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bjbjqPqP Aloha and welcome to your Astro Highlights. I m KG Stiles with a special Indian Summer/Fall
forecast for 2012. Astro Highlights is sponsored by holistic products
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today. Listen in to today s show to find out the key celestial events occurring September
through November, as well as what the astro weather means for you and how you can benefit
from these planetary alignments in your own personal life. 2012 started off with Mars
about to retrograde in Virgo which was followed by other of your personal planets also going
retrograde, including Mercury which has now been through two of its three retrograde phases
this year and Venus retrograde in Gemini. While Venus was retrograde it Eclipsed the
Sun which helped you to connect with your heart helping you to forgive and release old
past hurts that were a heavy burden to trusting and following your heart. So you ve had multiple
opportunities to review your habitual ways of behaving and thinking that weren t serving
you, as well as connect deeply within your heart to know what you want to attract into
your life. You ve been offered opportunities to clear yourself and make necessary changes
in your negative habit patterns and make it a priority to live with passion from your
heart as you express your authentic self and natural way o f being in the world. The month
of September completes your final crossing of the threshold into a higher consciousness
to be birthed in October with tangible forms coming into reality. Last month on August
23rd Mars the planet that energizes and drives you to take action and get things going moved
out of Libra and into Scorpio where it will stay until October 6th. Also on August 31st
the North Node, the Dragon s Head, moved into the sign of Scorpio for 18 months. The North
Node denotes where you are being asked to focus your attention now. This is your True
North and represents where in your life the cosmic forces are helping you to grow and
develop at this time in your life. Now the South Node, the Dragon s Tail, has moved into
Taurus, the opposite sign. You could feel pulled toward this area of your life, yet
there is no support for focusing your energies here at this time. Great change may happen
in the area where the South Node is located because of your focus on the Dragon s Head.
However, the changes which may transpire comes as a release and letting go of the past structure
of this area, so that new developments may naturally occur. You need to trust that all
will be well in this area of your life and go with the flow of cosmic forces which are
always happening for you and support your growth and fulfillment. Now the area of your
life where the sign Scorpio is activated by Mars and the North Node is urging you to look
beneath the surface and see hidden aspects operating in this area in your life. Take
note of the challenges and insights that surface during this time as Mars transits Scorpio
will reveal what needs re-structuring by Saturn during its 2 1/2 year transit through Scorpio
starting on October 5th, the day before Mars departs the sign of Scorpio and moves into
Sagittarius. The celestial forces are constellating perfectly to catalyze rapid and irrevocable
change in your individual life, as well as for our collective planetary reality. The
major life reviews and revisions of 2012 are almost complete. The planetary alignments
I ll be discussing on the show act to support the blossoming of your individual consciousness
and soul potential, as well as that of the collective consciousness. The archetypal forces
and paradigms that have been operating for millennia to create apparent order are now
undergoing a profound shift. Many of the structures governing and controlling our lives that have
been operating invisibly beneath the surface of our awareness are now coming to light for
integration and healing. During the month of September the number 9 and 5 are activated.
September is the 9the month of the calendar year and we are in a 5 universal year (1+0+1+2
= 5). The magic of the number 9 is that when added to any number it becomes that number.
Add 9 + 5 = 1+4 = 5. The number 14 is a very magnetic media number. During the month of
September there could be a roller coaster ride of sudden revelation and change occurring
which can be stressful if resisted. The way to ride the waves is to go with the flow of
events and listen to your gut instincts and follow your heart based love energies. Then
do any left brain research necessary to align yourself with your highest choice. This will
help you to integrate and synthesize your experiences for the best possible outcome.
On September 17th the planet Pluto stations Direct at 6 Capricorn, the very next day September
18th Pluto forms its second exact square to the planet Uranus. Depending upon if this
square aspect touches any of your personal planets you may experience a sudden breakdown
of structure and sudden revelations could rock your world. This apparent breakdown offers
an opportunity to breakthrough old established routines in your life and open to your individual
responsibility and your power to respond in the situation to create your desired outcome.
