Tazza Korean Drama Episode 6

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Episode 6
Pair of 9
Pair of Chang
38 Gwang
Brother! Brother Gwang Ryul!
Don’t touch it!
I made it. I have finally succeeded.
My hand has sensed it just now.
Sense what?
Card sensitive!
From pair of 5’s to that of 38 Gwang’s just like this.
Do you want to see it?
Practice to use the lighter if you have time
Using a lighter can help you see…
You can’t peek at the cards, you have to know them by nature.
You think you can understand?
You guys have been starved enough. Starting from tomorrow, I will give out the final exam.
Prepare your luggage
Final exam?
Then, we will wait for the director to call back
No, no need!
If you want to succeed, you’d better learn how to choose and use different dirty methods and tactics.
I will never cooperate with you.
Keep an eye on him.
Don’t you want to ask the reason why I didn’t tell you?
You must have your own reason.
Of course I do.
Empty this place.
People who think too much like you will never be able to associate with those guys.
Master, why do you give us money?
These are real ammunition.
The ax's blade has been sharpened, so we should at least catch a few flies.
Can we really practice? Nationwide?
That’s right! Time for action!
This is so called money being the referee.
You jerk, is this what you should say?
Inside there is 600 thousand, winning at least 40 more thousand is good enough.
If you lose, leave right away!
Let’s go!
Some people don't like to cut the stack of cards before a game
Especially the one from Kyung Sang Do, who have the worst temper among them all.
No cut!
Are you from Kyung Sang Do?
Your eyes are not that bad
Do you want follow?
Are you dead? Quickly! How can you earn money with this snail-like speed?
Brother, don’t rush! He might possibly have the 9th Chang!
Even though people from Jongjungdo always hesitate before making a decision
but if we just provoke him a little bit in the beginning, then he's done for.
Didn’t you leave them some money just now?
Didn't you said that there is no need to leave any for people in this beach area?
Unexpected things can happen anytime.
Third strategy, run!
What's that, big brother?
What's happening ? I didn’t get any notice about the police coming
Emergency! Everybody, please leave!
That side, freeze!
Jung Ji Eun, you are under arrest for running an illegal casino.
Get off, didn't you get the money?
Arresting me? How rude of you!
I can go by myself.
Thanks to director, some of the Houses have been closed.
Why are you looking for me?
Do you want to beg for something?
Director, you know that such thing will never happen.
Don’t you want to see our last card?
You guys are really interesting!
Especially that boss of yours who has been through so much
People with experiences like him should be useful
because I have many troubles to take care of.
People usually use someone else's hand, not themselves, when they want explore a snake's den.
Stop beating around the bush, go straight to the point!
Let put it simple, what does your director want from me?
First, it's the monopoly to run a secret casino inside the U.S. military bases.
We’ve heard that you have a good relationship with General Choi who regulates all the businesses.
The main manager there is Director Park, isn’t it?
It's his golden rice bowl. Is he going to give it up that easily?
If he is not, we will rob it from him.
If we can win the business of that casino
It will be very helpful to achieve director’s ambition.
Such as?
The right to inherit Tae Gwang corporation.
Isn't it?
Good job, Ahn Se yoon!
You wants to work together yet still playing dirty tricks on us?
Maybe he thinks his pride would be hurt.
Ahn Se Yoon has agreed to cooperate with us.
Our chance of winning the casino business seems higher now.
Even so, making a conclusion now is still way too early
If we know what the last card of director Park is
then victory is within our reach.
Do you have any way to find that out?
Reuse the card that has defeated Ahn Se Yoon before.
The more risky the task, the better she is at it.
After Ahn Se Yoon's affair, Nan Suk has had nothing to do with this, hasn’t she?
What do you mean?
I hope Nan Suk won't be involved in this casino affair.
There is no reason to drag her into these stuffs
Hold on!
Why don’t you want Ji Na to join?
I don’t want to force her to do things like this all the time.
Ji Na is part of our family.
Does she thinks the same way?
Don’t assign her these risky tasks!
Is that your only reason?
It isn't, right?
Director Jung
Here she comes.
This time, Young Min will assist you.
I have high expectation for your cooperation.
Do a good job!
Do I have to be the dealer at Director Park’s casino?
Can I not go?
You don't have to, I can think of a way out for you.
No need to, I don’t want to put you in a dilemma.
You have helped me a lot.
But it's different this time.
Director Park is the most capable man in this business.
Risks are lurking everywhere and everytime
Just like once you have started something
will you stop even if I ask you to?
