レンタネコ (Rentaneko) Rent-a-Cat (2012)

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Ah, it's you.
Since I was young, cats have been attracted to me.
not matter if he was coming home from school, running errands ...
swinging in the park ...
or strolling along the river.
They appeared cats everywhere who were watching me.
Sometimes I wonder if I have a scent they like.
They say it is good idea put your goals in writing.
That taught me, Master Utamaru huh?
Thank you!
Grandma, today has come a new cat into the yard.
A person who attracts cats. Sounds good.
But Zuna ONLY person that attracts to cats? That's a problem.
Hopefully attract also people.
I've put myself targets.
say it's good to put them in writing.
'm getting married this year They say it's good to write them down.
I'm getting married this year
'm getting married this year and hang around.
Well ...
My grandmother died two years ago.
It alquilaaaan ... Cats!
Cat, cat.
Do you feel alone? We rent a cat.
It alquilaaaan ... Cats!
Watch! The rare that the cats!
Cat, cat.
Do you feel alone? We rent a cat.
It alquilaaaan ... Cats!
Sorry ...
Could you lend me a cat?
They are all good. Guaranteed.
Sure. There are no bad cats!
Of course not!
This tricolor so lively is a year old.
And this orange tabby, is quiet and is 14 years old. A grandmother.
The gray tabby is such that are created overlords.
Is 7 years. It is very sweet but has character.
I would like to rent orange tabby.
We are two old women may pass it brilliantly.
Before you rent I do an inspection.
Zuna inspection?
Yes unfortunately that's undesirable to they like to hurt animals
If it passes inspection, I can not rent the cat.
Oh, I hope I pass.
First I must see home ...
and make sure it is a good place for a cat to live.
Pal, look at what house Largest going to live!
You'll really enjoy from sunlight.
That is Momoko.
When my husband died ...
became my best friend.
But he died last year.
Sit down, please.
When my son was little loved this.
I wanted to see you smile so I made them for him.
And now he can not leave to make them for me!
Enjoy your meal!
It is delicious!
Now I live alone.
I'm so, so lonely.
But at my age ...
I can not afford to buy a cat.
I thought I would have to settle without any ...
And then, in the distance ...
I heard your voice.
It's like Momoko had returned!
You passed inspection.
Please sign here.
RACE: Orange tabby
TO: ___
If I unfortunately died ...
come back for it, right?
Of course. It's a rental.
Take care of it again, right?
Never, ever leave her.
Then I can die in peace.
Yes, please die calmly.
Is it okay so?
Yeah right.
Y. .. How much?
Oh, yes ... well ...
Well ... as downpayment ...
just this much please.
10.000 yen?
Oh, no.
- 100.000 yen? - No, please! 1,000 yen.
Is that?
Is that a lot?
Oh, no ... Not enough!
Is that it?
After all you've rented the right cat for me.
It's true.
But, are you sure?
Can you get by?
Do I look like no power handle it?
Just a little.
And your work is so unusual.
Oh, no! I do well!
I have another fixed job besides my cats rental business.
What kind of work?
Shares. Trade with millions of dollars every day.
Oh! It's amazing.
Trading in stock market is the only thing I did well since childhood.
- Since little? - Exactly.
Very well. I'll be back someday to check on the cat.
Thank you!
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
If something happened to the cat, call me ASAP.
Or, if something happens to you.
Be nice to her ...
and let it fill the void.
The void left in his heart.
She will help you fill it!
See you soon! Be good, okay?
Okay, I'm off.
Thank you!
Momoko ...
Welcome home!
Tell me ...
Should I buy?
You're right.
Buy! Here we go!
You're a genius, compete!
Ah ... smells good!
Great, right?
You! In your previous life you were a grasshopper.
I asked an acquaintance you investigate.
In your previous life you were a grasshopper.
Therefore only cats are attracted to you.
Zah, yes?
You'd better bring some men. And soon!
But then ... That's impossible.
Why do you say that?
Because in your previous life you were a grasshopper!
The flowers are red ...
The sky is blue ...
How can you have the face come and let go of all that?
I will not forgive that old hag!
And what business does she have looking up my past life like that?
Hello. Rent-a-Cat.
Really? I'll be right there.
