Jamie Presents David Loftus

Uploaded by JamieOliver on 21.01.2013

ive been working with David Loftus for a very very long time fifteen sixteen
years now
he's pretty much done all of my books he is definatley in my eyes one of the best food photographers
in the world. we are all photographers if you can see your a photographer
it's all about having confidence. what i love most about Davids work we don't do any
mucking around with it and when you look through the magazines and the books and online
we just want the food to look
as clean
and as honest as what its going to look like if you do the recipe right yourself
he looks like he is sort of calm and smooth and not necessarily doing that much but
hes the fastest food photographer I've ever worked with
the great thing about photography is
you don't really have to be trained
the easiest way to make a portfolio is to really shoot lots around you
i decided
flowers and people
so i shot flowers and i shot people same way as i shoot food now naturally with daylight
what i love about him is you know no
flashlights no mucking about natural light and what he's going to
show you guys
is how even with simple equipment with like an i phone
or anything like that he will show you how to take a great picture and to make it
looks really gorgeous and he's going to give you all of his tips
about how to make the perfect food shot
and i think you're going to love it
so click on any of the links below to see David Loftus at work and he's
going to show you how you
can be a great food photographer