Learning Series - Using your Phone - BlackBerry

Uploaded by BlackBerry on 23.06.2010

>> JORDANA: Hi, I’m Jordana. I have some great tips to share with you regarding some
of the phone features on your BlackBerry smartphone.
Here, let me show you what they are.
You have a number of ways to dial a contact. First press the green Send key.

You can: Enter the number of the person you are trying
to call and press the Send key
or Start typing the name of a contact. The phone
will search your address book based on the name you type. Keep typing until you have
the contact you want.
Scroll through the list of contacts to find then one you
are looking for. Once the contact is highlighted, all the phone numbers you have for them will
be listed, select the one you want and press the Send key.
You can adjust the volume of your call by using the Up and Down key on the right side
of your BlackBerry.