I'm from the rental cats. I came to pick up the cat.
Ah, the cat. Can you get that thing out of here?
I'm allergic to cats!
I'm sorry.
And well?
How? Is that all you give us for such a big house?
But it is prime location!
How? Scratches on the wall?
So I told my mom that no bring no cats here!
The old lady never listens!
I have no idea!
Never mind. We'll call you back.
There you are. Get out!
He has been very good to you.
You're lucky.
What's this?
What's so funny?
Oh, nothing.
How am I supposed to get rid of all this?
This ... Can I take one?
Excuse ...
The hole is filled.
Good morning!
It's raining.
Also raining in my heart.
Also rains in your heart.
Also rains in the heart Utamaru Master.
When I was little, I thought my grandmother could talk to cats.
we were where we were, cats approached him.
He always carried dried fish in the pocket of her apron ...
to feed them.
"That good cat."
"Oh, are you the cat Kimura family? "
"It must be hard to live with that brat."
He seemed to have conversations true with cats.
Once you Otra?
I've gone to my grandmother.
These days I carry cake fish in her apron pocket.
Today cats are smarter. Prefer dried fish cake.
Runt demanding.
Grandma, I bought a pineapple.
This pineapple is a bit odd at the altar, do not you think?
But cats are very good.
Well worth it!
Lately I'm hanging my goals on the wall.
They say it's good them written around you.
No rush! Do not focus only on the face!
Okay ...
My ability to attract cats must come from my grandmother's genes.
We rent ... Cats!
We rent ... Cats!
Cat, cat.
Ah! Again the tiparraca that of cats!
How scary!
Oh, no! Run!
Do you feel alone? We rent a cat.
We rent ... Cats!
We rent ... Cats!
Cat, cat.
Do you feel alone? We rent a cat.
ZSE rented cats?
What's that?
Do you feel alone? We rent a cat.
I like cats, right?
How do you know?
I see it in your face.
There is nothing better than a cat when you feel alone.
May I would rent one?
Of course.
They are for rent, you see.
But to rent a cat, must first pass an inspection.
Zuna inspection?
Unfortunately those who are undesirable they like to hurt animals
If it passes inspection, I can not rent the cat.
First I must see home ...
and make sure it is a good place to live a cat.
But I live alone.
Is not it inappropriate for a young go home to a man who does not know?
Ummm ... He's right.
But you do not have paints of being a bad person.
Thank you.
Nothing here.
So I have painted of solitaire?
Yes, a lot.
The fact is that ...
section took six years my family for work.
But next month, finally I can go home.
Then you should be happy.
So it should be.
He should be happy, but ...
My daughter was 7 years old in that photo.
It was adorable!
Every time I came home crying "Papa!" and hugged me.
It was so lovely that I could stick finger in the eye and not hurt me.
I like cats ...
but my daughter likes dogs. We bought him one for his birthday.
He has called Gonta.
The other day, when I went home ...
I said: "We will soon be able to live ...
again with mom and you. " and she said ...
And she said ...?
I thought you would be happy, but ...
Pero ...?
He looked at me disgusted ...
and said, "Huh?".
My precious little girl said "Huh?".
zyo asked what happened?
What happened?
I said, "Dad, you smell bad!"
"You smell like Gonta."
"No, you smell worse than Gonta!"
He's right. In these six years ...
I started to smell like an older person.
When I take off my socks, it's like ...
How's this?
All the girls went through that stage.
Once you pass, again be friends.
But now I get the impression that I will never embrace.
How I miss when She was so tiny and adorable.
It makes me very sad.
It is as if he had grown suddenly.
Cats also grow very fast.
A cat as nice as you would eat ...
in just three months and is so great that do not fit in the mouth.
So sure it's a girl ...
it would not hurt you if you poking your finger in the eye ...
when no longer grow hand will fit in the eye.
And do not stop growing for a long you want them not to.
It's a shame.
This cat likes things smelly.
When people come home Leave your shoes at the entrance ...
take the most fragrant and sits atop.
And it seems quite happy.
So my drift of older person like?
I love it!
I'm not sure what to make of that, but ...
It passed inspection.
So I can rent it?
Well ...
You will have to fill this out.
Oh, thank you.
NAME: Goro Yoshida
Thank you.