We can't stop perform our tasks just because it is bad and too dangerous?
We have gone a long way.
We have been persistent until this day.
Try a little more, we will be fine
Even without the law, he will not do any bad things.
He only knows how to help others, not how to deceive them
Why does he leave this world so early?
But he is already 92 years old this year
I thought he could live until 100 years old.
He was really healthy back then
-Goni! -What?
Bring and arrange the food over there on this table.
I know, I’ll get there.
Brother, aren't you overreacting a bit?
People might think the deceased is your own father.
To win money in the house having a funeral, this is the only way.
I have to come up with something to deceive those mourners and visitors.
What are you saying?
You know it already, why ask?
Those who are deceived should feel thankful to us.
Our master is really a brilliant actor.
Don’t you feel anything?
He doesn’t seem to be acting.
Being able to care for the people you love is really the best thing.
When honey and I met again, only I had been aging
Please tell us the reason why we are here.
We don’t just come here to attend the funeral, do we?
Look over there.
Do you see a person playing Go Stop?
The total is 200 thousand.
The one with black-rimmed glasses?
He sure know how to act.
He looks like a teacher. Is he our prey?
Is he?
Go and play one game with him.
If I loses with this set of cards, it'll be very pitiful.
1 million.
I follow with 1 million, and add 2 more million.
The youth is really enthusiastic.
I am not following.
He was given the pair of 8 yet still runs away?
He does not only have good acting skill but also a brilliant sense.
It is not easy this time.
I'll use a card with lower point to bait him then.
Give this person the 8, and Goni the 9.
Winning with this rotten card will definitely help me appear on the newspaper.
I'll go with 1 million.
I am not following.
Giving him a smaller value cards doesn't help neither.
This time, I will definitely give him a card that will cripple him.
I'll give him a pair 4
and a pair 9 for me.
This time, I won't see the cards. I bet 1 million
I follow, 2 million.
I follow.
5 million.
Me too.
Ah, I have to take back 10 thousand won for the bus fare to get home.
What will the card be this time? I'm so nervous.
It's a pair of 9.
This guy is very lucky.
I really didn't see the cards.
I'm so sorry, but I got the Chang 4.
At a funeral, Chang 4 is even higher than the pair of 38 Gwang.
I really didn't came here to win money though.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I gave him a pair of 4.
What happened?
I have disappointed you, master.
Did you lose all the money?
I still have a little.
This is the money he left for me.
This guy got some guts.
What did you learn from this lesson?
You've lost 5 million won. You should at least learn something.
I have to go out for a bit.
Hey you, wait.
It was a pair of 4. How did you changed it to Chang 4?
Your skill is not bad.
How did you know that I cheated?
Go Stop should not be play with the hand but the heart.
If you can't understand the opponent's heart, whatever tricks you have would be useless.
To understand a person's heart ?
How can I understand a person's heart?
How can I show you just by words? You should find it out by yourself.
This is the money I won from you.
Give my regards to Pyung Kyung Jang
I haven't got a chance to talk to him earlier.
Fire bear Gwang Hwa Mun is the nickname of director Park.
He is the boss of a gang who made a living as a private money lender.
Although he looks refined and gentle
but he can be ruthless like a knife.
And the one who uses that knife is director Suh.
What do I have to do?
You have to observe everything that's happening in the casino.
If you have chance then steal the secret book.
Afther finishing this
I promise
Your debt will be clear.
Do you know what this is?
I don't see any mark.
It's like a "bullet."
Arrange the flower cards first.
It can create a huge score.
How huge is it?
Depend on the situation.
Maybe from 100 to 1000 points.
The best trick in gambling is "bullet."
"Bullet" is like a knife.
Those students that I've before, I only teach them the tricks to win money.
That's why Jeokdo had to hide at a place where nobody knows him.
Ah Gwi became a devil who could only only sees money in his eyes.
How's the casino?
My subordinates have prepared everything.
Nan Suk is learning dealing techniques.
At first, you don't want her to get involved
and now you handling it yourself.
If you want to do something, do it wholeheartedly.
People without confidence can't do anything.
Are you still pondering about the "bullet" you used?
I have already forgot about that.
Then take all the money from that amateur gambler.
That guy took the money for his wife's hospital bills to gamble.
Go and stop his oxygen supply.
What? You think dealing with an amateur is a waste of your skill?
Do I really need to win that money?
I can't understand why you have to that?
Now, you seem like a pro.
A professional gambler wants to win money.
