Buddha speaks of Amitayus Sutra part1 -Buddha Story (Use CC Translation)

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When Shakyamuni Buddha was at the Vulture Peak of Ragagriha City
with his many disciples
One of his disciples Ananda, asked Shakyamuni
World Honored One!
I feel that you look extremely radiant and peaceful
I guess that this is because your mind is one
with the other Buddhas the Other Buddhas.
Is this so, World Honored One?
Ananda! You have asked a very good question.
You have asked this question out of pity of the sentient beings.
Wanting to extend a helping hand to them.
The Buddhas have appeared in this world,
is also to give sentient beings genuine happiness.
Anada! Today I will explain to you the origin of the Buddhas.
Listen carefully!
Yes, I will listen carefully.
Buddhist Sutra Story: The Great Vow
Buddha speaks of Amitayus Buddha sutra
In the infinite eons before our present time,
there appeared a Buddha named Dipankara
Who taught infinite people the Dharma.
Following him, there appeared a Buddha named Far Reaching Light.
Following him were Buddhas named Moonlight, Sandalwood lncense,
King of Beautiful Mountains, Crown of Mt. Sumeru,
Brilliant Like mt. Sumeru, Color of the Moon, Right Recollection.
Free of defilement and an infinite number of other Buddhas,
Who appeared in the world to deliver all sentient beings.
Then, appeared a Buddha named Lokesvaraja.
He is a Buddha who possess immense virtue and wisdom.
At that time, there was a king who listened to him,
and was very touched by the dharma.
He then gave up his throne and become a monk.
His dharma name is Dharmakara: the Treasury of Dharma.
Dharmakara's wisdom and aspiration were unsurpassed.
He is one who is beyond the state of mortal beings.
Dharmakara prostrated deeply to his master, Lokesvaraja Buddha.
After singing a song of praise to him,
he thus asked his master.
I seek the highest state of enlightenment.
I beseech you, please teach me the dharma!
I wish to build my foundation using the Dharma,
to create a Pure Land and to achieve Buddha hood.
So as to relieve the suffering of all beings.
As to how you are going to cultivate and to create the Pure Land.
You should know how you are going to achieve it already.
The Pure Land must be vast and deep.
This is beyond my level of comprehension.
I beseech you!
Please tell me the Pure lands of other buddhas in detail.
Thus is your desire.
Your aspiration is worthy of praise.
It is not an aspiration of any mortal man.
A great ocean can even be drained,
if a person keep bailing water from it using a pail.
If you can maintain this aspiration,
to cultivate the path with continuous effort.
You will achieve your ambition one day.
I will certainly follow your instructions!
At this time, Lokesvaraja Buddha showed Dharmakara
the infinite Pure Lands of other Buddhas
and the inhabitants and the environment of those lands.
Such lands were shown to Dharmakara at his own request.
After this, Dharmakara's heat was very calm and composed.
He didn't have any attachment or desire.
He kept his mind steadfast and pure.
After a long period of contemplation,
he finally completed his vow to create his Pure land.
Dharmakara! You can proclaim your vows now.
Proclaim them to all and let them rejoice.
Those who hear them will practice the Dharma.
With this affinity, you can achieve your vows.
Yes, i will now proclaim my vows in detail.
First of all, When I become a Buddha,
I will create a world
without the existence of hungry spirits, animals, and hell beings.
If I can't accomplish this, I will never attain enlightenment.
This vow is called "The vow to remove the 3 lower realms".
Hell is a realm full of hatred and anger.
The realm of hungry spirits is a state of crazed desire and greed.
The realm of animals is the realm of ungrateful and shameless beings.
To remove these 3 evil states
and to create a world which is pure and undefiled
is the wish of Dharmakara Bodhisattva.
Also, I want beings in my land
to have a gold-like radiance.
if I can't accomplish this, I will never attain enlightenment.
Beings who are born in my land, will have bodies which are equally adorned.
Without any discrimination of beauty or ugliness.