TO: TO RE-LIVE With my family.
Así okay?
Yes, very well.
How much?
Payment will be ...
this, please.
- 10.000 yen? - No.
- 100.000 yen? - Are you kidding? 1,000 yen
- That? - Is that a lot?
- Oh, no ... Very little! - Is that it?
At the end of the day, I've rented an adorable kitten.
It's true.
But, are you sure?
Podrá cope?
Do I look like no power handle it?
Well ...
Oh, no! I do well!
I have another job besides fixed my cats rental business.
What kind of work?
I'm a witch. I'm famous for my successes.
I call "Mother of Tamagawa".
Read the future is all I do well since I was young.
So you could read my the future sometime?
I have a lot of customers, so will have to get in line.
The wait is usually last an hour.
Besides, you do not need a fortune teller.
People who come to see me is more confusing.
They live in a dark tunnel they do not see the exit.
But you only one suffering is a bit of solitude.
There is nothing better than a cat when you feel alone.
Very well. I'll be back someday to check on the cat.
Thank you!
Please, 1,000 yen.
If something happened to the cat, call me ASAP.
Let him heal his broken.
Well, that too, but I meant the broken heart.
They will fix it properly!
Okay, compi ... Be good!
- I'm leaving. - Many thanks for everything!
- Bye! - Thanks!
You smell like a cat!
Oh, also zyo smell?
What a stink! What a stink!
And now, Master Utamaru, it's your turn.
I can see it.
It has given a lot of money a young man, is not it?
This young man does not look at you.
Just watch your wallet.
Men do not like women who are larger than 1.70.
I measure 1.69.
Tall women are attractive if have much chest, but you do not.
Also, in your other life were a grasshopper.
What a shame! I love cats, but ...
The flowers are red ...
The sky is blue ...
What insensitive ... Come and tell me these things.
I will not forgive that old!
I want to marry.
Diga? Vacation cats.
Oh, I'll be right.
Hello. I'm from the rental cats.
It's open. Please come.
What is it?
I beg you.
Let me take Mamiko.
Mother ...
We have joined with a link must not be broken.
Mamiko love ...
and he loves me.
No matter what happens. I'll take care.
So mom, please ...
let it be with me.
But, what about your family?
I talked to them.
My wife is allergic to cats ...
but I begged.
"If you let me live with Mamiko ..."
"I can not live with you," and understood it.
I beg you, mother.
Please let him stay with me.
Excuse me a moment.
You think? I will respect your decision.
I see. Very well.
No matter what happens ...
promise to be at your side until the end, please.
I will. I will be always with you.
I promise.
Be responsible and care for it much.
It's wonderful!
Thank you!
Thank you!
- Oh! - Are you all right?
I have been asleep leg.
I see you have repaired his broken.
Thank you.
He's gone to a good man.
I liked how it smelled.
Sure you are happy with it.
Can you bring me some new socks?
Please, what's wrong?
There you are, Mamiko!
You've come to say goodbye? What a joy!
Here you are the one who loves me.
Back. Be good!
Hello, and welcome Japan Vacation cats.
This ... I would rent a cat.
In Japan Gatos rental ...
We have three different kinds of cats.
With accident insurance, and a third theft.
The class costs 10,000 yen a day. The class B, and C are 7000 are 5,000.
What kind of cat you want to rent?
What is the difference between Classes A, B and C?
In class A has Persians, Maine Coons, Scottish Fold ...
and other top races.
All pedigree and fully trained ...
thus certainly fill your expectations.
They are trained to lift the queue when they are called by name.
In class B are the Calico, brown and gray tabby loa ...
Japanese and other races.
How are Japanese, his tail is not as long to stand up when they call.
They are fully trained. Prefer fish to meat.
And the class C are ...
cross breeds.
That's it?
Do you mean?
That's all the explanation Class C?
That's all there is to say. Any questions?
This ... Why crossings of Class C races.
are cheaper than other classes?
Cats Class C are cats Street found by our employees.
They have not been trained, so can cause accidents at home.
Do not recommend it.
And if your employee found in the street a "Race first" as classified?
If that were the stray cat someone's favorite, would go to class?
I want to rent a cat Class C at the price of A.
That's what I like?
That's what I want.