From now until the end of September there are numerous challenging aspects offering
personal and collective breakthroughs. I ll mention a few. With each challenge we are
offered a gift that we can choose to implement, so look for the gift and ask your self empowering
questions like, How does this serve my highest good? What wonderful opportunity is being
revealed at this time? On September 20th Mercury in Libra exactly opposes Uranus and within
the hour squares Pluto. Your way of thinking and connecting with others is being challenged
and some structure or plan that has worked previously may now crumble. On this same day
the planet Venus at 16 Leo sextiles Jupiter in Gemini, opening your heart and mind to
new opportunities available at this time. On September 22nd the sun moves into the sign
Libra, crossing the Autumnal Equinox signaling a time of balance in the seasons when you
feel to take charge, create balance in your life, and move forward into the next season
of your year. On September 27th the planet Venus at 23 Leo squares her lover Mars in
Scorpio. The square represents a conflict and offers you an opportunity to break through
old established patterns of relating in the areas of your life symbolized by where these
two planets are located in your astrology chart. Two days later on September 29th we
have a Full moon, the Harvest Moon in the northern hemisphere, at 7 Aries. Also at this
time the Sun opposes Uranus at 7 Aries conjunct the Full Moon and square the planet Pluto
in Capricorn. This is a period of time when we may experience high voltage intensity which
is clearing our energy body and opening us to be extraordinarily innovative and creative
out of the box solutions to the dilemmas we may face. Look for the gift and celebrate
the revelations available now as you let go of old beliefs and structures that no longer
support you. Trust your gut instincts and follow your heart to live as an individual
co-creator who chooses to be empowered by taking responsibility for your life experience.
The window of time from Pluto s station Direct on September 17th leading up to the Full Moon
in Aries may be experienced as intensely exciting and stressful. Even positive and beautiful
events in our life can be stressful, so take care and allow yourself space to relax and
go with the flow of changes facing you during this time. Since we are in the balanced sign
of Libra this should be fairly easy to do for most of you. October is a really sweet
month, perhaps the sweetest of your entire year! After the intensity that may have transpired
for you from mid to late September you can now enjoy relaxing into the sweet times awaiting
you in October. October is a 10 month, 10 is the number of instant manifestation. The
0 in the number 10 multiples the creativity represented by the number 1 exponentially.
The number 1 also carries the power of focus and intention to manifest. This is a time
when Whatever you focus on can instantly manifest into reality. Additionally when you add the
number 10 to the universal year of 5 we are presently in you get the number 15, add 1+5=6
which is the number of Venus, the planet of love. This October is also blessed by the
heavenly stars that are dancing together harmoniously to amplify your results. This is an ideal
time for you to Dream BIG because truly anything is possible for you this month. On October
4th Jupiter stations retrograde at 16 Gemini until January 30th 2013. You can take the
opportunity available now to expand your higher mind and review this area of your life for
greater depth of insight about how the thinking process of your lower mind and beliefs of
your higher mind may be in conflict and block you from experiencing enjoyment and fulfillment
in this area of your life. The very next day October 5th Mercury conjuncts Saturn and the
two planets enter the sign Scorpio. Later that same day Mercury trines Neptune, and
the very next day on October 6th the planet Mars departs Scorpio and enters the sign of
Sagittarius. Mars transit through Scorpio has activated exactly what work needs to be
done to build stability in this area of your life for future success. During this time
you ll be connecting and communicating about the deeper structures in this area of your
life with the ideal plan available to be implemented. Mercury and Saturn make a great team and work
together to get your ideas and plans flowing. This signals an auspicious beginning for Saturn
s 2 1/2 year cycle of re-structuring in this area of your life. Then on October 10th the
sweet energies of Neptune at 0 Pisces trine with Saturn, the planet that gives form, to
birth an ideal structure in this area of your life. Now you have the opportunity to manifest
something ideal into physical form. On October 22nd the Sun enters Scorpio and the very next
day forms a trine with the planet Neptune still at 0 Pisces. The radiance of the sun,
your essential life force energy, charges this unfolding spiritual event or project
that is manifesting into physical form. Whatever is being birthed now is imbued with Divine
Love and cosmic blessings. You receive the green light from the celestial heavens as
cosmic forces orchestrate events into earthly reality. On October 25th the Sun conjuncts
Saturn at 2 Scorpio and on that same day Venus at 26 Virgo sextiles Mercury in Scorpio. A
lovely feel good day as your life purpose manifests into physical form. Enjoy the loving
communications and connections occurring now. On October 28th Mercury moves into Sagittarius
and your mind expands becoming open and receptive to cosmic influences. The next day on October
29th Venus moves into the sign of Libra and there s a full moon at 6 Taurus at 12:49pm
Pacific. Both Libra and Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus and love finds comfortable
expression. Balance and peace in your relationships is possible now. Shortly before the Taurus
Full Moon the planet Mercury squares Neptune still at 0 Pisces. This could represent confusion
in communication or fantastical ideas and spiritual inspiration. As the Full Moon is
in the strong earth sign of Taurus, how this aspect plays out will be individual to you
depending upon where this square between Mercury and Neptune is constellating in your personal
astrology chart. The month of November is represented by the number 11 which looks like
a portal through which you must step to reach your creative potential. The number 11 is
a master number and represents a choice point when you must decide which path to take in
your life. Neither choice is right or wrong, good or bad; they ll just result in different
life experiences. When united, the number 11, or 1 + 1 = 2, the number of relationship.
