Far Cry 3 - Découverte et Impressions

Uploaded by AzertySix1 on 29.11.2012

Hi all, mahaaaaaa
This is azerty
And can be found on Far Cry 3

It is found on the Home menu
for I will make a video discovery
I bought it the day it came out

I really wanted to play. I saw the beginning of the game on the internet
and I thought I'd make a video discovery with you
then new game
Video discovery as usual
this is referred to a purchase you

Or just save you game
could be wrong
but right now I think that Far Cry 3 will necessarily be a good game

So we choose this mod game
I said that I played with the joystick
because I prefer to play with the controller simply
there are phases in a vehicle ... etc.

Otherwise I know that right now I do a lot of discoveries
jean-guy in France
the list is long
he will miss at least three me
is close
I stop
currently aob%
they flew
It is true that these abuses
I love this country
jackie o byrne
Mom and Dad because I really like because your little white
as you
is the price
but it is I love the podium
we see that it is cool
pakistan untenable
some as geneva
more than half the cost here
Three months later I think they look
look me in the eyes
majors increase
I myself am the king here
what a dozen
ipad 2 would top
why it has been as high value may be more
I'm not funny enough
I am
sierre face justice
institution to manage
- Right in the land
I'm sure to keep your life
* July
I really freaked out
it will calm down and it took me three
entry price for raw
om goes is that what happens canada
I am furious delivery of fuel prices
I still hope that you will be a little more fun than Jose Anigo
my ticket
lot of enthusiasm st-jean
we hear not so
this time no problem
it was the best country for a funding source
christophe josse
ricardo clark
we were left quietly and travel different roads management
So there
but the central authorities
who wants to ransom
I'm sad I think you understood
since the war
this is the classic that it is a classic morgane
that's what this story is that
it obeys this reason
because, frankly marseille cancellations
no need to rely on her boyfriend
this is how
hear the breath
all monies will be presenting his characters
Yet this sense
and after his sister it is thanks to Bluetooth
but beware
I feel a lot
it adds the text
must be avoided
short term
then we have the same toussuire
for the time
what to do with her father
they are a little past constantly as bag
but all the veins
I think he wanted
requires that all people who live here
This SLR camera
for me it is important to say
then I'll take over
at this time
For my part the province
norman sylla
Bashir has its head
draw but I thought
missing then thrown
I missed the shot accordingly main st
made against you cooking all ages directly from windows I
% First we went first to tea or balance for Thursday
for the remainder
there is a second chance
So yes I know that the public does not have any complaint must still
that will not be
vincent auclair
but I passed in this group
backup its investment
I must pass
is that we need to go after
in their text
believe and especially the knife
how he had to support all
Eventually I did not hurt at this custom knife clichy abidal
obama animations purchases were not members of the club
knowing that unemployment is at its highest
a second chance
Here again the sick body 8
obtain it begins
too long the purse strings
a few seconds then it could come in wins
German third places are now available depending on the source
reuse and probation
bryan cranston cannabis and stresses
under the cold gaze
It is a stone of a game archery or strasbourg
during a visit to the seaport who left the party m
them here but will not pull any punches with everything
all I can do as
voices begin to follow
last day
politically correct
that this time not
it becomes banal afp
this time it will not appeal to women of France this is how it is
France fan who whenever a gta coming out
go to hear me in the quiet
lol when
must always
I think Sony is going to happen but I think it is something terrible
first appearance in history
I do not know how it should be this time there was among other
best to use and then return
Therefore we will try
to make your
the problem upside down in the north of england
he will die because we still revenge when all
Everyone is happy few days which is why it is so cool
for example
didier deschamps
holmes inflation mangalore
many people in the region
or my questionable taste in French reuters
Russian collector
saab and doubling sales of existing homes is a little
bouba cs5 cb is the same way with a defeat
this is the same person
deal with these record profits
after the work is up for advertisers
but soon we cling
airports reopen their doors
seen on the ground
how can rise
cocaine in April and the other
oddly the earthquake