If I can't accomplish this, I will never attain enlightenment.
This is a wish to give happiness equally to all beings.
This is a wish to remove the discriminatory mind of beings.
The world that Dharmakara wants to create
is a world that doesn't discriminate anyone
because of their birth, beauty and appearance.
He wants to give everyone equal happiness.
In addition, beings in my land,
will not be corrupted by the evil realms,
and will be able to walk the proper path,
and I will lead them to enlightenment.
If I can't accomplish this, i will never attain enlightenment.
Also, when I become a Buddha,
I will use my infinite light of wisdom to illuminate and to lead all beings.
In addition, I will be the eternal light and savior of all beings.
If I can't accomplish this, I will never attain enlightenment.
Also, when I become a Buddha,
the buddhas of the ten directions, will praise my name, Amida Buddha.
And they will proclaim my vows to other beings.
If I can't accomplish this, I will never attain enlightenment.
The wish of Dharmakara to save all is thus
encompassed in the phase " Na mo Amida bu",
so as to let beings of the other realms to know
the existence of Amida Buddha who saves all.
Shakyamuni Buddha preached this sutra
is also because of the vows of the Dharmakara.
Also, when I become a Buddha,
those who hear of my name with faith
will be born into my land.
Those who call upon my name incessantly with faith.
will be born into my land.
If I can't accomplish this, I will never attain enlightenment.
Of the 48 vows made by Dharmakara Bodhisattva,
The 18th vow is called the vow that promises birth through the name.
This vow is the most important vow.
No matter the evil or good,
no matter the intelligent or ignorant,
accepting all without any discrimination,
enabling all beings to be born in the peaceful land of enlightenment.
When one is awakened by this Primal Vow,
Will be able to find genuine happiness that transcends life and death.
Thus, Dharmakara continued to proclaim the remaining of the 48 vows.
When he sung the hymn reaffirming his vows,
the Earth shook and flowers rained,
Song and music that praised Dharmakara sounded.
After this, dharmakara accumulated various merits over a long period.
Single mindedly wanting to create a land that welcomes all beings.
World Honored one, has Dharmakara become a Buddha yet?
Or has he yet to become a Buddha?
He has attained Enlightenment and his tittle is Amida Buddha.
How long ago did he become a Buddha?
From the time he began cultivating the path,
an infinite length of time has since passed.
So, does this mean that he won't be coming?
No, he will come over.
Amida Buddha is a Buddha who has infinite life and light.
Thus, he works for all beings unceasingly, even at this moment.
The pure land of Amida Buddha
is in the west, a hundred thousand kotis of worlds away from here.
There are no mountains or plains.
There are no seas as well.
There are no valleys nor abysses.
World Honored one!
You said that there aren't any mountains or valleys.
Then, how do the inhabitants live there?
Anada! The pure land is not a physical place.
There, beings and Buddhas do not live in a physical world.
They, however, live in world of compassion manifested by Amida Buddha.
So, I see.
That Pure land is manifested because of the inconceivable powers of Amida.
That world's land is made of gold, silver, beryl, coral, amber & agate.
It is far, wide and border less.
These precious jewels give out a combined radiance.
Their beauty surpasses all other worlds.
The 3 lower realms of hell, hungry spirits and animals do not exist as well.
The distinction of the seasons do not exist also.
It is always not too hot or too cold,
forming a warm and delighting world.
The Glorious Amida Buddha that exists in that land
is full of light infused with power.
His aura is even stronger than the auras of other Buddhas.
Those who encounter this light.
Their sufferings induced by greed, anger and ignorance will disappear.
These will be replaced by peacefulness and happiness.
Compassion will naturally arise.
The light of Amida Buddha radiates to
the other worlds of the ten directions.
There isn't a spot where isn't illuminated.
If one were to hear the vows of Amida Buddha,
praise him day and night,
believing and accepting those vows,
one will be able to be born in the Pure land,
and be praised by all other holy sages.
Like his light, the lifespan of Amida Buddha is also infinite.