Sebastien Benett Clinch Making of

Uploaded by ifo1style on 15.09.2012

I practice Free Fight, I'm a very big fan of it,
and watching a UFC on TV with my friends we got the commentator said : "Oh yes, that's a superb Clinch!"
And I had the idea to call the music Clinch. It could be funny.
Because Clinch in free fight is that kind of taken :
Apparently your taken doesn't hurt that bad! - Obsviously you are not good enough
An artistic picture was our goal to start the project like the video game God Of War,
with "Kratos",
so, I contacted two friends of the club, Chaban and Mehdi, who came on stage here.
Twitter is make to twitt, so we're going to twitt my friend.
Right now, we are filming a part of the music video, the two fighter's entrance.
("How do you feel right now?") - freezing!
Go fight! Step back, step back. Yes, great!
Don't move. Now you can breathe. Make some smoke.
Put your head down, show us that you're nervous, you breathe strong
For the fight after, you must exaggerate, keep that in mind, it's about live or die.
You feel the wickedness while fighting, it's really something assassin.
Be crazy like Maoris. Don't be afraid about exaggerating because on the screen it's wonderful.
Go! Yes! Turn back. Yes! Good!
In fact, I'm telling you. The guy up there makes me a little bit nervous because he is the same guy of the music video "What'z going on" who was sick.
He was white as a ghost, and right now, he is up there you see.
So, I'm thinking, he can fall any time. And if that happens, we are screwed, you know?
We are watching the fighting scene, there are two of them. You saw the entrance scene, and now you can see the fighting one.
It's complicated, there are two video cameras, we need to set them.
I don't understand anything at it, but I just have a look and it's splendid.
Even if your hit that far, it doesn't matter.
You need to hit that way. And you, you simulate the punch, you turn your head backward.
Get up slowly,
come here,
your tired and slow.
The team we worked with was very professionnal and extremely motivated, we felt it on stage, and you can see the result.