All right.
With permission.
Master Utamaru? What? What are you doing here?
Oh, you are class C.
Is it hot.
That heat.
That caloooooor.
It's hard being a person in this heat.
It also must be hard being a cat.
No, no! We have to save electricity.
It's hot!
So hot!
I can not do anything.
Is there no way to cool off?
I know!
When it's hot ...
should go somewhere warmer. So you'll forget it was hot!
We rent ... Cats!
Cat, cat.
Are you lonely? We rent a cat.
So hot!
Where is everybody?
Ah, the world is like me had turned their backs.
So hot!
The honeymoon!
Hello and welcome Car Rentals Japan.
This ...
Hawaii. I like Hawaii.
How I can go to Hawaii?
Our customers can win a trip getting a ticket to Hawaii.
The offer is exclusive for customers.
So ... I want to rent a car!
Car Hire In Japan ...
we have three kinds of different cars.
With accident insurance, and a third theft.
The class costs 10,000 yen a day. The class B, and C are 7000 are 5,000.
What kind of car you want to rent?
Deja vu!
Why? Why so expensive Class A and class C so cheap?
In class A has Mercedes, BMW, Audi ...
and other luxury brands. They offer a driving ...
Why must divide all classes.
Maybe my cats are Class C. ..
but they are all great!
This is a problem, ma'am.
Car Hire In Japan no pets.
May disturb other customers.
But there are no other customers.
I would rent a car class C to the price of A.
That's what I like?
That's what I want.
In that case, please show me his driver's license.
What happens?
You ...
What kind are you?
I ...
From their point of view, what kind am I?
I ...
am class C.
I've been working here 12 years.
Just go people ...
and now my boss obliged to do everything.
I've been attending this office myself for some years.
Activity in the morning ...
I hope some occasional customer and I come home at night.
And also I'm home alone.
There is no one waiting for me.
It is as if the world will had turned their backs.
Rent a cat!
You lonely? We rent a cat.
Here, I'll rent a cat.
And foreign cars purebred cats are OK ...
but what really matters in a thing is how much he loves his owner.
Even in the most expensive things you can see if they loved or not.
Even with cars?
My grandmother gave names to his car. "Dankichi". It was great.
It was a coffee ...
but every time I booted ...
I said, "Dankichi, counting on you."
Maybe it's because I work here, but ...
lately I see that I would rate everything.
For example I think, "has gone to a good college, so it's high class. "
Or, "wears face.'s Rich, class is so high. "
Or, "wearing a bra 120 and as a woman, is of high class. "
Then I must be class C.
Me too!
Too bad!
I can ask you a favor?
You can have lunch with me?
These donuts are a shop 's in New York.
They have opened a branch here and are very successful.
This morning I queued and I bought a few.
I did not want to buy only the righteous for lunch ...
So I've spent a lot and I bought a lot. Pick one!
Enjoy your meal.
Mmmm ... It is rich!
Have not eat with anyone!
What are you doing?
This way of eating ... It is very rare.
Since childhood, I've been thinking about ways to eat a donut hole.
And I have come to this conclusion.
If you eat a donut hole, something good happens?
I do not think ...
I could rent?
So ...
Fill this out.
TO: to find someone.
Is this right?
Of course, perfect.
Well, you invited me donuts, so do not get paid.
- Are you sure? - Yes
But sure it's okay?
You can get by?
I have no power pint handle it?
A little ...
Oh, no! I do well!
I have another job besides fixed my cats rental business.
What kind of work?
Write jingles for TV commercials.
Music is the only thing Since childhood I'm good.
Go! How cool!
Sure you are a person of class!
Stop labeling everything!
You and I are women of class C and 80 breast.
Ah, yes!
I hope you win.
My honeymoon!
Please ...
The holes are not for eating.
They are to be filled.
This kitten sure full ...
that hole of loneliness of your heart.
Soon, compete!
We're going on tour, guys!
Those so famous donuts New York were very rich.
But to be honest ...
donuts that my grandmother made me were much better.
Each had a different size ...
and sugar was not same everywhere.
sure you would have said that donuts were class C
But for me, despite what people think ...
my grandmother's donuts always been much better.
Although I can never eat again.
If someone thinks something is special ...
certainly be best for him.