Being in relationship with yourself, others and your life situation is the key that will
unlock your path to self mastery of the challenges facing you this month. The number 2 added
to the universal year of 5 = 7, the number of Divine mystery when your faith may be tested.
Trust your gut and follow your heart during the month of November. The month of November
starts with an unexpected surprise and an opportunity for your heart to open when Venus
at 5 Libra, the planet representing your personal love energies and what you love and want to
attract into your life is being opposed by the planet Uranus in Aries the planet of revolution
and sudden unexpected surprises. Two days later on November 3rd Venus at 7 Capricorn
squares the planet Pluto in Capricorn, the planet of hidden secrets. There could be something
revealed that has been hidden and you are disappointed or have a change of heart about
things relating to the areas of your chart where Venus and Pluto are located. You may
have a revelation that opens your heart to deepen your capacity to love as you synthesize
what has been revealed to you. On November 6th the planet Mercury stations retrograde
at 4 Sagittarius for a 3 week review of the area of your chart where it s presently located.
Mercury entered its shadow (the degree to which it will retrograde) on October 18th.
Look in your chart where Mercury was located on October 18th and take note of what happened
around that time as this will give clear indication about what your focus will be for review and
a re-think. Mercury stations Direct on November 26th and leaves its retrograde shadow, the
degrees through which it traveled during its 3 week retrograde phase, on December 13th,
the same day as a New Moon at 21 Sagittarius. On this same day, December 13h, Uranus (the
planet of revolution, innovative ideas and sudden unexpected change) stations Direct
at 4 Aries. Uranus is considered the higher octave of the planet Mercury. We will feel
a strong current of forward movement happening at this time for expanding our visions about
future possibilities. We take individual responsibility for making changes in our individual lives
that result in major collective changes in our world. Take note about what world events
surface in the media at this as they will potentially have far reaching implications
into the future. The power of the individual for making planetary, revolutionary change
in the established order is back online and moving full throttle ahead. On November 10th
the planet Neptune stations Direct at 0 Pisces. Neptune has been retrograde since April 11th
2012. Neptune represents our transpersonal love energies and is considered the higher
octave of the planet Venus. During this time you ve had opportunities to open your compassionate
heart and dissolve barriers to your spiritual awakening and experience a deepening of your
intuitive perceptions. This has been a time when revelations in the area of your life
where Neptune has been retrograde awaken you to experience greater spiritual connection
with yourself and others. On November 13th at 2:08pm Pacific the Eclipse season is upon
us. Eclipses always happen in pairs and our first one is a Solar Eclipse at 2 Scorpio.
