Technology & HP Digital Printing, digi:media 2011 (German/Deutsch + English subtitles)

Uploaded by HPGraphicArts on 08.04.2011

To start with, the printing branch is an ever changing process.
Today we have to produce far more with different technologies
than was the case even a few years ago.
Traditional technologies don’t meet the claims of our customers anymore.
The most important claims that we have to fulfil today are the following ones:
We have noticed a constant decline of large orders
-meaning the print productions in general are becoming smaller but more frequent.
Furthermore, the content is becoming more variable,
leading to implementation issues via traditional technologies.
Our Company MOBO ETIKETTENDRUCK is printing labels, as the name suggests.
We benefit from the HP Indigo technique, because this technique helps us increase our flexibility.
We are able to print variable data,
which is more complicated and more expensive than using analogue print.
Moreover, small-volume productions allow us to rapidly service our customer’s needs
-and of course to implement them effectively.
To show you an example I’m going to talk to you now about a customer who is a wine grower.
He normally requests smaller editions and needs maybe variable data or a lot of varieties.
The HP Indigo Technique allows us to print different varieties at the same time,
in order to save costs and to produce a great product economically.
If you need proof of the great flexibility of digital printing
why not come and have a look at our House Of Digital Printing.
All these cards, which can be interlocked between each other, have a different content.
The bigger the house is, it shows all the different features of digital print
that are represented here, as well as all the current requirements for the print industry.
The digital print is largely the only print form that satisfies the requirements of the industry,
by itself or in combination with other techniques.
Further the HP Indigo technology allows us to develop different fields:
On the one hand small card board boxes and on the other hand shrinks leaves -as you can see here.
I believe that thanks to the HP Indigo technology we will be able to find and to develop
new fields and new products, that can be implemented by this technique.
We show the way of production here live at the trade show, including punching and finishing,
so that the visitor can have a look at it during his visit at our stand.
By this he can notice how short the whole work flow of digital printing is,
how fast you are able to bring together different sort of contents
and how you are able to implement on demand low-volume productions
-it’s even possible to produce only one unit.
All this is for the benefit of the visitors,
who hopefully come in droves also tomorrow to visit our stand.