A cheater also wants to win money.
A real cheater is the one who would do anything to get whatever he wants.
Here you are.
Sit down.
The trees carry the fall atmosphere.
It's even more beautful than the daisy in September or the lilies in October.
Can't you sleep?
I usually can't.
Because of the all families that have been broken by me.
I'm being punished now.
Do you still want to trample on those people?
Even if you have to cheat?
If the opponent tricks you, you need to use a better trick than him.
Isn't that what you have taught me?
I know.
Cheating is destroying someone's life.
But I just couldn't forget.
How I lost and why did they chose me?
These things always appear in my mind.
Then you should play seriously instead of cheating.
Reading and understanding the opponent's mind is called playing for real.
You'll never lose to someone who has a strong win or lose mentality while gambling.
Aren't you from Pusan?
It's not far from here.
You should visit your hometown.
What are you doing?
Let go off me.
Please give my money back.
Please save me!
I can't leave like this.
Please, please!
Let me go.
What do you think about the secret casino in the U.S. military base?
It's a place that is necessary for our businesses.
We have to start there in order to smell the scent of casino.
We need to directly control all aspect of gambling there.
You take care of this.
You know what this job means to you, do you?
Steal the casino from director Park.
Let's go.
Follow me quickly.
Even a cheater needs to have his own moral values and loyalty.
I can't be a betrayer.
Goni still hasn't come yet. How could we?
So? I actually hope that he won't come.
You just stay here then.
You're making a big mistake if you leave now.
I mean it.
Goni ah!
This is Jookjun rest stop.
I've once played Go Stop here at night.
During that time, I have to bet with my hands and ears.
The cookies and grilled squids here are delicious.
Go and buy some.
This guy!
Bastards, didn't you see the road?
What do you want?
My father told me to be careful when I came to Seoul.
I can't believe that I actually met rude people like you.
Just go..go.
Hey you bastard, you want to die?
Bimuyu, is that you?
Goni! Goni ah!
Come here!
Why are you here?
How have you been?
I really thought you were dead.
You are so cold-hearted. Why don't you contact us?
I'm sorry. Something just happened.
What's about this?
Ah, this. I'm a CEO now.
I opened a small restaurant in Seoul.
Yah, you really are the boss. Now you're all grown up.
What's about Sung Chan? Is he still in Pusan?
No. He's stuyding law at a university in Seoul.
A law school? Sung Chan?
So he became a college student.
He told me he saw Nan Suk before.
Nan Suk?
Yes, your first love, Madona, Lee Nan Suk.
Yes. I heard it directly from Sung Chan.
What? Let's go to Seoul together
and visit Sung Chan while we're there?
Goni ah!
Wait for me.
Master, I need to go somewhere. I'll be back soon.
We're here.
This is it. Isn't this your first time visiting a university?
Goni ah!
Come here! The college student.
You've lost so much weight.
Do you have a girlfriend?
No, I don't.
This guy is really popular with girls.
Get on the car first, I'll tell you everything as we go.
Where is it by the way?
Eun Sung Women University.
I've attended a seminar not long ago
and I met Nan Suk there.
A women university?
Can we enter a women university though?
Don't worry about it.
Give me the key. Let's go.
This is her... Lee Nan Suk
Someone is looking for you.
It's a man.
Young Min ah!
I heard you're waiting for me by the gate?
How did you know that I'm here?
I just waited here for a bit.
Let's go.
How strange!
We've found all 8 Lee Nan Suk but none of them is her.
It's really strange.
So weird, it's obviously Nan Suk.
Goni, I'm sorry. Maybe I was wrong.
What is this?
Nan Suk is here. My feeling has never been wrong.
I'm sure Nan Suk go to this university.
You're very busy, right? Am I bothering you by calling you out here?
No..but where are we going?
We're going to meet my older brother. Today is his birthday.
Your older brother?
Uh, that's right. He wants to see you.
He said he wants to meet the friend who always helps me.
Maybe he wants to say thank you to you.
I brought you some foods.
I'm too ashamed to see you.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
But are you still living in that House?
Can you leave?
I know it's all because of me.
But thinking about you having to live with those guys drives me crazy.
I rather set a fire to burn those bastards and die in prison.
Stop talking nonsense.
Is 15 years and 4 years the same?
Nan Suk ah.
Just 6 more months.
Just 6 months and everything will end.
The end? I don't think I can end it just like that.
I don't care about anything else but there's this one thing I have to do.
I have to find out who has trampled on me.
During my time in prison
I just couldn't forget his face.
