The Korean War: The Taejon Massacre and the "Crime of Korea"

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somewhere between a hundred and two hundred thousand were killed in the early months of
the war
in political violence
that adds up to about another hundred thousand that were killed in political violence from nineteen
forty five to nineteen fifty
and so
i mentioned in the book that they had been studying in spain scholars had been
studying franco's
uh... political massacres
and the figures in about seventy five percent of the
provinces or counties where they've been able to do this research
come up to around two hundred thousand franco's spain or korea franco's spain willoughby
didn't write about that I presume no
korea's worse in other words and it happened
often in full view of americans
now the worst incident no review that i've seen has
wanted to get into this
but i called it our srebrenitza
because somewhere between as many as seven thousand
political prisoners were murdered
in a period of days they were put into pits
with our c_i_a_ people watching our military people watching
uh... the south korean police did this
and then
it was covered up
blamed on the communists even our official history of the war by roy appleman blames
all this entire Taejon massacre happened at
small city of Taejon
blames it on the communists
uh... and then the joint chiefs of staff
classify the photographs of it 'cause photographs make it clear who's doing it
and they don't let the photographs out till nineteen ninety nine when a korean finally
got them declassified
so in other words
they knew what our south korean army and police were doing
but how can you take a massacre of seven thousand people
turnaround and blame it on the communists rather than stopping it when it was going on
and then the pentagon did a
video uh...
a little movie called crime of korea
that's where you see the best shots of the pits that go on for like a football field
pit after pit of
dead people
and then humphrey bogart is in a voice-over saying someday the communists will pay for
this someday we'll get the full totals and believe me we'll get the exact accurate totals
of the people murdered here
and we will make these war criminals pay
and everywhere lay the murdered dead
the scenery of destruction is monotonous
atrocity stories keep repeating themselves how can I tell you
what can i show you of the ten thousand human beings slaughtered in Seoul
perhaps it isn't exactly ten thousand
perhaps the total figure right now
is approximate if that makes any difference
in time we'll get a careful tabulation
we'll learn the exact number of the slaughtered down to the last corpse
now this is a complete reversal of black and white
done as a matter of policy
and i was astonished when i didn't know about it I didn't know about it reminds one
where the communists blamed the nazis
and everybody believed them until we found out it was really the communists
yeah it is a
uh... an aspect of a very deep american responsibility for
the regime that we promoted more really more than any other in east asia it was our creation
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