Varimixer Planetary Floor Mixers

Uploaded by centralrestaurantpro on 16.04.2012

Recently we were at a session at Manitowoc University held regularly at the Manitowoc
Education and Technology Center where we took the opportunity to talk to product specialists
about their equipment and the innovations in designs and construction that helps operators
achieve more with less operational costs. First thing that is very important to know
is that this a being variable and fixed speed mixer. A belt driven mixer at the same time
and that is very important. Very simple to use, very simple to service. At the front
of the mixer you will see a dial timer. The dial timer is pretty popular for us rather
than a control timer. The control timer we have is twenty five programs and nine settings,
if needed in the industry. Again, like I say ninety percent of the time the fifteen minute
timer works very well. We have a start and stop switch on the front of the machine. On
the side of the machine as I turn the machine to show you, we’ll have an attachment here.
The attachment hub will fit on to the table, so that you are not standing in front of the
machine and you can drop product into your mixing bowl. At the hub on the machine, it
runs at a hundred and eighty standard. No matter what speed you are running the mixer
at, the hub stays at a hundred and eighty This is the optimum speed for grinding,
chopping and dicing with our attachments. All other mixers that you are familiar with
will have a pin in them. This pin is usually used as a sheer pin, so that we protect the
motor against overload. Well if that pin sheers on a mixer you are out of business no matter
what because you don’t have a sheer pin on the attachment you have it on the planetary
hub itself which is right here. On our mixer it is on the shaft. So if the shaft pin breaks
the mixer is not out of use. At the time we are looking at this dough hook. This is a
very unique design. This is a kneading type dough hook, that has a uniqueness in it because
it pushes dough down. No other mixer pushes the dough down into the bottom of your bowl
and mixes it like the Varimixer. It also has a snake like skin on the dough hook and that
also helps push the product down instead of rising up on the dough hook. When you look
at our wire whip, the wire whip on a Varimixer is three to seven times thicker than any other
mixer than it competes against. The wires are very strong and
very heavy and it’s a very
robust unit.