Japan Vacation cats!
Which is catchy?
Nothing like cold noodles in the summer!
Guys! You want to eat?
On a summer day ...
eating noodles alone.
What a meaningless life.
Mind your own business!
The flowers are red ...
The sky is blue ...
I will not forgive that old!
I want to marry.
Say? Vacation cats.
Oh yeah? I'll be right.
Hello and welcome Car Hire Japan.
Ah! I was waiting for!
For the first time in my life I rented a car.
See how you stepped into the distance made me want to drive.
It's strange, but after 12 years working here ...
had rented a car not even once.
So I got a ticket ...
And I won the trip to Hawaii!
I'm leaving tomorrow.
So I have to leave this little you.
It's a lucky cat! Thank you!
I alquilarás another cat when you return?
See you soon!
Good thinking, I go off to Hawaii ...
Who would feed the cats?
Who would change stones
guess my honeymoon ...
must be of a single night.
Maybe in baths!
All right, guys. A vote. I want ...
or canned food? Muddled, please.
Who wants to think?
Who wants canned food?
So you do not mind, eh?
Master Utamaru, really I do not care either?
Come on, guys ... We have to solve this.
Defend your positions and make you worth?
There is nothing more ridiculous be indifferent!
The meeting is not over yet!
What should I do?
Pretend you have not seen or clean right now?
Okay! I'll pretend I have not seen.
Ah! Today also hot!
Iced tea is barley best for hot days.
Ah ... I head it off.
When I went to school ...
I met one day with a meeting strange cats on the way home
were all in front of the huge doorstep of a rich person.
Some had lost an eye, some had only three legs.
lacked some hair here and there.
They had gathered cats of these characteristics.
were all sitting there ...
if watching wanted to say something.
What you were saying including in your own language?
This year I CASE Do not focus only on the face!
DECIDES unhurried. An age range of + / - 15 years.
It alquilaaaaan ... Cats!
It alquilaaaaan ... Cats!
Cat, cat.
Are you lonely? We rent a cat.
There it is again that of cats!
Go talk to her.
No way! You go.
It alquilaaaaan ... Cats!
It alquilaaaaan ... Cats!
Cat, cat.
Are you lonely? We rent a cat.
You wanted something?
Tell me, you're not Jamiko?
You Jamiko!
I do not know that.
How long! Do not you remember me? 'm Yoshizawa.
We went to high school together.
I rent a cat? Just for today.
Rent these cats, right?
Prefer a female, if you have.
Today I have no females.
All I want is spend my last day with a girl.
Although it is a cat.
Do you mean "My last day"?
Tomorrow I'm off to India.
I'll get my uncle lost.
He disappeared 20 years ago.
We were very close.
How do you know?
Yoshizawa, false and deceitful.
I knew you remembered me! You Jamiko, the parasite of nursing.
Where are you going? Rent cats people who feel alone, right?
Now I'm just super!
Have a nice house.
What are you doing here?
I came to visit.
You followed me home? Pervert!
I want to rent a cat. A female.
No! I will not do it.
Why not?
I can not rent anything to a liar and a pervert.
Do not be cruel.
Sometimes liars and perverts also feel lonely, you know?
This ...
and that there are females.
Ah, tea.
I'm supposed to bring tea, no?
It's hot, right?
When it's hot, what is best?
Barley iced tea.
Boo! Wrong answer.
Beer. In hot what to drink is beer.
I have no bud.
Not you?
No! Do not drink beer.
Do not drink beer?
Do not drink beer?
If you do not drink beer in hot ...
You're missing two thirds of summer fun!
All right. Wait a minute.
Jamiko Hey!
You're snoring too high!
Do you?
Have you gone to skip class?
No. I feel a little loose.
I have done a test recently and say it could have leukemia.
How do you know? I was just taking a nap.
Yoshizawa, false and deceitful.
When you are lying and really look Jamiko monster.
Ah, it's hot!
When it's hot, what is best?
Barley iced tea.
Boo! Wrong answer.
So what?
How? You do not know?
What is?
Vale. Wait a minute.
I'm here.
See? Beer is the best on a hot day.
Tell me, why were you always ..
in nursing school?
For nothing.
It was very foolish to keep up with the classes.