Playing this last card means I'll have to end this person's life.
It can't be...
I absolutely won't forget his face.
The injustice, the anger...how could I forget.
I have to pay back everything that he has done.
Then I will take our house back.
Do you really have to bite the dog after being bitten?
What is there to feel injustice about?
You lost 1 million then took another 10 million to go find them.
Lost 1 million and then brought the house's deed to them.
When there was nothing left to sell
you sold me, didn't you?
Nan Suk ah.
You think I want to live there?
I pretended nothing happened and you thought I was ok?
I have nowhere to turn to.
Living there for 3 years felt like hell to me.
What are you planning to do?
If anything happens
then the past 3 years of my life will be a waste.
I tried to live those 3 years because of you.
If it becomes meaningless then what should I do?
Just don't do anything.
Leave here quietly
and live a peaceful life.
If you mess up again, I don't know what I'm going to do at that time.
Are you all right?
No, I feel a bit tired.
Do you know the place named Pokhara?
It has the best view of the Alps in Switzerland.
Just open your eyes in the morning and you'll see the mountain.
Then take a few steps ahead and there is a lake.
I wish I can live there without thinking about anything.
What do you mean?
After my bother get out of prison, I want to come and live there.
I really wish time would pass quickly.
You should take a nap.
You say Goni send you this?
He asked a guard to give it to me.
I've asked already, it was really Goni.
Look like he has came here.
This kid, he didn't even bother to write a letter.
These things have no meaning.
I just want him to come back.
I've been waiting for him for such a long time.
I thought I could die from the pain.
What a heartless guy.
Where did the ace go?
Did you take her to the hospital?
Of course you have to take a sick child to the hospital. How can you leave her like that?
I'll find a way to make money somehow.
I've found a job.
I'll be able to get my salary soon.
Don't worry, just take care of the kid.
Excuse me.
Are you perhaps the Fire Bear of Gwang Hwa Mun?
Ah Gwi?
How come you are here?
I just came to look around.
Isn't the casino's contract suppose to be expire next month?
You think you can just take whatever you want?
Look like you've been at the bottom for such a long time
that's why you don't know this world well.
I know it well.
It's just that you have an great supporter.
I mean General Choi.
So you're saying you won't just stand aside and look?
Everyone have equal chance.
Then go ahead and try it.
Even if the dog barks, it doesn't mean that something will be stolen.
When does the party at the U.S. military base start?
6 PM tomorrow.
The casino also throws a party.
Have you arranged everything?
The only thing left is to show Fire Bear of Gwang Hwa Mun our last card.
I heard that
a dog who live on his owner all his life
will never be able to live by himself even if the leash has been cut.
Are you like that, too?
I'm really sorry for making you come all the way here, General.
No, it's ok. Traffic was good.
Is you father still doing well?
Yes, he is. All thanks to General.
This is him?
Yes sir.
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Lee Young Min.
Take a seat.
You said you have something to tell me?
This is my classmate in high school.
He's very interested in Leisure.
So I think it's best that I introduce him to General
Leisure? What does Leisure have anything to do with the military?
Let me be honest.
I want to run a casino in the U.S. military base.
A casino?
Look like you're not too good at keeping your mouth shut as I thought.
The key point is that the government will start building casinos for the citizens in a few years.
So what?
You want to try running a casino for the future?
What about your supporter?
To do business in this field, even having 20 top figures behind you is still not enough.
But I have money.
What an interesting man you are.
There are still some difficulties though.
Because that place has been taken a long time ago.
I'll wait until the lease expires.
This is a small welcoming gift. And it has nothing to do with our businesses.
Keep an eye on Ah Gwi.
Show him what the consequences for stealing one's mean of living is like.
How come the dealer always have a blackjack?
You got some skill.
Who is it?
She's the dealer that General Choi recommended.
I'm the new dealer, Lee Ji Na.
Look at you.
You went drinking somewhere without me again?
My bodyguard!
Have you missed me already?
Take your hand off me quickly.
I plowed a field alone today. I'm so tired now.
This kid, you're obviously happy. Sit!
Master wants you to come back quickly.
He wants to have some midnight snacks again.
How can these people live without me?
This is my fate. I'm just so unfortunate.
Did something happened to you?
Didn't you called your home earlier?
I don't know.
If you don't want to say then fine.
My daughter is sick.
You got married?
How can a person like me got married?
The woman who has once lived with me left the kid and ran away.
My mom is taking care of her
but she's sick now.
