How to Make Plastic Disc Hoop Earrings

Uploaded by ikologee on 05.11.2012

To make these earrings you will need:
18-20 gauge wire Plastic sheet (hobby shop or plastic placemat (dollar store) 1/2" Circle puncher Glass seed beads size 6/0 Hat pin or large needle or large safety pin.
To shape a large wire hoop I placed the wire around a wide soup cup and tightened it by twisting the ends together.
Then cut off the end and slip the wire off the cup.
Snip the 4 1/2" hoop open at the join where the twisted end was cut off.
Slightly bend the top end of the open hoop outward.
Bottom hoop end.
Make a small loop on the bottom hoop end.
Bend this backwards by making an elongated loop on the same bottom hoop.
This is your closure for the hoop earring.
Now take a sheet of plastic and begin punching out your circles.
About 21 pieces for each earring.
Then take a sharp point and make a hole in the exact center of the disc.
Line the next disc up - under the first so that you get the center hole in the exact same position.
Place disc on a throw cushion to pierce the plastic center very easily without disc bending or creasing.
Begin threading on the first disc.
Thread two seed beads followed by another disc.
And continue with one disc followed by two seed beads until finished.
Sometimes I alternated with white beads instead black as you can see here.
I think these earrings are fabulous! They have a sixties London swing to them.
All thats needed now is a shiny patent rainmac to set them off!
To close hoop simply slip top end under bottom elongated loop.