Also, always sleepy.
I envy you gave.
Always in bed nursing ...
snoring as usual.
As if you had no obligation.
I had no obligations, but he had no friends.
Not me. I'm a fake and a liar, remember?
But even if you had no friends seemed not alone.
Well, I had my grandmother.
I see.
And you, what? What are you doing lately?
I'm a thief.
And you?
I keep a respectable business Cats hire.
As rare as ever. And you make a lot?
Sure. A million a year.
- Really? - Nah.
I thought so. There's nothing to steal.
What's that?
Tombs of cats.
Miyoko, Sachiko, Shotaro, Gan-chan ...
Masala, Pochiko, Kimura-kun ...
Kawa-chin, Ako-chan, Gomako.
What's that?
The names of dead cats.
Remember all?
Of course.
A giant anteater!
Eh! What are you doing?
What is it?
You'll hurt the ants!
But normal is not mounds cover?
What is normal for you it need not be for everyone.
If you do that, the ants will go back to.
Me neither I have.
Tell me ...
if I go to India, 'd remember me?
But if it was a lie ...
It's just a question!
If I go to India, 'd remember me?
Well ... I do not know.
I'm going.
And the cat?
Forget it. I could not give it back. I'd have to stay here with her.
Until then, Jamiko.
The hole that you cover not the anthill.
Is the hole in your heart.
Tell me Jamiko. How's your real name?
The name is Sayoko Jamiko.
I'll remember.
"This year I'm getting married" "Do not focus only on the faces" ...?
Sometimes people ...
of you goodbye with a "goodbye" but never see her again.
That was the last promise I did to my grandmother.
It's true. Beer is best for hot days.
Sorry to bother you at this hour.
We are from the police.
We have been told that the man in the neighborhood.
Shigeru Yoshizawa, habitual thief.
Ice cream is the best for hot days.
Where did you get them?
In a shop next door.
It's true! In hot Ice cream is the best!
school was a terrible student.
forget those days I would love ...
My grandmother was always my closest companion.
Grandma ...
There will be holes ...
the kindness of the Cats can not cure?
Why are you so sad today?
You've been jilted again?
As you "again"?
Sometimes, it's best to leave go and mourn.
Ja! Go ugliest face!
Put some salt and eat.
The flowers are red ...
The sky is blue ...
I wonder if those ices were also stolen.
When my grandmother died ...
opened a hole in my heart.
As my grandmother was dead ...
mornings were too bright.
was hungry tid without any reason.
stupid sun set every night and in its place stood the stupid moon.
Spring disgusting ended ...
began and ended crazy summer.
was full of sadness.
ever thought you could plug the hole in my heart.
But the cats were filling little by little.
Are you lonely?
What are you doing?
Hey! Wench cats. Alquílame one.
What is it, girl? So treat your customers.
Do not try to women as "girls".
Because that is no longer done.
If you like the girls, not call them "girls", right?
You have no right call me "lass" buck.
And now, over. I'm working.
What is it?
Will you feel lonely?
You are alone, is it? So you want to rent a cat.
I'm not.
If you feel alone, you should speak directly.
But are you talking about?
Come. Cries in the chest your sister.
I will embrace strong.
Wait! It was a joke!
Stay away from me!
Many people feel lonely and can not think properly.
There is much sadness which people can not be waged.
So today we'll rent a cat someone lonely.
so they can fill the holes in their hearts.
I'm getting married this year.
Mikako Ichikawa
Reiko Kusamura
Ken Mitsuishi
Maho Yamada
Tanaka Kei
Katsuya Kobayashi
Executive producers: Mitsuru Oshima Hiroaki Kitano Murokawa Haruhisa
Producers: Akira Kubota Shuichi Komuro Kumi Kobata
In your other eras visa fried tofu!
Mmm ... Smells good!
I'm class C!
Master, I can read the future about my marriage?
The holes in the donuts should dress!
- What class is this? - Think of any typical.
The cold beer is best for a hot day!
Who wants you to cut your nails? Or a bathroom?
English subtitles Kevin Glentz
Script and Direction Naoko Ogigami
This film was made in compliance with customs and desires of animals
Translated by pazguaton into Spanish and then by hhgygy into English by courtesy of GoogleTranslate