a sudden realisation that he has become
so perfect at shutting himself away; avoiding failure by never taking chances.
He sees clearly now,
he knows there is someone out there for everyone
...even those that gave up looking
...even those that don't deserve it
City gardens Neil waits
for however long it takes
For the girl to come meet him
Hi! ...Hiya! take her hand
...hold her
...leave fear behind ...fade out!