Ep1: Fire Dragon Littleneck Clams Creamy Chilli Malaysian Style (How To Cook)

Uploaded by fomsana on 03.01.2013

Hello, I'm Aiman, and in this video I'm going
to show you how to cook
littleneck clams
this is a littleneck clam
and it is found mostly
in the eastern and western part of the United States [of America]
we bought these littleneck clams
from Restaurant Depot
and they are about 200 clams in..
in here
some people eat
littleneck clams
like in pasta sometimes
and some eat it steamed
and some people eat it boiled
but in this video I am going to show you how
to cook them Malaysian style
before you cook the clam you have to wash it
it's optional to use soft brush
to clean it
you have to wash the clams really well
the reason you have to wash the clams is because
there are sands on the clams
and you need to get them off
when you're eating the clam
it doesn't taste bad
I'm going to get my brother Asfa
to clean the clams
in the meantime let's prepare
the ingredients
I'm going to show you the ingredients
we're going to use to
cook the clams
we're going to use an onion
it's optional to choose between
the yellow or the purple
you can use mix
there's the ...
there is the ginger
this is the garlic
this is Malaysian chilli
which looks like plain chilli but it's regular chilli
lemon grass
and finally there's shallots
the Malaysian chilli
the lemon grass
and shallots
you cannot find them at the regular grocery stores
you have to find it at
an Asian store
we are going to cut these ingredients, the...an onion
uh... a ginger
a garlic and
and lemon grass, and pu them into a blender, right here
to..and then to blend it
you have to blend these ingredients in the blender
the onions
the ginger
the garlic
and the lemon grass
blend them in the blender...here
the amount of what you put in will depends on how muhch you like
the ingredients in your food
for example
if you don't like garlic don't put in too much garlic
and if you don't like onions don't put in too much onions
and if you don't like ginger don't put in too much ginger
you can blend the Malaysian chilli
but you can make it
whole and just put them in
without having to cut or blend them
you need
cut ginger
you need cut garlic
you need cut shallots
and you need leftover lemon grass from
cutting these
for blending
to put these and fry these in oil