The cost of living and the hospital fees...
Because of those, I started playing Go Stop.
What century is it now, and you still want to play the good role?
You should become an actor.
Do you know what movie title is most suitable for you?
"A beatiful life under the sky without mom."
It fits you.
How could I use my kid to trick you?
She is nothing like me. She's very pretty.
I'm the father. I'm her guardian.
I came here for a month already but still haven't been able to work.
I didn't even touched one card for a whole month.
I've found a nice place to gamble.
There's a secret House in the U.S. military base here.
Seotda. Poker.
It's like a lake full of golden fishes.
It can't be...
Yes, that's exactly what I want.
Let's go...
No, No. You know that we can't go there.
I know, but...
You know my current situation too.
Let's go and play for once.
I'll play. You can just watch from aside.
Goni ah, just once please.
I'll be grateful for the rest of my life.
See, we're just wasting our time.
Didn't that person tell you there would be a guard with a gun here?
He didn't even mentioned that those who enter without a visitors cards would be kill with that gun.
They have super tight security here indeed.
Do you guys want to get into the gambling house?
Thank you.
Ah, this is the person that was recommended to the casino.
I see that the dealer President Ahn introduced is a beauty.
Thank you.
Ji Na.
I thought you're still at the casino that's why I kept searching.
I need to help around with the party.
This is my cousin.
I'm very interested in the military life.
My name is Jung Ji Eun.
Nice to meet you.
San Francisco.
Just like in those movies we usually see huh?
Don't forget what we're here for. We don't have much time left.
This guy, stop pretending.
How come there's only poker here?
Where are the staffs?
Just ask him. You've study before right?
We can definitely talk to him.
My profession is...
Hey man.
May I help you?
Together, together.
You Know…
Go Stop
Play where?
I understand you. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
I had lots of fun today.
If yours are higher then you go ahead and win.
Yah, you're really not playing?
It seems really easy to win here.
Look over there.
We don't have much time to earn money.
Those guys won 30 million won in two hours.
That's Soo Ji. He will even suck the bone marrow out of you.
This is all I have left.
Us cheaters have to pretend not to see the others.
Pair of 1.
You can't.
There won't be happy ending if you come face to face with Soo Ji.
I'll be back quickly.
Why you?
Can I join?
Do you get the current situation?
So the folks who didn't go to Macau or Las Vegas are gather here.
Looks like we have to spend more money.
There's even con man in the casino.
I heard there's also Black.
Skill players and card have been well prepared.
Ji Na's job is not going to be easy as we thought.
This business is base on tricking one another.
Don't worry, she'll be fine.
A pair of of 9.
I have a pair of Gwang.
Old guy, you got quite a bit of money huh?
They're both a 3 and an 8. Yet you have a pair of Gwang and somebody have nothing.
Just be careful.
You might not end up like this if you're playing alone.
Have I win lots money? I thought this is not much though.
What did you say?
Can I join?
I have to leave now.
Thank you.
Get out.
Old guy, you better take a break now.
Don't try any trick. There's no limit on the bet.
These are the marked cards.
What are you doing here?
Chief Suh has already told you to leave.
You are really careless.
I heard from Madam Jung that you're very smart.
You know this job is very important right?
Aren't you going to look at the cards?
Place your bet.
20 million, you'll go all in?
20 million.
Go Stop should be played with the heart, not the hands.
5 million.
I follow with 20 more million.
You're not going to look at the cards?
I'm not sure. You better take a look at yours too.
We'll meet again.
What happened?
It's 5 points.
Is he a professional?
He's a newbie.
Have you called your men to come here?
2 points !?
You use 2 points to win against 5 points.
I'm almost scared to death.
I think I drank too much today.
Can you take me home?
I'll call the House.
It's not that hard.
Your heart is very cold.
I can feel it.
Let's go together.
This is Manager Suh's office.
He's in charge of all the records.
The Secret Book that you're looking for could be here too.
I got a call.
Be careful.
If you get caught, then I'll be dead too.
Lee Ji Na, what are you doing here?
Who send you?
Do General Choi knows about this?
Drag her out of here now.
Pay attention next time, how can you not look at the cards?
Just play with your heart, you can win without looking.
You're just all talk.
Who are you guys?
What are you doing?
You think you can win just because you have more people?
Alright. Alright.
You won because you have more people.
I can't believe it would turn out like this.
Nan Suk ah.
Are you Nan Suk?
Nan Suk!
Step aside.
Nan Suk!
Nan Suk ah!
Goni ah!