The Gunslinger (Fundit Teaser)

Uploaded by CailanOC on 29.05.2012

[God is Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash]
The film follows the story of an older man who, as he nears death,
looks back on birth.
not a physical birth but the birth of the character who he was about to become
the film is a western and the reason that we chose to use the western genre here is because
first of all it's a genre that we, as lovers of film, all really relate to
and a genre which has been done in a variety of ways and has a great range and maneuverability about it
but also, we all felt like the..
the themes of the western and the characteristics at its heart
really applied to us as a generation and hold a lot of relevance for what's
going on in the world at the moment
the idea for the film came about.. about two years ago
because, you know, growing up; Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone
and the entire spaghetti western trend
were far more familiar to me then sort of anything else in the western tradition
but then, studying film at university
learning more about John Ford, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood...
things like Deadwood and Unforgiven
I sort of started to realize that
there was so much more within the western
you know, there were these different aspects. Yes, there was that sort of
bleak misanthropy but then there was also that sort of pragmatic heroism
at the core.. One of the things that I really wanted to do with the film
was to combine all these elements to show what I saw at the heart of all the
different interpretations of the genre
cost is always a big concern with
any sort of project of this scale
first of all because of the equipment that we want to use but second of all because we have to
capture the environment of what is effectively, you know, a period piece. The environment of sort of..
a hundred to a hundred and fifty years ago in a completely foreign landscape
The funding that we've got so far comes from two sources. Firstly, it comes from the
Trinity College Fund for the Visual and Performing Arts.. and, secondly,
from The DU Film Society
now we're raising an extra amount on top of this
to provide for things like equipment, props..
costumes.. and all sorts of other elements right down from the smallest things right up to
the biggest things in the project..
and the resource that we're using to fundraise for this amount
is is an online crowd-funding resource and basically
the way it works is that the creator behind the project puts it out their to their social
network with a proposal..
and that is; if you believe in the project, if you believe in our past
work, if you believe in the creative vision and the artistic ability of
everyone involved in the project...
then please donate
E5, E10, E25
whatever you can afford to spend.. and if it's more,
then that's great.. but if its less than that, you know we really appreciate that and
the really important thing here is that every cent truly does count
so please support The Gunslinger now
whether it's E5, E10; whatever you can afford to spend
if you're on YouTube, you can find all the information you need down in the 'information'
section below.. If you're on Facebook,
everything you need will be in the 'about' section
and if you're already on FundIt..
then we really urge you to please click that button.. every little bit truly does count..
so thank you.