polo ralph lauren
it is little more
Here in this game
yes it is I who have too
ayari qatar knife
a man with little fear is a very
whereas previously the songs
years following the disaster it will have gold it it starts
we'll see how bad it is long known that we report
the best example
image jérémy found
Sunday we take very long for them to
this depth
but good luck
the asse has a big smile
yes agree 100% it is
without success
the farther than the young man would be thrown out of steam Lissowski
effective and pouring rain help
their work does not change anything at the bottom of the nets
and it's good I know I won
I fall
a voodoo doll
- We can not exclude
colas footballer
from the text
Thursday the top 3 I
What do you hate most in the world it has
as videos of the cur character is really funny is that this is
really hard
on a public beach
these elections and all performances in competition
I must be killed
but I am
I know immediately
but I am
So are two men who have nothing
about the machete
I'm used to the circuit
but on June 4
this year
My brother was murdered
agreement found my little brother
four of my friends
but with me
milan six innings
I have an idea
what kind of car so they can help
I know that liberal
the beach
the village theater
bic techno
the map
when I arrived here it has not escaped an assassination
horizon as 62
most of the seats
is a rhythmic show their future
each was the strongest
I was called
christian klien
are not abandoned
they are lovely ladies
it is far from all these cultures
this is because it is not for anyone
then retract
active person
jean xxiii
I could just as well have done
$ 60 is all because alain
agent at all last Friday first what you can buy
fighting for my club is just
I support w100
formulas are either
shoving hormones eg I know that in this sense more than expected
as social peace
we will put
this is what
buno-bonnevaux and other group based in China
However, it
the festival
this is sad
during this operation
but bordeaux
Marin Cilic
there are few more targets
we go to Lille and locate its fruits
makeup fired
if you lose it and it serves no purpose which is expensive
but believe
should read the information distance
and such interference under sun
each round of private contributions
this is a project you accessed all over instead barou and Corsican is
as in
this also by him on the fire
the synchronization rate of 4% to 6 also
it is a fool's game scenario they know they are
if we stay on the thread
Mr. and already profiler
in fact I'm downright every citizen diaw each pressure
this figure is falling
This is something that systems
the vehicle container coupon
any good thing
peugeot which began lighters and terabytes xes which lasted kraft
to the center
while if you know how
're everywhere
three employees at the money
Jews do anything to get that change in society
it may be a little
button very exciting
when I was little
6 small slowdowns in the room attempted
arezki this month
I think this is the case in five
I feel that it stabilizes a bit above the consensus
3:31 p.m.
believing his crime
when one has a short break we will find I gave
to solve this problem
it is there we found I fallen sharply graphics
I do not know much I do not think it jumps
it will be too windless
good but I prefer the clear
second goal also
the graphics
so the second
this is not my winning culture around the print
I could have done
it was fast enough I feel that m
all summer low
% was
he says he does not keep ring - what can I do
is typical river
we must not do
the spirit of contradiction
it is a confession are necessary he knew it already
page for that purpose it is difficult
ok ok
I propose that we got was a little bit of there
e finally chantal Hayen Tyrolean
which zipline
ah not bad
Can I drop
I do not know if I'll keep it good mpk
However, the map
by casa sports
what I can say is that I unveiled last month and
animals 0:15 here is more on the vuelta is safe right knee
j TiJi and opportunities for doing business must make purchases 3
12 recently
men following things
two days and I think it's over
you trust is one day after the tsunami in the region
you say you have to know the language quieter life and equipment
djibril powerful drug that would have to be pursuing a
will discuss the future of the site in short, a social satire he listens
he loses a week
if it helps
tennis and the so-called ministers
Parisians group effect
sun is not all bad
satisfied with the antelope
bah I think it is quite a bit for us it is not a discovery or
at all
or more I can even most extreme asse
then not want to spoil the lot the beginning of the game
all I hope you have enjoyed I'm glad figures
I am the head of the water flow during so
t but in any case it was no doubt that if I wanted to be more
I would say next
I hope others will not