'Return of the Apprentice' (lightsaber fight) - wheezywaiter & Corey Vidal

Uploaded by ApprenticeA on 01.01.2013


Corey [voice-over]: I can feel your presence.
Craig [voice-over]: The only present I have for you is DEATH...
and that happens right...
I mean, right behind this door!
Corey: (laughs)
Craig: Did you just think-laugh?
- I see you have been waiting for my return.
- So have you.
Please, just let me go.
- Shall we complete our deathly trilogy?
A trilogy of death?
You've already killed my wife and child?
Happy anniversary.
How did you know it was our anniversary?!
(Groans in pain) - (Laughs)
(Laughs) Join me!
And together
...I shall rule the galaxy.
- You can be there
...to help out. It'd be gr-
You could be like my left-hand man.
(Groans of pain)
Looks like two lefts
...don't make a right.