On this same day Mercury retrograde crosses back into the sign of Scorpio and squares
the planet Neptune. Mercury s square to Neptune adds force to this Solar Eclipse, as well
as possible confusion. You are Deepening your intuitive perceptions and the potential for
revelations in the area of your life where Scorpio is located can have far reaching implications
over the next six months, or longer. You have the opportunity to be catapulted into your
future, especially relating to all things represented by the house where Scorpio is
located in your chart. On November 16th Mars enters the sign of Capricorn. The focus of
your desire to take action is now centered on all things related to this area of your
life where Capricorn is located. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn representing established
structures and organization of your life experience. Saturn gives form to your earthly reality
and supports you to enjoy rewards, recognition and success in your life. Celestial energies
support a shift on November 21st when the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius and squares
the planet Neptune. Your higher mind is being expanded, you want to know the truth of your
life situation which is being revealed though at first possibly through cloudy perceptions
when you could feel rather confused. On the very next day, November 22nd, the planet Venus
at 0 Scorpio trines the planet Neptune in Pisces. This energy will feel extraordinarily
wonderful and represents your personal love energies connecting with those of transpersonal
Divine love. You may have a transformational spiritual experience and feel your connection
with all that is in a profoundly deep and personal way. Then the very next day, on November
23rd Mars squares Uranus when sudden revelations about the established structures in your personal
life may crumble to reveal the truth. Then on November 27th Secrets and what s been hidden
from view may get activated and surface as Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 27th. This indicates
a powerful and intense activation and release. When your deepest, darkest passions and hidden
secrets may surface for integration and healing. Though intense this conjunction between Mars
and Pluto will bring about tremendous healing in this area of your life. On November 26th,
the day before Mars conjuncts Pluto at 8 Capricorn, the planet Mercury stations Direct at 18 Scorpio
after a 3 week review to uncover hidden secrets and discover the truth about your mental thought
patterns concerning matters related to this area of your life. Now as Mercury moves Direct
you ll be able to synthesize your intuitive perceptions about what you ve discovered and
make positive and profound changes in this area of your life. On this same day the Sun
trines the planet Uranus when sudden brilliant ideas and insights are likely that could revolutionize
your understanding about your essential self and activate a release of any blocks to your
Self realization. On this day also the planet Venus conjuncts Saturn indicating an opportunity
to give form and material structure to something you love that can stand the test of time.
Then on November 28th at 6:46am Pacific time we have our 2nd Eclipse this season, a Lunar
Eclipse at 6 Gemini. This Full Moon is eclipsed by Jupiter the planet that expands whatever
it touches and brings good fortune. There could be a completion of something in your
life that you are celebrating, as well as a release of something old that has served
its purpose and now being released. Also on this same day Venus at 8 Scorpio sextiles
Pluto representing a fortunate opportunity for deepening your personal love energies
that s profound and deeply rooted in truth. On this day also the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon
sextiles the planet Uranus, so sudden unexpected change and opportunities for you to revolutionize
this area of your life are now available to you, as you now easily let go of the old and
outworn that may have previously held you back. The next day on November 29th the planetary
lovers Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn kiss in a 9 sextile embrace that brings fireworks
and passionate possibilities. Romantic opportunities are likely when you can experience healing
and transformation through the love and appreciation you re now showered with from your devoted
family members, friends and fans, a fantastic way to end the month of November. In closing
today s Astro Highlights show I d like to add that as this collective shift we re experiencing
unfolds the energetic frequency of your electro-magnetic field is being elevated. The Eclipse season
during November that I just spoke about acts like rocket boosters to elevate of your energetic
frequency. Consequently even though many of the aspects are essentially positive in their
effect you could experience them as very stressful. ll be integrating the shifts activated by
these pair of Eclipse for up six months or longer which will result in profound changes
in your physical reality. After the Eclipse season you will be able to channel more light,
energy and information which will assist you to realize and embody more perfectly the authentic
blueprint of your soul. This process of rapid evolution is occurring for our entire solar
system. As above in the heavens, so below on Earth, as within so without. During this
time, called by the ancients as the Shift of the Ages, our relationship to the Milky
Way Galaxy is undergoing a profound change. You ll experience the crumbling of old patterns
and paradigms as they transform into new structures (much like a caterpillar transforms into a
beautiful butterfly). These new structures and systems being birthed will serve you in
the coming new age. As I said this rapid shift in your consciousness and physical plane reality
can create tremendous stress on your human nervous system. Meditation and other forms
of practice that help you to balance and integrate all the levels of your experience, body, mind,
spirit and emotions can be especially helpful. Practices like Yoga, breathwork, Chi gong,
T ai chi, bodywork & massage, movement therapies and physical exercise, frequent showers, sea
salt baths, being in nature, proper hydration with pure fresh water, affirmations and visioning
what you desire to create and attract into your life situation are all effective methods
for grounding and integrating the energies at this time. Well that s it for this episode
of Astro Highlights. Thanks so much for joining me. If you d like to take a look into how
these and other important astrological cycles may be affecting you personally and how you
can make the most of the opportunities available to you now please contact me for your own
personal Astro Mapping session. For a limited time through September 7th I m offering New
Clients 50% OFF my private 1/2 hour Astro Mapping session. To learn more please visit
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