League of Legends - AP Zilean The Wannabe Bomberman

Uploaded by xChinNin on 12.11.2012

Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play...
Here are the runes, masteries, skill distribution and items that you'll need to be the legitimate successor of Bomberman.
When you're mid, use your Speedy skill to do a Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo on Kog'Maw and Auto-Attack him a bit to make sure that he dies.
When you're top, let that dog slow you to bait him near your tower while doing a Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo on him to punish him for underestimating you.
And now, show him how someone successfully kill an enemy near his tower without dying a dog's death.
When you're bot, always harass the enemies with a Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo to piss them off
and Speedy-Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo one of them when they're low on health to have a quickie with him, no problem!
That's right! No one will live to tell the tale of the great wannabe Bomberman if you follow these instructions.
Also, when you reach level 6, use your Revive skill on that dirty rat at the last second to piss off the enemies.
And that is why you can easily Leeroy Jenkins a dying Nunu with a Bomb-Refresh-Bomb-Revive combo, no problem!
Your Revive skill is the best if it's used at the last second because the enemies will waste all their skills on your team, get pissed off and ban Zilean in any future ranked games later on.
Do not use your Revive skill if you step on a dirty mushroom because Taric will heal you.
But, if you stupidly step on a filthy mushroom again, use it on yourself and make that kiddo understand that he shouldn't play with food ever again.
Your Speedy skill is great to save a dying flying stalker, a dying fat coca-cola drinker or a raging kid from the KS master.
You can also use it on the enemy instead of yourself to save your team from a violent foursome.
Don't forget to use it to travel faster in the jungle while calling your internet provider to fix a connection problem,
to make fatboy steal the gold medal from Usain Bolt
or to patiently wait around your tower until the minions suicide themselves for you.
Your Refresh skill should be spammed whenever it's available to make sure that all your skills are available in any teamfight.
Your Bomb skill is great to farm without letting your carry get any gold from the minions
and to send a kamikaze minion to the enemies.
What's more? You can use it as a combo with Yorick's ghouls and the enemies will just keep on running away forever and ever.
But, a Bomb takes four seconds to detonate so even if the enemies are dead meat,
you'll get KSed every...single...time.
So what can you do to counter that? You have six options.
First, put a Bomb on the enemy that no one will target in a teamfight.
Second, Leeroy Jenkins a desperate teamfight and do a love suicide with Varus.
Third, pay the enemy $10 in Riot Points and send that human bomb to a dying living weed.
Fourth, calculate how much damage your ally can do and do a Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo at the right moment until the last Bomb detonates.
Fifth, use your Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo when someone is almost dead, obviously.
Sixth, don't put any Bomb on the enemy and KS your team with your strongest Auto-Attack.
Your Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo is the best to terrorize any minions within a large radius to pickpocket them like a real villain.
It's also great to send a kamikaze minion while recalling or target the range and the melee minions to push a lane like no one.
But, use this combo on the same minion to detonate your Bomb faster and your team will go AFK because you stole all their farm like a greedy fuckabish.
Don't forget to spam this combo on the golem or on yourself to explode that rocky dude faster than ever.
If you're low on health, stay in the back while doing this combo on that What-The-Shit ally monster and you'll damage the enemies while being safe, no problem!
Combine your Speedy-Bomb into a combo to have a quickie with that piss diver.
Your Teleport skill is great if you have a Teemo laying some eggs everywhere because you can corner that fuckabish for a hot threesome.
Your Flash skill is awesome to quickly pull off a Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo on that faker to make him regret choosing the same champion as you,
to kill that dog that doesn't know when to back off or to finish off that running cutie.
When you're ganking with an ally, always Slow the enemy and put some bombs on him for a hot threesome.
You should Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo to KS your ButtFucking Friend before Karthus do it.
Use your Speedy skill on yourself, do a Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo on that weed girl while running away and wait until you see this epic message.
Wait until the enemy Zilean's ultimate on that 5-seconds man almost vanish to put a Bomb on him and get the easiest kill in the world.
Slow that metallic fuckabish and let him try to get a desperate kill while you enjoy your fivesome.
Use your Speedy skill on a raging kid that can't be crowd controlled and put a Bomb on Sona to have an easy kill.
Put a Bomb on a dying Darius, put a Bomb on Teemo and Revive your ButtFucking Friend at the last second to piss off that kiddo.
Kill that archer with your Bomb-Refresh-Bomb combo, use your Revive skill on your ButtFucking Friend at the last second and kill anyone that dares to touch your team.
Leeroy Jenkins with your Revive skill, get killed once again with your Guardian Angel and run away from your base to buy some time until your team respawn.
Violent foursome escape...
That's it for today, people!
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