VINCENT (16) & JANA (18)

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Come into the kitchen please.
Is it about Burger?
They really think it was Jan.
Who? -The police. Don't you guys ever listen to the news?
And what's with the other suspects?
They all have an alibi. It couldn't have been them.
But it could have been Burger? -They're saying Jan's on the run.
But why would he hide?
I'll call him on his cell.
He'll definitely pick up.
This is my life now...
...Today I realized that I can't do anything about it. Mom always says that's not my fault.
They both believe that they have to take care of us.
But instead of being straight with us, they cover everything.
I really can't do anything about that.
I really don't have a clue what's going on here. I just can't stand talking to them.
They're like a wall and I just have stopped running into it.
It's far too bright outside.The sun irritates us all.
Jan was here that day.
We must help your brother. We need an alibi.
You can't be serious, right? Burger wasn't here that day.
Ok, so, Jan was here at home all day last Sunday.
What did he do?
He had breakfast. Everyone has to have breakfast. And then we watched a DVD.
As if we'd ever done that.
But he loves movies, doesn't he?
This is totally ridiculous! The police wants evidence. And whatever it is you're doing, it's not right.
And it's certainly not legal.
She's right. It's got to be tight. The murder happened around noon. Jan came here around nine.
Yes, and he brought marzipan croissants along. You know how he loves those.
And we had pizza for lunch. Jan told us about his new job. How much he likes it there.
And what exactly did he tell us about it, Vincent?
I don't know...
Whatever. Then he left because he had to work the next morning. Someone like Jan is always on time.
Yeah, Burger's always on time.
What if they're searching for the DNA?
They didn't find anything on the body. I'm going to his room. I'm going to clean up.
We have to go over this again and practice it.
Mom, what do you want from us? -What did we have for breakfast?
Jana. Marzipan croissants.
Hey, I'm sick and tired of your shit. This is all way too much!
Stay here, Jana. Do you really care that little about your family?
Did you ever stop to ask yourself if he might have really done it?
C'mon, Jana!
Maybe there's a reason why he only calls once a month. Do you rememeber this one girl, Steffi?
She was five years younger than him.
And can you tell me what that has to do with anything?
You just don't know him.
There's a reason why he's not here!
You wouldn't do something like that, right?
I mean, just run out of the room like that!
You look just like him.
I would probably not write a letter. I'd rather just leave.
Anything else would be a cliche.
No one would understand it, anyways.
Maybe I should have earned more money in the summer. Wouldn't be that broke now.
What a shit.. I really can't stand Mom's and Dad's behavior.
All these long discussions about my future and blah blah blah...
They want us to become like them. They'd like that.
Tiny clones that would walk around and constantly bump into each other.
Welcome to the evening ne...
Do you believe you'll play the whole seas....
...the physical pressure through the electro-ma...
...investigation, the search for the murderer focuses on the 23-year-old prime suspect from the home town
of Maria. The police says that hints from the residents...
Hello? Oh, hi.
Um, no, it's not good today. Or something.
Y..., n..., family stuff... No, I don't know.
They're all just flipping out a bit. Or something.
I, uh, next week, uh, next week.
I'll be at the game, yeah, see you then. Ok.
It's embarrassing to write all of this down.
But hey, I don't have to read all of this again.
Mom and Dad really had forgotten Vincent's birthday first.
Jana and me acted as if nothing had happened just to see when they would realize.
But they stayed in the workroom the whole day so I did the cake all by myself.
The cake was really disgusting, but Jana ate like six slices.
She's probably gonna really beefup when she's older.
In the end it was a really funny day.
During the holidays everything is so relaxed and calm.
It's really weird. The sun was so bright that I only saw black spots when I came back into the house.
Do you remember how mad Burger was when we gave him his nickname?
He was totally pissed off at us and didn't leave his room for days.
And then all of a sudden, he decided to go on a diet.
Jana, what are you getting at?
And this one time, when I walked in on him, I was looking for a CD player or something, he was sitting
there with this massive order of fries on his lap.
And I had to promise not to tell anyone about it.
Especially not you guys.
We love you. But you have to trust us on this. We're running out of time.
Stop saying that.
And you're not going to do anything stupid.
I don't understand how everyone keeps saying they wanna be young again.
17 sucks, man...
Can't wait to see what happens when Jana and Vin are that age.
They are probably going all nuts, considering how spoiled they are even by now.
It's really strange to imagine not to live here anymore.
They both were so sorry that they had forgotten Vin's birthday.
Again there were some problems with Grandpa and the house. It seems they still have to pay his depths.
It's a shame that they still deal with it.
That's all stuff from the past. Instead, they should look into the future...
You want a cigarette? -No. You want some of this?
She said that I looked like him.
She doesn't mean it like that. You know how she is sometimes.
I mean Burger, Burger'd die laughing if he could see us like this and how the two of them are flipping out.
Yeah and then he would do that slobbery thing he always does when he laughs.
For some reason I miss him.
Are you guys talking about your brother?
When all this is over, we'll be a family again. I promise.
His room's all cleaned up.
What did we have for breakfast?
Marzipan croissants.
We had marzipan croissants. At nine.
Today they totally made up for it.
The weather sucked, anyways.
Dad made schnitzel and, thank God, Bayern M√ľnchen lost their match.
Vincent's present was a rollerblade hockey set and Jana didn't stop crying because she didn't get one.
But then we all watched Star Wars together and she calmed down.
And then everything was alright again.